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  1. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    I think we really need a club statement to clarify the OFW situation!
  2. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    Think this thread is over and done with now ......It's giving me the blues, and not of a joyful type ....but what do you do?
  3. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    So long as there's several thousand other Proclaimers fans in the room, that sounds like a great gig!
  4. Club Badge/Crest

    Who will be running to the shops to buy dozens of packets in the hope of getting the badge ??
  5. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

  6. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    I cannot / will not utter the c word. Though, to be fair, I do not refer to ICT as Thistle or Jags either. "Inverness" is the name I always use. I still find myself correcting people who call us "caley", reminding them that it took two clubs to form ICT! In the 23 years since formation I can't recall ever hearing someone call us Thistle or Jags. Unfortunately it seems "caley" is the name of choice for most folk, and it still irks me to this day hearing us called that.
  7. Raven not again

    Legend !
  8. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Agreed. It's actually ruining what little enjoyment there is watching a game. I honestly think decisions would be fairer if, like in school playground kickabouts, there were no officials and it was left to the players to determine what's a freekick / penalty / booking and what's not!!!
  9. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Encouraging first 20 minutes. Pretty awful thereafter. Yet again abysmal officiating.
  10. Hospice shares

    Do they still exist? They appear to have gone extremely quiet this past year or so.
  11. Transfer in and outs Apparently we've also paid a compensatory fee for him. Though I don't expect it would be very much if his contract was up in October anyway.
  12. Hospice shares

    Well, in light of events of the last few days, the political cogs have obviously been whirring away for some time then! I think most folk expected the reappearance of AS on the scene with the appointment of two ex-Orion employees at the club recently - were these appointments the proviso to AS getting involved again? Can we assume that he's the £500k investor - no doubt we'll find out shortly? I'm undecided if these latest developments are a good or a bad thing, but, whatever happens, I hope it doesn't turn into a power struggle. It's on-the-park that needs everyone's full attention, boardroom battles would only serve as a distraction at this time IMO. Very interesting to hear that the stands and stadium are being gifted back to the club. Does this mean that the club now has an asset? Albeit the land is leased (must be 75 years remaining?), could there be moves afoot? The stadium location is a prime site in Inverness and I'm sure there'd be no shortage of interested parties should the lease be touted for sale, or transferred in return for a new stadium. I'm dreaming here but there'd be nothing like the building of a new purpose-built, fit-for-purpose, stadium to reinvigorate the fanbase !!!..............a smaller version of Tynecastle would do very nicely thank you !! I'm heartened by the last part of the Board Announcement - " Our goal is to be back in the Scottish Premiership playing great football and competing for honours. The Board is committed to adopting a sustainable business model that makes the Club more resilient, that develops and mentors our internal talent and earns the trust of our supporters." - I truly hope they can deliver !
  13. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Too late for the board to resign now, the time for that was 8 months ago when it was obvious we were headed for relegation and they were doing nothing about it. They've got us into the mess we're currently in and they must stick around and get us out of it. Sadly though, I have absolutely no reason to believe they're capable of doing so.
  14. Worst summer in the clubs history

    They most certainly are under obligation. For far too long now the club has treated its fans like sheep. If they continue to do so there'll be no fans left, and probably no club either ! Surely now is the time for cjt to get involved, if they still exist? Otherwise what is their purpose. Or are they in bed with the board?
  15. Worst summer in the clubs history

    I'm trying to think of a time I was more disillusioned with a football club than I am with ict now......... I can't. Even in Highland League days both Thistle and caley, and clach, were a much more professionally run outfit than the current ict shambles. Decisions and non-decisions taken over the last two years have severely wounded the club. Hopefully these wounds will not prove mortal? The fans have been taken for granted, ignored when voicing their opinions, and unheeded when making known their desire for decisions to be made / actions taken. Yet today the latest action at ict is to sell its prized asset to its local rivals for a pittance when fans have been so vocal for keeping Ross Draper. We are ignored yet again. What would happen if the boot was on the other foot (pun intended) and its fans decide to ignore the club......... doesn't bear thinking about does it?