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  1. Absolutely!
  2. Gave you a green dot for your first post Yngwie. You then ruined it with your next post in mentioning 'The Sun'
  3. Really don't know what to make of this appointment! I hope it turns out well and wish JR all the very best. He did say that he didn't apply for the job but instead received a call from ICT inviting him for a chat! Bearing in mind the Board had previously stated that there had been a 'good response of candidates expressing interest' in the job and 'interviews have gone very well', they obviously weren't convinced by those who did apply? As alluded to earlier in this thread, I really hope that the approach to Robbo did not come about as a result of political machinations within the Boardroom, that would be quite wrong IMO? I guess we'll find out the answer to this if fresh funding from a particular source comes into the club in due course!
  4. Surely he's coming in as DoF no?
  5. Should CJT not have done something like this 6 months ago when it was obvious we were headed for relegation? Their lack of communication has been equally as concerning as that of the Board's IMO!
  6. These kind of comments really make me cringe.......they almost always come back to bit you on the bum !!
  7. Barry Wilson said on stv news tonight. that the new chairman has gone on holiday and doesn't expect much to happen in the next couple of weeks!
  8. Jack Ross. He won't be interested though, and would likely cost too much anyway!
  9. If true, that's very worrying on at least two counts; 1 - sticking with RF, and 2 - we have a divided Board!
  10. Almost equivalent to a statement from the Board: Richard Smith
  11. No way, not for me. Him and the Board are the reason we're in this mess! He's learnt nothing, his post match interviews are excruciating, and his team selections are just random (even yesterday we started with Fisher playing left wing!). It's no coincidence that results have improved in recent weeks only since the introduction of Malpas. It's a shame as he was a great player for us but, please, he must go!
  12. They were also having a go at Tansey for his interview when he stated that he "could look in the mirror" implying he had given his all and performed to the best of his abilities but maybe others hadn't ?
  13. So the curtain comes crashing down on another, and arguably our worst ever, season. Yet, like an abrupt ending to a poor movie, I'm left wondering why events unfolded as they did: Why was an untried rookie manager given a 4 year contract? Why, when it's been obvious for months we were headed for relegation, was the manager not removed from his post? If, as being rumoured, RF and BR don't get on, why wasn't RF given the opportunity to choose his own assistant months ago? Malpas was brought in with just 5 games remaining, why was this not done sooner? Why was Fisher, our top scorer, cast (pardon the pun) aside for much of the season? What is going on at Boardroom level? Does David Sutherland still have an influence on the Board, and if so what's in it for him, and is it preventing others from investing? Has there ever before been such a rapid descent of a football club from winning the national cup and qualifying for Europe to relegation in less than 2 years? Why was John Hughes given a contract extension after being refused permission to speak to Dundee Utd and yet the relationship between him and the Chairman to turn so sour so soon after? What happens now? be continued?
  14. Matchday Thread

    Less painful - yes I'd agree. This time my overwhelming feeling is anger! If actions had been taken months ago relegation could've comfortably been avoided. The performance of the team over the last couple of matches proves that we've had the players in place all along capable of keeping us up. It's the mismanagement of the club that has done for us.