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  1. New Manager

    Always agree with you Scarlet! You're a wise old man. Just like maself!!!
  2. New Manager

    Robbo - he was the manager when I first came onto this forum to share my wisdom. Ah well, here we go again, just for old times sake: I am optimistic about this appointment. Robbo knows his football and I don't believe he has been out of touch. He was new to management when he first joined us, yet his notable success resulted in Hearts poaching him. He's gained a few years' experience since then, so hopefully he'll produce the goods. Incidentally it was refreshing to note that The Worm's recent visit to Inverness didn't attract any ill-guided speculation and rumour about his interest in the vacancy. He ain't interested!!!
  3. [merged] : John Hughes Interview (BBC)

    I don't think it's bitter at all - just honest. And I always had the impression that JH was an honest guy. I suspect it'll be many years before ICT reach the heights that he took us to and I'll always remember him for those achievements - undoubtedly our best manager so far! And didn't he achieve his highest finish in Scottish football when he was with us? For a while ICT was good for John Hughes and John Hughes was good for ICT. Don't forget that!
  4. Attendances

    That's nothing! Ross County can bring 150% of the population of Dingwall to a Cup Final!
  5. Yogi in trouble. Been stealing picnics again.

    I think there's an extremely bad parenting issue in this story, which no-one seems to have acknowledged!
  6. Side Step

    They should take a look at that fellow MacIntyre - he seems to be doing no bad. Dunno if United could match his wages though!
  7. Yogi's Contract

    He's going to Liverpool!
  8. Nick Ross signs for Dundee

    I still see football as a bit of a tribal thing. You know, local lads playing with passion for their home-town team. For this reason, and the fact that he's a competent enough player, I'm sorry to see him go. There's few enough local lads in the team as it is.
  9. What do they think now?

    I'm always amused by the way the M-word in a post inspires the Red Mist in one or two posters!! To answer the OP's question, I was against the merger and I was in seventh heaven when ICT won the cup. Being against the merger didn't stop me supporting the merged team - to me they were just Caley with a bit of baggage added on! Others I know who were against the merger feel the same, while others just don't care. There are a few I know who detest the merged team and will have nothing to do with them at all, yet they were passionate Caley supporters back in the day. It's hard to believe that they wouldn't be even a wee bit moved by the Cup win, but there you go. Hope this answers your question!
  10. Greetin

    A lot of huns greetin!
  11. ICT Cup win can heal divide

    Hang on now, has anyone actually mentioned any of this?? Except, of course, one Mr Charles Bannerman who clearly revels in the old Merger debate! Move on Mr. B., let it go!!! And yes, it IS becoming entertaining!
  12. ICT Cup win can heal divide

    Would you believe it - another merger thread!!?? Well, they never achieve much but at least they're entertaining!
  13. Yogi manager of the Year

    Just hope we can afford to keep him!
  14. How often have you seen ICT?

    Quite often.