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  1. Aye, I saw that.
  2. Aye, that account has been wrong on many occasions in the past but has been pretty much on the money recently. Zschusschen. was on trial with Dundee Utd at the end of last year but didn't get offered a deal. Here he is
  3. Was hearing on Saturday that we've only got 14 fit players. Maybe something to do with that ?
  4. Calder is primarily a winger but can play left back and centre midfield. Good to get another promising versatile player signed up !
  5. Bear in mind Robbo asked the squad to come in for pre-season a week early. It's not unreasonable for some to be still on holiday.
  6. Nick Ross has been officially released by Dundee. Worth a shout IMO
  7. We're going to have ex-Motherwell defenders Joe Chalmers and David Ferguson up training with us according to the P&J.
  8. I'd agree with that. Scotland has had some form of election/referendum every 5.2 months since September 2014 David Mundell on Sunday Politics proved yet again that the Scottish Tories concentrate on the 'No to Indyref2/SNPBad' rhetoric knowing they've got nothing else left to convince people to vote for them. As for Scottish Labour, well this about sums them up.....
  9. Paul Sheerin
  10. Manager of the South Africa national team.
  11. FIsher has joined Motherwell on a 2 year deal
  12. It was 1-1 actually. McDonald with our goal.
  13. What are you basing the 2/3rds figure on out of interest ?
  14. Saw this pop up on twitter. Not seen it anywhere else though so doubtful of how true it is.
  15. From what I can gather these are the players out or struggling for tomorrow Out McNaughton Horner Meekings Doran Struggling Raven King If King misses out that leaves us with one natural wide player in Mulraney. That means a good chance of a chronic lack of width in the team come 3pm a la Hamilton in midweek
  16. Aye, Doran himself confirmed this on twitter.
  17. NOW THEN
  18. Some contrasting injury news today................ On the plus side However
  19. Aye, but Tansey was already signed until the end of the season anyway
  20. Boden would be as well leaving tbh. He's not had a sniff of 90 minutes in ages and that's not gonna change with the system we're playing. His departure and a nippy attacker a la Storey coming in is what is needed.
  21. Any news on the hamstring injury that kept Josh out of the Rangers game ?