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  1. It'd be lovely to get an actual full back in but it looks like Tumilty will likely be heading to Hartlepool or St Mirren.
  2. Moving agency halfway through the transfer window.... ?
  3. 3-0 Full time Got to be aiming to win this now, if we weren't already. The teams left : Connahs Quay/Partick Clyde Elgin Raith Wrexham Wouldn't mind a trip to Borough Briggs in the next round ! `
  4. Was at the Elgin game at The Glebe last night. Mackay was playing on the left of a forward 3. Good overall performance which included Daniel missing a sitter of a header in the 1st half and netting a rasping 20 yard drive in the 2nd half. Was easily the goal of the game aswell.
  5. That'll be the rumour that we're sendng more than half a dozen (8 or 9 apparently) of our young boys to Fort WIlliam on loan then ?
  6. Spot on there. The semi final tweets were magnificent but I think the Eurovision efforts were a symptom of them believing their own hype.
  7. A new change strip for our 25th anniversary perhaps ?
  8. Also a piece in the P&J (quotes included) saying he's out https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/1690768/donaldson-not-dwelling-on-semi-final-suspension-setback/
  9. Connor Bell has just signed for South Shields after leaving Morton last month https://www.shieldsgazette.com/sport/football/local/south-shields-boost-promotion-hopes-with-signing-of-ex-sunderland-and-inverness-striker-1-9609482
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