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  1. They should recommission Cath's van and fit it oot with all the club regalia, and then drive all over toon, selling the stuff, along with rolls, butteries, and the like, and the vendor would have a pencil behind his ear, glued on like.
  2. You start it and we'll join in mate.
  3. cracking pic mate
  4. Every day ah'm glad we didn't hand over the reins to a bunch of nationalistic, xenophobic incompetents who would have ruined the economy, split the country apart, and ripped up our attachments to the rest of Europe and the world. That would have been a disaster.
  5. So glad that this nonsense has been put to bed and we can get back to all that strong, stable government stuff, administered by highly capable, highly intelligent chaps who would never make a complete mess of the country and who know how to run things much betterer than those glaikit jocks.
  6. Telford Street Colts would do okay, won the Morvich Shield v. Drakies in '80.
  7. If true that would take the biscuit.
  8. Official macaroon bars would fly off the shelves. Half 'n' half ski hats. Erra fishul sports socks...
  9. He'd be a bad orange, no?
  10. Just say no kids.
  11. Unitarians are all aboot the mergers, so who knows.
  12. What's this p*sh IHE?
  13. Scotland Elects‏ @scotelects Follow More Scottish independence voting intention: Yes: 51% No: 48% (Panelbase/Sunday Times / 30/04/17) #ScotRef
  14. Seemed to be saying he knew what was wrong and that he has the experience to fix it. 35 yearsh like.
  15. Was his on-air critique of the club a statement of intent to take over, or would he like to stay in the background? 35 years of experience as he says; does he want to be back in the spotlight? Would this be a good thing?