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  1. Seemed to be saying he knew what was wrong and that he has the experience to fix it. 35 yearsh like.
  2. Was his on-air critique of the club a statement of intent to take over, or would he like to stay in the background? 35 years of experience as he says; does he want to be back in the spotlight? Would this be a good thing?
  3. your colonial masters want want you to be slaves in the colonies. better together
  4. You just keep kow towing to your colonial masters, there's a good lad.
  5. Donate ffs, that's some real lickspittle propaganda
  6. You can join yer mate Laurence
  7. You don't seem to like Scotland or the way Scotland is governed much--there is a whole world out there where you might find a place and people you don't hold in contempt and don't have to be constantly greeting about.
  8. It is true that nationalism is a great danger: the rabid, insular kind that is sweeping England and dragging the rest of the 'UK' into a dangerous state of isolation, and which stands in marked contrast to the inclusive, outward-looking movement in Scotland that is seen as a 'problem' by the UK government. The political cultures of both countries could scarcely be any different, and yet we have no choice but to go along with this regressive, xenophobic government that will do everything it can to ensure that Scotland's voice is silenced.
  9. The majority in England; Scotland has no say, now or in the future, this much is clear.
  10. Better Together, so long as you think the same as us, do the same as us, and vote the same as us. You got that jockos?
  11. A democratic referendum showed that Scots wished to stay in the EU, an opinion that has seen us dubbed a 'problem' and 'saboteurs' , and led to an opportunistic power grab by a Tory party with a long history of utter contempt for our country. Our votes count for less than nothing; they are used against us to further ensure we have no say in the future of either Scotland or the so called 'UK'. It is an appalling situation and a chilling prospect for future generations.
  12. Scotland is seen as a 'problem' (their term), or else we are the 'saboteurs' not wanting to succumb to their vision of an insular, isolated nation state. WTF ever happened to better together? Scotland has zero control over its own destiny--the very fact we have to beg the tory government to let us have a say in our post-Brexit future tells you everything about where the power lies, and how impotent the entire Scottish nation is.
  13. This also underlines the fact that Scottish votes count for absolutely nothing; in their own words Scotland is a 'problem' to be resolved, a voice to be silenced.
  14. This only underlines the truth that Scotland's destiny is in the hands of another country with a completely different political culture. It's appalling.