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  1. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    Maybe the Jocks do know how to run a country in a fair, just, progressive way.
  2. The Social Club

    Well, if this is the riff raff they are attracting--uber unionist union-flag waving pond life--then no wonder the place is empty. And then you have the sevco fans, who are not much better.
  3. Caley Jags Together

    This CJT is some serious sh*t.
  4. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    Brexit will be a disaster for the Highlands, compounding the centuries-old disaster of the union.
  5. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    Polls were and are quite clear that Scotland wanted to remain, yet here we are pulled headlong into the Little Englander abyss.
  6. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    Ah'm just glad we voted no to independence and stayed loyal to our masters, ah mean that might have turned into a real mess.
  7. Message from the Chairman

    It's great that the people in charge used to have jobs, or still have jobs. Doacters and everyheen.
  8. Oor Trip Up North

    Football is kinda dead isn't it?
  9. Abusive Posts

    No wonder, any crack or controversy is quickly extinguished, the sojers' day thread being a prime example. Not really bothered maself, but the site is as dull as ditchwater most of the time.
  10. Aye, a long history of sending our lads to fight pointless wars for the very empire that squeezed the life out of the area in the first place.
  11. When's secular pacifist day?
  12. Fans Boycott

    Where's Dougal? And it's a million miles away from a "traditional away day," crikey, Clach-Brora final circa 1980, Clachers were launching the corner flags into the Brora mob. Four Crown was the tipple, no Prosecco ffs.
  13. Fans Boycott

    Oofft, long trek home fer Dougal, Lillies humped 3-0, a bus full of blacknecks...
  14. Fans Boycott

    Truly a fine ambassador for the Sneck, never mind fans' spokesman, fecking Lord Provost Dougal has a great ring to it.
  15. Fans Boycott

    So, let's get this straight, crowds are back to Highland League levels and Dougal is the fans' spokesman?