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  1. I know someone has suggested Brian's contract is up in May 2017 but this article seems to suggest Summer 2018.........http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/Sport/Football/John-Hughes-and-Brian-Rice-sign-contract-extensions-at-Caley-Thistle-01122015.htm As a result he has rights under the Employment Protection Act if you or I were 'punted' without just cause.
  2. Shalk now out but Boyce eligible because SFA rules state:'' 3.7.4 Any period of suspension incurred by a player as a result of his having accumulated 18 or more penalty points, shall commence on the 14th day following the date of the offence which resulted in the incurring of the suspension.''
  3. Ross County could well have three key players suspended for our first split game - Andrew Davies, Liam Boyce and against Celtic, the dubious penalty winner (and late goalscorer againgst ICT )(assuming he receives a Notice of Complaint and is not successful in his appeal). Surely that will inspire us to save our skins?
  4. Motherwell appear to have had two legitimate goals not given this year and one illegitimate goal given. Consequently their position might have been better if there had been goal line technology. After the 10,000 seat rule perhaps we should start a campaign to require all SPFL teams to install such technology. My most clear memory of a goal not given was when Andy MacLaren beat Jim Calder all ends up, and even from the half way line it was obvious the ball had hit the underside of the cross bar and bounced down a metre over the line. When the spin took the ball back our a relieved Jim carried on as normal. MacLaren in his 'Tormented' career was subsequently sent off in that game partly for protesting that he had been denied a clear goal. I think the linesperson that day was either caught out by the speed of the attack or sun in his eyes. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/scottish_cup/1175779.stm On a similar note Celtic continue to argue that Josh handled Griffiths shot....................you win some, you lose some but technology could help referees in football as it does increasingly in other sports.
  5. Matchday Thread

    Charlie that looks like 'Against all Odds' even more so and that was the birth. They have lost 7 games in a row but it seems unlikely they will lose 5 more in a row.
  6. Matchday Thread

    Cue 'Only the Brave'
  7. .................and a touch of this in the Ireland v Northern Ireland managerial stakes
  8. Motherwell tomorrow could be the most important game in our history................
  9. Andrew Davies suspended for our first split game as is Garry.
  10. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1385606-inverness-to-discuss-foran-s-future-at-board-meeting/
  11. The Six Game Shoot Out League - Standings Pl W D L GD Pts Kilmarnock 0 0 0 0 -2 9 Ross County 0 0 0 0 0 7 Dundee 0 0 0 0 -1 5 Hamilton 0 0 0 0 -3 4 Motherwell 0 0 0 0 -8 4 Inverness 0 0 0 0 -7 0
  12. On the assumption we lose at Motherwell and sink meekly into the Championship - there seems little else to think - I predict that Dundee might just be the play-off team in 11th. We have waited and waited for a spark and it has not come. Hamilton are just too street wise. Motherwell are just too strong . Ross County, despite alleged managerial issues, will not slip down the table to 11th. Killie are safe. So what chance a Dundee v Dundee United play off final? In terms of the glimmer of hope for the spark, Billy will want to show Stephen Robinson what he might have done at Oldham to stop his sacking there. Henry will want to put in a top performance whilst McCart will want to show Motherwell they possibly should have developed him as a top player like his dad. And finally, Laing will have something to prove too. And finally, finally, Richie will feel bad about a win back in Motherwell but might just get over it.
  13. Players do not willingly get injured for long periods of time.................
  14. Pschologically it might be better to write us off now...we play better in that situation. Must win puts too much pressure on players.
  15. Tremarco could be left wing to partner Billy. And to slow down Jonny, and 9 other attacking Aberdeen players!!