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  1. Fans Player of the Year Vote

    When the club don't bother to give us supporters a chance to vote for our players of the year why should we stay behind to watch the presentation? It's just a feckin shambles!
  2. Announcement

    The cars in the car park would be for the 'car boot sale'
  3. Aye if the Pars bring two thousand
  4. Dennis Wyness

    He used to be sh1te but he's alright now
  5. Jokes

    Phone rings, woman answers... A pervert, with heavy breathing, says: "I bet you have a tight **** with no hair?" Woman replies: "Yes, he's watching TV - who shall I say is calling?"
  6. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Unless some of their players are tired after Saturday and they watered the pitch to get an extra days rest!
  7. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    It's a tough one for Robbo! With the budget he will have and them being high earners just now I'm not sure if they will accept reduced terms. But will they get better offers elsewhere? I would like to keep them both but I don't think we will.
  8. 12 week minimum ban for standing

    Well the young ones made plenty of noise today good on them if the chairman heard them singing its going to be very quiet next week!
  9. Its all been said already great team effort today we will have to watch on Tuesday night but should be able to get another 3 points and I hope Brechin get their first win
  10. 12 week minimum ban for standing

    Are you sure this wasn't posted on April 1st
  11. 5th Place

    Talking Draper and Billy McKay back from Country is not going to help even if we had the money! Billy McKay was no help last season and he only scored his second goal for County last week! I would rather see Daniel Mackay.
  12. Going Ballistic

    It might be Laurence has an old paper copy
  13. Team for Queen of the South

    I agree with that when Robbo brought on the subs it changed the game and we got the winning goal against Falkirk with more width.
  14. Player of the Year - Brechin

    That's simply because Brechin players didn't fall to the ground rolling about when they were touched by one of our players unlike St Mirren in the previous game! Credit to Brechin for playing football and not simply cheating.
  15. Inverness CT Loyal Army

    Is it anything to do with CJT?
  16. The young guy beside me did the same but he did not have far to go home
  17. Ross County

    He will be looking for more money to buy himself new trousers
  18. Another club statement...

    Gordon Fyfe must be away with Danny Macdonald and that's why there has not been any communication
  19. Pity I missed the game tonight but a good 3 points lets hope we can get something from St Mirren on Saturday!

    Well he was feckin usless!

    Thanks Tranmere33 we will need it! If we win on Saturday it might kick start our season.