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  1. Doran and Tremarco out till November
  2. He was offered a contract before Robbo took over and turned it down so not likely to accept a revised one now which would be a lot less!
  3. Matchday Thread

    You are right there IHE in particular the last sentence
  4. There will be an official announcement on Wednesday
  5. Matchday Thread

    Robbo in his interview on the radio after the game mentioned large contracts were handed out by the last Chairman to players who are still here and when he has such a small squad he has to offload players to bring in more on a more realistic wage.
  6. Well that doesn't say much for the rest
  7. He is good at shouting and moaning at the referee who is usually poor and yesterday was a typical example
  8. time
  9. Look Ref this fell out of you back pocket!
  10. Zak Elbouzedi is out for two months, Fon Williams and Cammy Mackay out for this one.
  11. Could be someone with an ulterior motive
  12. You could be right on that one being a very large wage earner and was poor last season.
  13. There was not much quality on show last season
  14. As they used to say in the old films keep your ear to the track
  15. We might get them on the Clach or someones Twitter
  16. Someone closer to home
  17. I did hear Iain Auld has left an gone to work for the P & J
  18. Balls
  19. They couldn't run a **** up in a brewery
  20. Vigers best position last season was on the bench!
  21. Lots of bizarre things happening just now
  22. That's what they used to do in the old days. it would be easier as you say and if anyone else wants a ticket there will be plenty left elsewhere
  23. Well done weeman we never thought to look there
  24. I am assuming that they will take a voucher out of your book for this one although I have not checked my book for vouchers yet!
  25. I totally agree with you on the parts above, the problem the club has is the lack of money and the league we are in now. Robbo is now trying to rebuild a team and has to offload as many of the biggest earners to do that. Failing that the club will struggle to exist!