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  1. Just read a story on the BBC site about some potential rule changes being discussed by IFAB, and wondered what people thought of them. Some of the big headlines are changing to 30 minute halves, with the clock stopping when the ball is out of play, stopping rebounds from penalties, ie make it the same as a penalty shoot out, and it must go in from the first strike, and allowing the ref to award a goal if one is clearly prevented by a handball. There is a PDF document, also linked in the article, showing the full proposals and whether the could be implemented straight away, just issuing guidance on protocols, could be experimented with, or would need rule changes. The ones that I like, they are both pet peeves for me anyway, are the proposal to make goal kicks be taken from the side the ball went out, (I am sure that it was that way years ago anyway), and that a half can only be ended when the ball is out of play. Means that as long as you keep the ball live you can keep attacking to get the equaliser or winner, and no worries about the whistle blowing as the cross is delivered. Not so sure on the penalty one, it stops imaginative penalty taking.
  2. Falkirk, Stirling Albion, Brechin City, and Forfar Athletic.
  3. Matchday Thread

    This game shows that when things are bad, you don't get the breaks either. For the first, the ball looked out for a throw before the pass back, but the assistant says it stayed in play. For the second, the hand clearly hits the ball as it is being brought in from the touch line. If we had been having a good season, those would have gone for us or not been a concern.
  4. And in other news, check the photo in the story on the official site about the signings.
  5. Just heard John Hughes on the radio saying that Dani Lopez is leaving, freeing up his wages helped to secure Miles Storey for the rest of the season.
  6. Just watching It'll be Alright on the Night, they have a football section, and up pops the clip of Marley Watkins being interviewed before the cup final, when the photographer has the unfortunate meeting with the cup.
  7. Owain Tudur Jones got a late call up for Wales a couple of years ago. So late he didn't have his boots with him
  8. matchday thread

    Section 3.5, immediate suspension I'm afraid.
  9. ‚ÄčIt certainly sounds like we would get one of our games on, however I understand the rights start from the group stages so don't include the qualifying rounds, and the channels don't start until 1st of August, so it looks unlikely. I guess the ' Each participating British team' bit means each British team participating when the channels start.
  10. before the last away strip. I chose hooped socks then and we got them for the current home strip, maybe this time for away ?
  11. Adam Rooney called up for Republic of Ireland Squad for Scotland game http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/32703107
  12. Thanks, will need to sort the 4AM alarm call now
  13. Got myself and daughter booked on Bus 14, site doesn't say whether this is leaving at 08:30 or 09:00 though, and as I am coming down from Thurso that half hour can make a difference. Can anyone confirm the departure time, and whether I need to print off the tickets or can I use the barcodes in the mobile app ?
  14. As far as doing something in this final we didn't do in the last, how about simply 'WIN'
  15. Handball?