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  1. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Altogether very poor stuff most of which has been talked about in prior posts, What i would like to ask did anybody see Warren having a real go at Mackay during the first half? can't remember if it was after they scored but Warren raced across the 6 yd line to remonstrate with Brad about something he obviously didn't like! the ref (fanny) took them both over for a talking to.
  2. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Defence is needing sorted big style, thought we were just going to nick this one.
  3. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    That will be Vigurs again then! It may be Brechin but it's good for the confidence for sure!
  4. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    Nice to see us leading a game.. even although it's only Brechin! Our strikers have not yet scored!
  5. 7 Wins In Our Last 41 League Games

    Ok here's a thought, Robbo said yesterday that the two coaches ( Kell and Rice) had both thought the players were still suffering a relegation 'hangover' - Most of the players weren't here last season, and the most glaring factor in our demise is..... Brian Rice! apart from the fact that RF was a shyte manager, Rice took over once Latapy jumped ship and it's been downhill ever since! Pretty far fetched i know but....
  6. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Fair assessment, I'd just like to add..... What the feck happened after 25 mins? If Duffy sussed us out that quick, why did we not have a plan B ? That last 60 mins were painful.. very painful! Baird and Oakley I'm afraid will not score 10 goals this season between them - fact! Polworth and Vigurs did well, then as with most of the ICT players Faded as the game went on, A draw at home is not good enough!
  7. Team for Morton

    Warren is fit according to my source, But I would get that Calmers away to feck.... he is useless!! Better with Raven at left back.
  8. Hospice shares

    For sure... might we see Grassa Bennett back to the club as DOF?
  9. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    I think the whole feckin team is the area to worry about!! That defence is slow and totally lacking any form of football skill, Mackay, Elsdon and Chalmers need to be shown the door a.s.a.p, never have i seen such donkeys in ICT shirts. It pains me to see us bottom of the league already, with so many area's of concern i don't know who Robbo is going to sort out this total mess we are in. The midfield is now lacking a grafting type player who can tackle and win balls, Polworth is a passenger these days and needs to wake up. Mulraney has got himself a name as a diving no danger player who does not seems to be able to hurt defences, And our attackers really have to sort out some moves or plays to score goals. Not looking good at the mo fellow ICT fans.
  10. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Very commendable Scarlet, however the defense only have to have one wee mistake, or be the victim of a shyte decision ( as in Thompson yesterday) and if we have players who are not good enough to score in this league then we on a slippery slope no matter how good our defense is. To win we need goals. Anyway, just saw the goal (pen) from yesterday, by god humfback McMullan certainly fooled Thompson ( which is not difficult i may add) He has got to be one of the most infuriating ref's there is in Scotland. Dee utd were pretty cynical , I don't Like them or their fans, some of whom had a mini riot in the Raigmore before the game, Robbo will have to sort out the goal scoring problem soon.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Well... My thoughts are..... Too many players not performing - or not good enough! Polworth was dire, Draper did not play well, Chalmers is a feckin donkey. Baird & Oakley will really struggle to score against the big teams in this league. I think we played ok, quite a few positives, Calder looks a fine player, Vigurs was very effective and even covered a dangerous break in the first half and made an excellent block, But as usual the final third let's us down, a lack of composure and poor final pass let some good moves fall apart, Don't know how many times the Arab keeper just plucked the ball out of the air. Once we sort out the defence a bit, and get Chalmers away to feck, Get Baird and co working together we might put in a challenge...... but i'm not holding mt breath!
  12. RAVEN

    TOSSERS, sorry about that, the person that wrote this almost got it right! he is the ******.... and big style
  13. RAVEN

    I dont think we are struggling for players, The players we have just need game time to gell together. Raven is only contracted till the end of December, If he's not on Robbo's long term plans, why play him? Raven is a legend for his goal in the cup semi, but every footballer will have their great day ( mostly) he's had his, and i thinks Ravens time is up with us.
  14. Pre-season

    Have we actually given this guy a 2 year contract? I can only hope Robbo can convert him into a footballer!