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  1. Well I've been saying before every game since the start of the year ' This is a must win game' But tomorrow night is the decider! I'll be there ( getting comps) so we win and it's game on, we loose it's bye bye, a draw is useless. So come on ICT lets beat the gudgies.
  2. Great, plenty experience, now punt that bloke Rice ( who should have never been kept on anyway)
  3. Matchday Thread

    UEFA have to select officials from all Euro nations, it's certainly not that they are any good, far from it they are shyte!
  4. Matchday Thread

    Hmmm I feel Tremarco sold himself for their first goal, should have shown him wide, but let the player run inside him, could not catch the bloke as he galloped towards the box to score. McNaughton needs to be at left back! Tremarco is a wee donkey.
  5. Don't hold yer breath Rory, just practice your darts..
  6. I've had hope 15 minutes before kick off every game for the last 3 months..
  7. Dunno about that, Grassa was the instigator for Brewster's second term here! Players were mainly found by scouts and mainly S Marsella.
  8. It's a conspiracy! Just look at that absolute ball bag Finnie last week, now that horrendous decision today, match officials in Scotland are the worst, clueless bunch of clowns the lot of them.
  9. Just to add.. Wonder if he resigned in protest at the chairman's reluctance to rectify the managerial crisis? I can see a power struggle coming..... ' There maybe trouble ahead.'
  10. Richard is the face of Muirfield Mills shareholding group, wonder what they are up to?
  11. So you would be happy with Brian Rice in charge for our last 5 crucial games? no feckin thanks!
  12. Just get them to call the Hospice, they have quite a few for sale!
  13. Cheeky git.. that would be me, AND I support Fort William too!
  14. Matchday Thread

    I saw with dismay the team setup just before kick-off, again he played 5 across the back(yeah i know the full backs push up, but they do that anyway) and Its well known that Saints play 4 4 1 1 , so why why play 5?????? surely two central defenders and a defensive mid can keep an eye on the front 2? that gives us more weight and width in midfield! I'm totally pissed off right now, cant believe we have sunk as low as this. A win at Motherwell seems very unlikely as the players will now be very short of confidence.
  15. Nah, County have Roy McGregor who literally throws money at the club, We have nobody, in fact we can't even give shares away!! Sandy Catto's shares are still awaiting a bidder! There is something wrong at our club.