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  1. Robbo and Rice I reckon!!!
  2. Worrying times! I just wonder who is actually carrying out the interviews? And would the se people have any actual football experience? couldn't have the Rice man as he's probably looking for a job! Who else in the club has the qualifications to interview for a Club manager?
  3. They are going to sell yer seat and make you sit on a box.
  4. Nothing there to inspire my confidence FFS..... oh dear
  5. Anyway, had me thinking about all these guys! IE: Mostly the whole team have at one time or another played against ICT! Broonie - Celtic( Especially when he let Rankins penalty past him) Tokes - Cunty, Granty - Cunty , Richie Hart - Dundee, Barry W - Livi, Bingham -Pars, Paul Richie - Hamilton, Bobby Mann - Dundee, Roy McBain - County, Don't think Caff, Russ Duncan or Charlie have played against us!
  6. Shame on you Dougal, i wouldn't call you elderly, Suppose there's no many people that would wish to get in your personal space eh?
  7. Anyone in the vicinity of the Heathmount might want to stick yer head in the door and see a few ICT heroes from out 1 div title winning team, Had a chat/beer with Charlie C, Barry Wilson, Bobby Mann, Stuart Caff, Liam Keogh, Richie Hart, Steve Hislop, Paul Richie, Davie Bingham, and they are all looking in good shape apart from Bobby ( which is no surprise eh)
  8. It's do do with a slagging of a certain Mr Walrus.
  9. He fecked with the boss's brain eh! conspiracy theories etc etc...
  10. Dougal, you are such a feckin peni5. I will be buying a season tkt, and what would be the point in taking 20 or 25 quid off the price? would that get another 250-300 buying season tkts? no! A fan has loyalty to the club (not you) and giving them support by buying a season tkt will help, We don not have a Roy Macgregor who can write off a million quid every year. Negative **** brains are not required, the board have sorted out one problem, give them a chance to move forward.
  11. Since we're throwing any old feckin name in the hat.... how about Neil Warnock!
  12. A proper feckin shop would be a good start!!!
  13. Arrrgggghhhhh those three names bring me out in a cold sweat! Did Boden not sign up for three years?
  14. Wonder who David Sutherland will install as chairman next?