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  1. Matchday Thread

    I remember Alloa last year.....
  2. Matchday Thread

    Pretty much agree with all you have said Doofer snr, I was well impressed with Seedorf, looked quite effective when he shifted to midfield in the juggle up, However Vigurs does need to sharpen up the passes, he has the vision but need to zing the pass instead a wee trickle. Quite often the passes he made were woefully short or intercepted, against Brechin he got away with it a few times but against Falkirk he will be tested more for sure. The dilema that is Polworth.... had a good few drives, other times he looks like he turns off and totally loses concentration, its a worry because he will hopefully fill the Tansey gap.
  3. Some people just like to have a rant, need to get some fresh air!
  4. Memories of last year starting to re-appear...
  5. Don't know score or performance yet, but i sent a txt to a mate who's there, and the response was ' Terrible' Waiting for further news...
  6. I'm pretty sure Robbo would have a better eye for a player than Richie! A lot more experience and probably a lot better contacts.
  7. Thinking Aaron Doran could be a key players for us this season(if he stays fit) any word of him returning to fitness etc? Skillfull players like him and Mulraney could be important.
  8. Aye.. He couldn't cut it 6-7 years ago when he was full time, Now over thirty and slowing up there is no way Rory is good enough now.
  9. Robbo and Rice I reckon!!!
  10. Worrying times! I just wonder who is actually carrying out the interviews? And would the se people have any actual football experience? couldn't have the Rice man as he's probably looking for a job! Who else in the club has the qualifications to interview for a Club manager?
  11. They are going to sell yer seat and make you sit on a box.
  12. Nothing there to inspire my confidence FFS..... oh dear
  13. Anyway, had me thinking about all these guys! IE: Mostly the whole team have at one time or another played against ICT! Broonie - Celtic( Especially when he let Rankins penalty past him) Tokes - Cunty, Granty - Cunty , Richie Hart - Dundee, Barry W - Livi, Bingham -Pars, Paul Richie - Hamilton, Bobby Mann - Dundee, Roy McBain - County, Don't think Caff, Russ Duncan or Charlie have played against us!
  14. Shame on you Dougal, i wouldn't call you elderly, Suppose there's no many people that would wish to get in your personal space eh?