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  1. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Are you SURE you aren't one of Vladimir's Little Helpers?
  2. A bit of History

    In the first case, I see that the SFA haven't got any more efficient over the years..... and in the second, I didn't realise that Alan Savage had been sponsoring football for that long!
  3. A bit of History

    I see what I've done, Snorbens. I should have written "AFTER 1930" rather than "in" and from there quoted, without looking at the list again, the first two winners Citadel and Thistle as 30 and 31. The source was this which, if I'd actually read the year, which I did for Clach's two wins, does in fact quote 1934 and 38 for them. It doesn't, of course, detail when in the season the final was played. You'll note that, outwith Inverness, Elgin also won the original North contest on a couple of occasions in the 1930s.
  4. Relegation

    Are you, by any chance, the reincarnation of a turkey that voted for Christmas? You can harbour the expectation that somebody else's money should subsidise your football if you like, but the big and obvious dangers of this scenario are that the sugar daddy has absolute control over your club and, of far greater and even more obvious concern, there's the issue of the future, or lack of it, if... or more likely when... the sugar daddy withdraws the subsidy. Remember Nairn County? And what next for Dundee United? And then there's the "saviour" that David Murray used to be hailed as at Ibrox? Sometimes on CTO, I'm just not at all clear as to whose agendas on here are against - or very occasionally for - whom in terms of Mcgil/savco or Sutherland-Tulloch or Muirfield Mills. The board is currently controlled by Muirfield Mills who have put over half a million pounds of their own money into this club.... money which has been vital in securing its viability over the last five years or so. But you now tell us that you want these people removed.... more or less in the same breath as your earlier derogatory comments about "the builder". I will take this to be a generic term referring to David Sutherland and Tullochs - who in recent months have, in the first case, donated quarter of a million to keep the club solvent and, in the second, donated the stadium fabric back as the last stage of serial subsidies worth around £6 million. For someone who is so keen to get a sugar daddy through the door, you seem to have an incredible desire then to turn round and give these benefactors a right good kicking. This seems to be by no means unique among ICT fans..... and it doesn't exactly serve as encouragement for any benefactor to put their money into an organisation whose supporters will then turn round and bite them.
  5. A bit of History

    I have done a bit of Googling since my earlier post and it seems that the Q Cup was a national competition up to and including 1929 and there were in facto no Highland winners there. In 1930, it became a North and a South competition and up until the War, the North final always seems to have been a HL team versus one from the central belt like Rosyth Dockyard or Penicuick Athletic. During that pre-war decade, the North Q Cup came to Inverness four times - Citadel (1930), Thistle (1931) and Clach (1934 and 1938). I'm not sure if there was then a North v South playoff final which Citadel and perhaps Clach and Jags won as well? After the War, a new Midland Q Cup seems to have left the North one as the HL + Golspie arrangement which the current generation know and loved up until the "All In" which began in 2007. I seem to remember that for a few year after that the competition continued as some kind of non-Qualifying challenge cup.
  6. A bit of History

    Absolutely! I was taking "local" as Inverness but Elgin's achievement was indeed inspiring.... especially to a wee Moray boy called Steve Paterson who followed every move of that campaign from the Borough Briggs terraces. I remember attending the 25th anniversary celebration of that cup run at Borough Briggs in 1993..... ironically just before Elgin unfortunately disgraced themselves with the John Teasdale match fixing scandal, ruining what was also their centenary year.
  7. A bit of History

    Laurence... for a very long time before the Scottish Cup was made "all in" a few years ago, Highland League sides had to qualify for it through the Qualifying Cup. For a time this was a national competition (which, off the top of my head, I think Inverness Citadel won in the 1930s) and then became North and South, with the late four in each progressing. Though this, Inverness clubs often qualified for the Scottish Cup and frequently - especially between around 1984 and 1992 - did very well. By the way, the Arbroath v Bon Accord score in 1885 was 36-0.
  8. A bit of History

    The other founder members were the long defunct Citadel, Union and the Cameron Highlanders - all also Inverness teams. Thistle were the inaugural champions. I believe that a team called Ross County also started, but disappeared after a few weeks, to be re-formed in 1929. I also believe that the only club ever to have scored "nul points" is Elgin City.
  9. Highland Derbies Next Season

    There is only one thing that's worse than hubris...... misplaced hubris laced with irony.
  10. Highland Derbies Next Season

    A wise and measured response to a comment straight out of the "Pride of the Highlands" and "Always in our shadow" stable.
  11. Highland Derbies Next Season

    It's quite clear that these Protestant and Catholic communities can no more peacefully coexist in West Central Scotland than they can in Northern Ireland. Without going into historical detail, I would find it difficult to describe 60 years of Jacobite rebellions as the Reformation going "fairly smoothly". Then, after that, you have the continuing marginalisation of the Highlands by the central belt which, in football terms, left the Highlands outwith the SFL until 1994, hence adding in all the disadvantages of a very belated start.
  12. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Once again you put your finger on an unfortunate symptom of the fundamental problem - which is the Old Firm. They are of such a size and have become established/ imposed themselves on Scottish society to such an extent that they also have the media running after them - which in turn only compounds the problem. Some of the toe-curling sycophancy I've seen towards OF managers at post-match media gatherings beggars belief. It all keeps coming back to that root cause of Scotland's failure, after 500 years, to come to terms with the Reformation. This has led to the continuation of rival religious groupings which have in turn adopted two football clubs as their focal points. The resulting clout these clubs receive has made them magnets also for much of the rest of the population Aided and abetted in addition by the media and the football governing bodies giving them what they want, this leaves scant pickings for the rest of the clubs - especially in economically marginal areas like the Highlands which have been attempting to sustain two upper flight clubs in a situation loaded against that.
  13. Highland Derbies Next Season

    In fact, if you look at the attendance figures alone, last season the Old Firm accounted for 62% of the total Premiership gate while the two Highland clubs had just 4.7%. If, even adding in the lower leagues, just two clubs are accounting for such a disproportionate amount of Scottish football's turnover, then that really doesn't leave much for the rest
  14. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Regrettably, your pay-off line there is the key to the entire scenario. Celtic and "the new team from Glasgow" are hoovering up so much of Scotland's football cash that precious little is left for the rest, and Celtic's "European munificence" is really only p!ssing into the wind in return. This two club hegemony further marginalises already marginal areas like the Highlands. Hence ICT, despite considerable financial assistance over the years, has passed the limit of punching above its weight while County, despite what's very likely a much greater level of subsidy, are now also finding their Premiership future in severe jeopardy.
  15. Highland Derbies Next Season

    So what now? Re-name this thread "Dundee Derbies Next Season"?😊 There's actually a serious message here - if Dundee is not that far from having no teams in the Premiership, what price the inner Moray Firth? Edinburgh didn't cover itself in glory fairly recently either.