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  1. David Raven

    Totally disagree with this statement. You can't blame the players for looking to get the best deal for themselves. The Board are/were wholly responsible for the purse strings and therefore the current financial situation.
  2. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Is anyone aware of managers/coaches using Biorhythms in conjunction with a player's fitness level? Biorhythms are based on your date of birth and the three main cycles of physical (23 days), emotional (28 days) and mental (33 days) Here's a link to explain further - fot those not familiar with them. Looking at a player's Biorhythm on match days could determine whether picking a player with high levels may be preferential to picking one with low or lower levels given that they have similar footballing abilities Has anyone got any thoughts on this?
  3. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Is Raven injured or dropped?
  4. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Quote from Alex Fisher - “If I am part of the plans then I would like to get involved. I’m not sure when we will have that chat as I don’t know what is going on regarding the board and positions so I guess I have to wait for that to settle down before they start looking at players for next year. “That conversation may be a few days away.” Looks like Fisher may be keen to stay on. Would suggest that he is one of our maim priorities for retaining next season.
  5. Why me ?

    "American billionaire, Michael Eisneer, has made a £5.67m offer to buy 100% of Portsmouth FC recently promoted to League One and invest another £10m in Equity." Oh how we could be doing with that kind of investment right now!
  6. Why me ?

    Is this a wind up or could there be some truth in the matter. On Michael Eisneer (Wikipedia) - "In March 2017, it was revealed that Eisner was interested in a takeover of Portsmouth F.C - a football club in the south of England that had fallen on hard times.." "After college in 1964, he met his future wife, Jane Breckenridge,[4] a Unitarian of Swedish and Scottish descent.."
  7. Inverness CT -V- St Johnstone

    Totally agree with the above. I said before Richie was appointed that Russel Latapy as Manager and Richie as Assistant would be a good choice. It seems that Russel Latapy is still looking for his first Managerial post.
  8. Cowdenbeath -V- Inverness CT

    P & J report on the game :-
  9. liam Hughes

    liam Hughes signs for National League Club Barrow.
  10. Ex-ICT players in management

    Stuart Golabek - Manager at Brora Rangers with Grant Munro as Assistant.

    There was a young man called Hughes Who got too big for his shoes When asked about Raven said "he's no worth saving" but Cameron said "I'll be the one to choose"
  12. Brian Rice

    Not saying that I would agree with this option, more that what the Board might be thinking as a way of a cheap solution to the problem.
  13. Brian Rice

    With the club on a tight budget and having to pay out to release Yogi, it might make sense to them to retain him as assistant and appoint Foran as manager thus freeing up a wage for another player and not having to pay more money for a new assistant as well as giving Foran an experienced voice to work alongside him.
  14. Brian Rice

    Anyone know if Brian Rice has been released along with Yogi or is he still currently the assistant manager?