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  1. Matchday Thread

    I am not sure why there is so much hate towards fans creating an atmosphere. Many people on here complained about there being no atmosphere however now they are spending their money supporting the team and creating an atmosphere home and away now everyone is complaining yet if they did not turn up you would go back to complaining again. On Saturday there without them there would be no atmosphere and fact is they support the team through thick and thin try and get the team motivated while other "fans" leave early.
  2. Completely forgot about my team this season, ahh well next season is my season
  3. HT 0-0 ft 0-0 us Raven them ross time 11 JOKER
  4. HT 0-1 ft 1-4 us polworth them Imrie time 11
  5. Ht 0-0 ft 0-1 us tansey them Mckay time 11
  6. Ht 0-1 ft 1-2 us polworth Them doolan time 11
  7. HT 0-0 ft 0-0 us polworth them boyd time 11 JOKER
  8. I see Ched Evans has become available possible good striker there
  9. Ht 0-0 ft 1-0 us polworth them Paterson time 11
  10. Ht 0-1 ft 1-1 us Hughes them Mckay time 11
  11. Ht 0-0 ft 1-0 us storey Them McDonald time 11
  12. It was Kenny Cameron who got brill to sign and how do we know that OFW was actually a yogi signing a lot of talk he hadn't actually signed that many of these players
  13. Ht 1-0 ft 2-1 us tansey them Boyce time 11
  14. Ht 0-1 ft 1-2 us foran them stokes tine 11
  15. Ht 0-0 ft 1-0 us tansey them Imrie time 11