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  1. Scotty, whilst I admire your upbeat outlook and like you I have enjoyed the highs and suffered the big low( relegation at the hands of Falkirk) I really hope KC is hurting at the moment because the ICT board have created this situation all by themselves. The sacking of JH which was needless in my opinion and the appointment of a complete rookie manager at any level of football shows the lack of football knowledge within the board. What made it even worse was the hour plus interview at the start of the season with RF and KC which smacked of unwarranted Hubris in both of them. I am convinced KC played to a large part of the ICT support who wanted JH out and RF in, much of the aforementioned interview referred to the club's current football style and how it would change under RF (for the worse as it turned out).The employment of Malpas is an acknowledgement that RF is just not up to the job. I am in little doubt that if RF remains in place we could be facing relegation next season too, the guy is out of his depth, I'm afraid I do not share your optimistic outlook..
  2. What does this say about Foran and Rice? Is Malpas taking over the coaching or the Management role, he has a pretty poor record in both. I see it as an admission by the board that the current management team isn't up to the job but they have to be seen by the supporters as doing something as cheaply as possible. Perhaps they are trying to embarrass Foran and Rice into resigning, fat chance. If I were a player I would be totally bewildered, who am I going to listen to? I cannot recall such a situation at any other club and as a previous poster suggests it looks like the club are locked into the 4 year deal irrespective of results.
  3. Quote "I am astonished that anyone is contemplating having John Hughes back as a manager. His signings were even poorer than Foran's and our style of play had become so predictable that teams soon sussed out how to play against us and we had no plan B. Would we have changed our style this season under John Hughes and been more exciting to watch, would he have signed better players than previously, the evidence suggests otherwise. There are in fact many similarities between JH and RF's style of management in that they are both stubborn and will not change their approach even when everyone can see that change is needed. Is that the one bit of experience RF picked up from JH?" We were so predictable that we won our first piece of silverware and had our best ever league position are you enjoying what you are watching now? JH completely changed our style of play and had to get the players and fans to buy into it despite the howlers committed in the early days by trying to play out from the back, he then lost his two best players in Shinnie and Watkins. ICT was still a work in progress when JH left, yes possession was overplayed at times but it takes good players to be able to mix it up and make the runs necessary to play a longer ball. Playing the way we did meant we were never going to be hammered by anyone in this league even when key players were missing because of the system we played. I am astonished that anyone wouldn't have him back especially after the dross served up this season.
  4. It was during Paterson's tenure that I started following the club and his teams brought a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment, it was noticeable that his teams consisted of mainly Scottish players which was also pleasing, I loved watching ICT in those days. Regrettably my misgivings re Foran's appointment have been realised, it was a foolish move by the board. What also pains me is that the system which JH had put in place has been abandoned, the team has no philosophy of how they want to play the game and are rudderless as a result. Every team needs a style that they will employ ie how to go about getting a result whether that is defending for your life like Nottingham Forrest in their heyday or by relentlessly passing the opposition to death like Liverpool or stepping up as a unit like the great AC Milan team who won the ball without making a tackle so good was their togetherness, there was so much to build upon the foundation that JH put in place regrettably that's all been destroyed and the board not Foran must shoulder the blame.
  5. Scarlett, I would have JH back in a heartbeat, he is the one who should have been offered a 4 year deal. He created a style that the club could have used as a template for future iCT teams, build up the play from the back, give the midfield time to support the strikers and ensure that all of the opposition players had to defend thereby preventing any quick breaks against our defence. Due to this system of play we were able to get results when we had players missing simply because we denied them the ball for long periods.The performance against Astra who were a quality team was excellent and very controlled despite us having lost our two best players to transfers, we basically lost the game to a goalkeeping error OFW's first of many. The current team has no playing philosophy or structure, all the good work by JH has been thrown overboard, we are almost certainly going down I just hope it is not the board's intention to leave RF in place or we may find ourselves in Div 1 before long, it's all very sad and in my opinion was avoidable, the board's hubris has come back to haunt them, they should be forced to watch the cringe inducing interview they aired at the start of the season when RF waxed lyrical about how great things were going to be for ICT in front of a smug Kenny Cameron, how the mighty are fallen,does anyone, anyone? really think we would be relegated with this squad if JH were in charge of it? not a chance.
  6. Matchday Thread

    DD JH's results speak for themselves he doesn't need my support.
  7. Matchday Thread

    Ronaldo, don't be too hard on yourself, I was against the rookie Foran who had served no apprenticeship from Day 1 and I got pelters from all those who wanted JH out before he left. If you don't play the ball through midfield you cannot buy the time to get others in support of the strikers and secondly you have not pushed back sufficient opposition players to keep them hemmed into their own 18 yard box making it difficult for them to break against you. JH understood this and was trying to get the team playing to that system but the supporters wouldn't have it. We got results even with a horrendous injury list during his last season thanks to this philosophy. All I hear now is how we aren't getting the breaks and luck is going against us. Luck's got nothing to do with it, you make your own luck usually by being in the opposition box more than your own. What has happened this season could have been foreseen at the start, what other manager in the top flight with one win in eighteen would still be in a job? The board have handcuffed themselves to Foran who I don't believe has the know how to take us back up when we are relegated whether that is this season or next. PS My post is no reflection on RF the wholehearted player nor his nature, he was given the job without any training before he was ready
  8. "He blanked him during a function but had been blanking him for months according to said player. Ok Ive only his word for it but didnt see any evidence to disbelieve him. So yeh I think that could be construed as work place bullying yeh??? " Old Caley Girl do you think that Stein, Ferguson McLean never put pressure on players, some respond to it and some wilt and leave. As a Manager I had inherited some real slackers whom I kept the pressure on because they were short changing their colleagues who worked their tail off. The slackers either changed their attitude or shipped out. This is not bullying, it is being fair to those employees who are giving their all for their wages, whilst all should be treated fairly, there is nothing wrong in letting slackers know their card is marked if they don't shape up. The players under Stein used to say he blanked them when they were on the treatment table because they were of no use to him whilst injured. Ferguson made life uncomfortable for those who set a bad example to the younger players or who tried to undermine his leadership or were part of the drinking culture and that's the way it has to be. The accusation of bullying has been taken to extremes in this day and age, people run off crying to anyone who will listen if they feel they have been snubbed for perhaps quite legitimate reasons.
  9. correction noted and thanks for the red dot
  10. I don't like bullies, that's a fact, the treatment of Bughtmaster with the red dots is an absolute disgrace, that's a fact and his first comment about the board's appointment of RF as a fans favourite is a fact too. We have all seen the supporters on this forum clamouring for his appointment before JH was even forced out. I said at the time "be careful what you wish for". I had tears in my eyes the day we won the SC knowing how far the club had come and JH and the players did that, those who criticise JH for not recruiting players consider this in case you have forgotten, it was Steve Kinsella who identified those players, not Terry Butcher and the board should have bust a gut to retain Kinsella, I said so at the time. Unfortunately, there is no money in our club, nor in Scottish Football and I will make another prediction which you might bear in mind, half the current Premiership today will be part time within ten years. The only way to survive long term is to have a great coaching staff to rear players which cost nothing in transfer fees and JH was/is a great coach. Instead of panning him you should be thanking him for the greatest football moment most of us will ever experience.
  11. I happen to think there was a basic misunderstanding between JH and the board. The board made extra money available during JH's last season to cover for the players that went out and the injury list at the start of the season after the two Astra games. When they said the budget would not be reduced, they meant the basic budget without the emergency signings JH I think interpreted the budget as being the basic plus the cost of those signings. This is why both could make the claim the board (the budget has been maintained) and JH (the budget has been cut) both statements were actually true depending on your understanding or misunderstanding of what the basic budget was. I don't go with the line that he engineered his way out I think he genuinely enjoyed his job and from my previous experience of him and his reputation he was always regarded as a straight hitter by all the people he worked with, I know the Falkirk people held him in very high regard.Yes he tried to put pressure on the board by speaking to the press which was his only lever. From my perspective the board lost the rag and sacked him. His legacy I think is being unfairly trashed by some on the forum, we played the best football since Steve Patterson's days finished 3rd in the league won the SC and played in Europe. I don't expect to see any of that repeated in my lifetime.
  12. Matchday Thread

    Have a look at our injury list after we played Astra, half a team was missing yet JH still got results. I'm not surprised he was pushing for more funds we had lost Shinnie and Watkins and he wanted the momentum he had built to continue, how can you blame someone for having that ambition, I don't buy the line "working your ticket" I don't believe Hughes wanted to leave the club but the board thought they could pull a master stroke and sack Hughes, what a joke that turned out to be. The home display against Astra minus our two best players was the most controlled match I have seen from an ICT team and I've been watching them since Patterson's time, only a goalkeeping mistake and the loss of Watkins cost us that night. We have thrown away his legacy, the team is a shambles, as proven by two points from Partick, Hamilton and Dundee two of those at home.You can soften reality any way you like but the bottom line is this shambles of a season lies at the board's door,not JH's and not RF's. As I've already said, we have thrown away two and a half years of work which was instilled into the team system that gave them an element of control in games even when we had average players/reserves filling the jerseys, what a waste.
  13. Matchday Thread

    Can't believe the number of happy clappers on this thread, I watched two pretty poor teams, we lost two goals a decent amateur side would be ashamed of and Dundee should have put us away just after half time they missed two gilt edged opportunities, it says it all I'm afraid about Scotland's top flight. Based on that performance, despite the fightback we are going down, we have no shape, no style, our defending is laughable, passes into feet don't stick, the first touch of most players is appalling, players in space play chest high passes and our forward play is based on hopeful balls played in the general direction of the forwards. I can't believe a team which looked so organised for the last two seasons could degenerate so quickly but it has. JH must be aghast watching what passes for an ICT team. To all those who lobbied for RF to replace JH I hope you are enjoying what you are watching, sometimes, you should be careful what you wish for. The fact is, despite a horrendous injury list last season JH picked up results when we had no right to expect them, that's what twenty years management experience brings. The decision by the board to get rid of an experienced manager and appoint a complete rookie on a four year contract will go down as one of the greatest ever blunders in football. All the hubris of the summer has now evaporated, go back and watch the interview with Kenny Cameron and RF and laugh out loud. Feel free to red dot me as much as you want I couldn't care less, I am angry at how a promising set up and style of play for the club was tossed in the garbage after two and a half years of hard work to be replaced by this rubbish.Were I JH I would be shaking my head at the sheer lunacy of it.
  14. Quote If you want to make a political point please post in the appropriate forum,....then again, we don't have a forum for bizarre and ridiculous conspiracy theories. Kingsmill,a) I was not making a political point. b) it's not a conspiracy theory it's a conspiracy fact clearly you watch too much BBC propaganda http://www.ukcolumn.org/article/bbc-media-action-subversion-broadcasting-house-kazakhstan
  15. DD Shinnie, McKay, Watkins and Christie would have gone irrespective of who the manager was, JH had no say in these, Vincent and Devine were bit part players whom the Directors were presumably happy to let go.These players had cost us nothing so the "Budget" was nowhere near sufficient to go and buy replacements which was JH's main beef with the board. Had replacements been available don't you think the club would have signed them in the summer break before RF took over? Despite the loss of those players JH still managed 7th in the league whatever you may have thought about the style of play.I have said in other posts the current squad should have been good enough for a mid table finish with an experienced manager which we don't have.