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  1. A Below Average Championship Club

    I would suggest the only club in the SPL smaller than us is Hamilton and boy the PTB wish they would get relegated? In our league, I would suggest Dundee Utd, St Mirren and Falkirk have inherently larger supports than us, am going by cup final attendances. From the lower leagues possibly Dunfermline also have a larger support. Ross County at the SC final probably had around 10-15,000, the same for StJ. The point I am making is that we have found our level for now and a long rebuilding programme is needed to get us back to being serious challengers, it wont happen unless we find the next highly motivated young manager who is prepared to put in all the hours necessary to find and build a squad capable of surviving in the SPL. The sad bit is no one sees ICT as a long term project where they will remain for any length of time, we are destined to be a yo yo club. That said I am immensely proud of what the club have achieved from very humble beginnings we were a genuine thorn in the side of the major clubs during our spell in the SPL, I think they were all glad to see us go down, as were the west coast media possibly due to the travelling.
  2. Relegation

    Posted August 17, 2017 Keeping my eye on results against Brechin Dumbarton and QOS, if we can't beat these teams look out. Don't expect us to beat Morton hope to be proved wrong. Fears as yet not visited for now.
  3. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    DD I think you are being very harsh, what did Butcher achieve when he went to Hibs? after all he made the decision to go. I think he would have been delighted with 29 points. Re the DU game which I referred to earlier in this thread and the reasons for that defeat, my point is this, had JH not changed the players mentality and style of play we would have won nothing. My regret is that the style he infused the players with which got results, despite crippling injury problems, the club should have maintained that philosophy going forward as a template for how the team should play. That style forces every player to be responsible for the ball and improves their touch and vision, if either is lacking they are quickly found out. Touch, vision, movement backed by fitness which is a given, plus understanding how you fit into the overall team structure both offensively and defensively are the essentials of any successful team. The great Marcello Lippi was asked what was the greatest asset he looked for in a player, and he answered intelligence. If a player is intelligent he can understand all of the nuances required by the Manager and how he fits into the overall plan. I really don't understand the reluctance to give JH the praise he deserves for what he achieved without all the speculative backbiting, we shouldha couldha, wouldha if Butcher hadn't upped and offed, he did and the rest was a wonderful part of our history. So much so I've written a song about it which I will put up on the site time permitting.
  4. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    RIG, let me enjoy my delusions, anyone suggesting we would win the SC and finish 3rd in that season would have faced the same charge. Never ending romanticism is bang on the money, that a small club with a savvy Manager could do so well. The feeling of joy was only enhanced by the gnashing of teeth coming from the central belt press who wanted us gone from the SPL and gave only grudging credit for a marvellous achievement, don't you know it was only due to the weakness of other clubs that we did so well, that's delusional.
  5. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Kingsmills I will be very gentle and suggest you wrote the above whilst not thinking. Listen, I loved watching the football played by Pele's teams and he had to rebuild several times during his tenure but he wasn't competing every week in the SPL nor in national cup finals and sadly he never won the Championship though I contend that JR won it with his team. As for Yogi being arrogant, I worked beside a lad who played out in the middle east, his son was captain of Falkirk's under 18's and he raved about Yogi as a person, a coach and a Manager, arrogance was never mentioned as one of his traits. We all have a bit of ego, it's what protects us from the world but arrogant? not in my book. As you can see from my numerous posts I have too much time on my hands at the moment, please excuse my fulminations.
  6. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Sussed oh dear.
  7. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Without being pendant in residence boom boom my response to your points are as follows: Butcher left, we did not finish second nor did we win a cup and we lost Andrew Shinnie who was a stand out for us. I'm glad you accept that losing your best players and injuries can have a deleterious effect on the team, which relates to point 3. With no out ball (Watkins had left and Doran was injured) an aimless hoof up the park would have achieved little so yes, the players at the back had difficulties as a direct result of losing your quickest forward and having another quick player injured. The reason why JH left was over the very issue you raise, trying to clarify the budget. I accept your point about Hughes recruitment but remember it wasn't Butcher who identified the bargains brought to the club from down south. The fact is we have never had enough money to buy established front men, they cost too much, which is why we have always gone for players from the lower leagues or strikers who have had injury problems or fallen out of favour or guys who can't find another club we were soooo fortunate to get Marley Watkins who could convert from being a winger to a very effective centre. I do not expect in my lifetime to experience the highs of JH's reign, he turned us into a proper football team and the board turned us into a laughing stock in one season, quite an achievement. You can continue to have a downer on JH if you like but he will remain our most successful Manager long after we have departed this life.
  8. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    I agree with a lot of what you say Chris, we need another Pele to find players from lower leagues and mould them into a team. JR won promotion with Pele's team plus a great addition in Bingham who was nearing the end of his career. Our football in that season probably wasn't as good as Pele's teams and JR was using a tactic which went out when he played, the big switch ball to the back of the box. For me, the players would have won that championship with almost any Manager pity it wasn't Pele in charge. We need to find our level wherever that may be and build from there but we need the right man at the helm and it's not JR, we are not in a financial position to attract anyone else unless we identify the next go getter from the lower leagues.
  9. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Hawkeye, I've tried to explain this before on this forum but some just don't see it. The reason for the heavy defeats in the early days was because JH completely changed the style of play ie out from the back. I remember the horror show against Dundee Utd in the SC where we gifted them a 3 goal lead at home all self inflicted but this was the players trying to adapt to the new way of playing. Had we not changed we would never have gotten 3rd in the league and won the cup. In the final season not only had we lost good players we had a horrendous injury list hence the reason for emergency signings and you can only sign what is available at the time according to your budget. The performance against Astra who were no mugs was one of the most mature i have seen from an ICT side and only a goalkeeping error from OFW caused us to lose that match. You may not have liked JH's style but while you have the ball the opposition cannot hurt you which is why we eked out points when we had no right to do so. I don't know why you dismiss winning 4 out of 5 after the split, they all count. As regards the treatment of Raven, JH clearly believed he could free up wages to invest in one or two players to make the team stronger, whilst I liked DR as a player and a person, every player comes to the end and it is the Manager's prerogative to decide who stays and who goes for the good of the club. Football is a business like any other even if the fans don't appreciate it, so I don't think it was shoddy, it was part of the football business. Hughes regarded the original budget plus the emergency signings as the budget for the following year, the board would only agree to the original budget, hence JH claimed his budget had been cut and the board claimed the budget had not changed. The sad part is that the system and style that JH inculcated in the squad could have been a successful template for many years to come but it was thrown over by the new inexperienced manager and the rest as they say is history.
  10. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    How do you figure the spirit was eroded under JH, if it was eroded it was by losing our best players and not replacing them with similar quality. The start of the serious decline was replacing JH with a total rookie supported by many on this forum. Am fed up with the JH bashing, history will show he was our best ever manager who completely changed our style of play in the right way. I also have a lot of respect for what Pele achieved during his tenure, I enjoyed his style of football.
  11. Crowd v Crusaders

    I absolutely disagree, you are effectively saying that the fans don't matter but they do when it comes to a TV spectacle, if there are no fans there, even no away fans due to a ridiculous kick off time it absolutely matters to the spectacle. Someone quoted Jock Stein earlier "without the fans the game is nothing" absolutely correct. All it would take is for a group of fans saying we will not be yanked around for TV and will not attend a game with a ridiculous kick off time no matter how important and I guarantee it wouldn't happen again. I believe you would even have opposition fans complaining about no away support and ruining the spectacle, what fun is there with no opposition support to bait. The question is, are a group of fans willing to take that step and say it's not on. If not, don't bleat about stupid o'clock kick offs.
  12. Keeping 11 on the pitch

    Dodds mentioned tonight on Sportsound that our disciplinary record might prevent us obtaining a top four finish. I've had my say on the issue in the Vigurs thread so wont go over it all again.
  13. Crowd v Crusaders

    Charles, If there was no ICT support at the league cup final and it was announced that it was due to the ridiculous mid day kick off I assure you we would never have to play at stupid o'clock again in a major match, the TV companies would make sure of that. The TV companies will televise games for as long as they think they can make money from them, if people switch off, the TV money will move elsewhere. The only people making money out of TV deals are the players, if TV money disappears due to viewer apathy, wages will reduce dramatically. I refuse to be yanked around by the TV companies re kick off times, I don't care what the event is, as I said above I didn't go to the league cup final. Before Rome collapsed their highest paid sportsmen were their charioteers and their Chefs were celebrities, sounds familiar?
  14. Crowd v Crusaders

    Correct, I couldn't care less like the rest of our support and neither does the rest of Scottish Football including the SFA.
  15. Crowd v Crusaders

    It's unfair to tar the 15,000 as glory hunters, the two girls sitting next to me at the final travelled from Toronto and Paris both born and bred in Inverness, there were also neutrals who went along with their Inverness family and friends for the occasion. It's up to the clubs to attract supporters by having an entertaining product on the pitch, it is after all an entertainment business. I can fish for a whole day for £20 why should I turn up as someone said at stupid o'clock at the whim of TV companies or the SFA. I remember the league cup final held at midday on a Sunday which I did not attend. Sky were in such a panic about their being no away support at the match, they got their newspaper division to subsidise the travel of ICT supporters by bus. As someone else said the game is nothing without the support, the supporters don'r realise the power they have, all it would take to rattle the TV companies would be a boycott of an important match in protest at stupid kick off times, an empty stadium isn't much of a TV spectacle.