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  1. Word Association

  2. Inverness schools Coaching

    I have worked in several Inverness schools over the years and have seen coaching sessions from both ICT and Ross County being run for children from nursery to primary seven. The younger age groups just seem to enjoy the football and the older ones have usually already made their minds up about who they support. I don't think a few weeks of coaching is going to be a big influence to be honest. I know the rivalry with County can get pretty intense for fans, but I do not think it is healthy to encourage hatred in children against others just because of their team. If anything a mix of teams providing coaching helps children to see that it is a game, not a matter of life or death and that just because someone has a different opinion from you it does not make them a horrible person. I think it's great that with finances the way they are, local children are still getting coaching sessions.
  3. Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen

    I was at the game today and I just can't believe the way that Richie Foran just spoke about the game on the radio. He sounded like he is feeling very sorry for himself and I think someone needs to give him a good kick up the backside before he drags the whole team into the same state. I thought the game today was fast and furious and would also have been entertaining had it not been for the blatantly biased decisions from the referee and the general cheatery from several of the Aberdire players - Considine was one of several holding and pulling down players and getting away with it (just like he did to Foran in the League Cup Final denying us a winning goal then) and Maddison must be related to the ref I think, as he made an afternoon of conning him. As a spectator this is something that makes me feel like not renewing my season ticket as it is so disheartening that no matter what our boys do, the cheaters seem to be allowed to run rings around them. But then I remember that the Caley Thistle team must feel just as demoralised by decisions from officials and the cheating, and I am so proud of my team that they always come back fighting. I thought you were great today boys and I felt proud to be an ICT fan, which is more than I would have felt if I supported Aberdire.
  4. Advice on where to sit at first Caley Thistle game?

    Where did you sit, Chloe?
  5. Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    Now that's what I call money well spent. What an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. The team were amazing the way they just kept going in the second half, despite the onslaught at the far end. Well done lads. It was great to see (and hear) the south stand being silenced. Our own singing section were fantastic - we liked the one that went something like 'Oh ho ho it's magic, you know, you'll never get past the Barco' - inspired. And it's good to see a mini singing section forming with the wee lads sitting in the next section along.
  6. Better Together ?

    Personally, I cannot get over the audacity of Ms Sturgeon to assume that because someone has voted to stay in the EU, they would automatically wish to break up the UK in light of a leave vote. I wanted to stay in, but remaining part of the UK is far more important to me. As for Mr Salmond, if he wants to call the shots then he shouldn't have been so quick to throw his toys out of the pram when he lost the Scottish referendum The last thing the people of Scotland need is yet another neverendum referendum and all the expense and unsettling times that go with it. When are the SNP going to accept defeat and give up before they bankrupt our country?
  7. Fixture List

    On a totally personal and self serving note, I am delighted that we have away games on both Belladrum and Loopallu weekends because then I don't have to miss them while I'm festival going (I'm usually only a home games attender I must admit). The same goes for the Christmas Eve game when we will be travelling to family for Christmas and lucky for me it is an away game again.
  8. RIP Matty

    Very sad. Condolences to family.
  9. New 2016/17 kit

    This is crazy, every year this happens and the club misses out on so many potential sales of club kit because the new one comes out so late. If the new kit was available at the end of May when our season tickets come out we would be tempted to splurge on it while we were spending money anyway (although admittedly more likely to do so if we could purchase it at the stadium). Maybe if next years kit could be ordered 3 months earlier than usual it would be for sale by end of May. Then people would get longer to wear the current strip. I wonder if shirt sales were up or down this year with them not being available at the stadium. Personally I thought it was a right nuisance having to go up to the retail park.
  10. Euro 2016 Finals

    Absolutely spot on DoofersDad.
  11. Euro 2016 Finals

    Watching the opening ceremony tonight, I was just thinking about Wales and OFW and then the song Titanium came on and it made me think of ICT. Good luck Owain and Wales.
  12. Ex-ICT players in management

    Many years ago, a young lad called David Macrae was on the youth training programme, but got an odd game with the first team just before ICT were promoted to the SPL first time around. He married and he and his family are now living in Queensland , Australia where he coaches the Noosa Lions. I think they may only be a kids team, but can't deny the boy has gone far in distance terms.
  13. Season tickets

    Thank you for sharing givmeaccccc and it is a lovely gesture in your dad's memory. Sorry for your loss
  14. Where are the goals coming from?

    Come on Billy - you know it makes sense. Get your agent to drop the price a wee bit if need be, and come back to where you are cherished. We would love you to come back and you seem to be a player who thrives on security and we would look after you. Hope Billy is keeping an eye on caaleythistleonline.
  15. New Manager Thread

    Good Luck Richie. I'm sure that you will be the type of manager who talks about "us" when talking about ICT, rather than discussing the club like you've got a vague interest in it but are not really part of it. Your family must be happy too.