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  1. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Can't find anything about Alex Cooper contract length other than it being a short term deals. One imagines it's long enough to cover injuries in wide areas that we currently have with Aaron and Zak.
  2. Question - Who actually owns the 3 Stands?

    Well evidently Kind of Blue does obviously.
  3. Pre-season

    Susan might just be one of those lumps with no real technical abilities but has a handy knack of knowing where to be. Perhaps Robbo has seen this.
  4. Transfer in and outs

    When County win the Scottish cup and in the same season finish high enough in the league to qualify for Europe then I'll start worrying about the club shop. Everything they do is an attempt to upstage ICT based on bitterness and envy. The Noisy neighbours. On transfers, facts of relegation are plain. You have to move high earners on. Surely no one was under any illusions otherwise. This happens in every league in the world. You go down you cut costs, but attempt to bring in a fresh bunch to help fire you straight back up. I think we're one or 2 short. Maybe 3. If 2 move on we can then sort that. This is known. This has been well communicated. As to the chairman addressing fans. There's an EGM coming up. There's your opportunity. Let shareholders know. Have them be your voice.
  5. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Zschusschen is hardly young and developing, he's 25. If he's not close to the finished article by now it's unlikely he ever will be. Granted he appears to have come to first team football a little later so in terms of what you'd call a real football age he may be a couple of years behind, but not as if he's a kid. He will take time to gel to team mates and different style of football in UK though. I'd agree with the rest. My only worry is that Foran too often lamented the hunger and desire. I hope there's not a deeper issue.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Not going to read to much into this. Not even August yet, lots of new faces and against a more settled team who will undoubtedly be challenging for promotion. I take it we've signed Alex Cooper then?
  7. Top 5 predictions

    Be very surprised if ourselves, Dundee United and Falkirk aren't in the mix. Likes of St Mirren, Livingston and Dunfermline could all push in though. Providing we make the play offs I'm OK.
  8. Team for Falkirk

    For me, with very limited knowledge of our new players it has to be said, I'd go with a sort of 4-3-3 lining up like so - Ridgers - - Seedorf - Warren - Mackay - Calder - - Vigurs - - Polworth - Draper - - Mulraney - Baird - Oakley- Likes of Chalmers, Elsdon, Susan etc available from bench. As above, I think the best way to get Polworth playing well is to try and get him in a more central role, either in a midfield 3 or as a central attacking mid in a 4-2-3-1. It's time to give him the opportunity to make Tanseys central spot his own now.
  9. Club Badge/Crest

    Yeah keep our original banner below the crest. If they're so adamant about squeezing Pride of the Highlands in somewhere they could easily add the text underneath on a letterhead. Like so Pride of the Highlands
  10. Club Shop - Academy Street?

    Perhaps a good idea would be to have, as you mentioned before, a cafe and shop combo but rather than just ict stuff get other local clubs, clach, Inverness city, shinty and rugby, even County, involved. Whereby merchandise is available to purchase for more than one club. There could even be a tourist desk where people could book tours, outdoor excursions etc. Maybe even a match ticket facility? This way it could be a joint venture, less risk but potential extra revenue streams for the clubs.
  11. The Liam Polworth Enigma

    I think conundrum would be more suitable. I think Polly has suffered a bit from being in and out the team as well as moved around the pitch, including being played as a winger which is not his position. His perceived grumpiness I think is more a display of frustration at things not coming off for him and he's lost a bit of confidence. I've no doubt he has the ability to replace Tansey in his role. But it's up to him to take the opportunity. Robbo has a very positive attitude which I believe can help him do that. Ultimately it is down to Polly.
  12. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    He's not an enigma, he's just a very naughty boy!
  13. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    I've added our new striker Felitciano Zschusschen. There's been no official announcement but a) he came on as a sub v Stirling, b) he was mentioned in the post match interview albeit very briefly and c) there is a club photo of him holding the home strip with his name and number 19 so it appears to be a done deal. Contract length details will be added when known. If that means waiting for the new Football Manager then so be it.
  14. Transfer in and outs

    It's a scandal!
  15. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Are there any stats on key passes, as in passes that indirectly start a move that leads to a goal or chance. Assists can sometimes only be as good as the person finishing.