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  1. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Why would County be pleased at missing, potentially, another 2 full houses at the Highland Derby and the gate receipts that go with it? From a fans point of view it's great to have bragging rights but financially it's not good business practice. Are they petty enough? Personally I think it's maybe a bit too early to extend any of the new signings contracts just yet. With the exception of maybe Bell and Donaldson (who is only signed until January) I'd like to also see Raven have his contract extended until the end of the season. He offers both stability and experience. Maybe he'll take a wage cut to do so. Or take another role at the club in addition. And from the other long(er) termers, extending Mckay and Vigurs on new deals. Doran has in the past been a great player for us but if he can't play he's a wage that could be used on a striker. If he proves his fitness by the end of the season, I'd offer him a heavy appearance fee related contract. If he can't get fit, let him stay and train for goodwill. But not on a deal. Likes of Baird, Oakley and Mulraney need to prove consistency over the course of the season. The best motivation for that is a prospective contract at the end of the season. Not now. Play and earn it. Don't think Elsdon or Cooper are worth keeping on beyond January. In summary - Donaldson - extend to end of season with optional year after. Bell - consider 2 year extension beyond this season. Not yet though. Raven - extend until end of season. Vigurs, Mckay - start talking with agents. Rest - earn a contract.
  2. It's a fair question Blair. Personally I think we've slightly been victims of our own success. After winning the cup (and reaching another final), aside from Christie, we completely failed to capitalise financially on the transfer of players their success attracted from elsewhere. So many good players have been lost for nothing. Unfortunately many of these good players were brought in through excellent scouting/trial work from Butchers teams tenure for next to nothing - if you then fail to profit from players leaving you have to try and replace them for next to nothing. It's near impossible to continue to find like for like gems from free transfers and released youths. Which is our market. So we've unsuccessfully been able to adjust to the loss of key players and not been able to replace them (we'd never replace Christie tbh). The board in some respects have perhaps shown complacency in this respect. They also did not manage to capitalise on our cup win commercially. They never truly seized the opportunity. Instead of attracting a new fan base we've lost fans. It's only really in hindsight that Foran turned out to be a poor manager. The club didn't act quickly enough in that respect perhaps.... But how often are clubs criticised for being trigger happy?It's a tough call. They held firm. It didn't work. Perhaps in the long run relegation might be good for us. Not financially sure, but it gives us the chance to start afresh. We might not be promoted this season but there's no reason not to build for next and be optimistic about our chances. We believe.
  3. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    Unfortunate not to nick this one by sounds of it but another clean sheet. Mckay and Donaldson seem to be forming a decent understanding at the back and the return of Tremarco and Raven has really helped. Still lacking a proper number 9. To think what could have been had we kept hold of Fisher. Think he'd have really flourished with Mulraney and Bell alongside. Ifs and Buts though.
  4. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    A few players contracts up soon. Ideally we'd keep Donaldson and Raven, although the latter is unlikely I feel. For me Cooper and Elsdon can leave. Young Foy offers as much as Cooper does. Amongst others.
  5. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Taken from a previous post I made buried away on page 4... Handy stuff Signed until the end of next season (2017-18): • Brian Rice - Assistant Manager • Ryan Esson – GK coach/ player - GK • Aaron Doran - LW • Iain Vigurs - CM • Jake Mulraney - RW • Carl Tremarco (with option of further year) - LB • Brad Mckay - CB • Cammy Mackay - GK • John Baird - FW • George Oakley - FW • Connor Bell - FW • David Raven (Until Jan 2018) - RB • Matthew Elsdon - 6 month loan deal from Middlesborough, option to extend for whole season - CB • Alex Cooper - 6 month deal until January 2018 - FW • Coll Donaldson - 6 month deal until January 2018 - CB
  6. Message from the Chairman

    What I don't understand is why Maurice Malpas is now the sole board member....
  7. Robertson Out

    The players and staff have responded to the criticism... Which was merited. Fans who pay their entrance every week or fork out for a season ticket have every right to let their feelings be known.
  8. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    The only positive I really see is another clean sheet, but we need points. Whether we're home or away. Yes we created a lot of chances but we didn't win again. Just clutching at straws saying that it's a good away point, with chances created. They're struggling as well. If we're creating that many chances we need to be ruthless. It's as much 2 points dropped as a point gained for me.
  9. Robertson Out

    You do wonder if our last 2 managers leaving means we effectively can't afford to sack manager or assistant. Rice is contracted to the end of the season. I don't think we can afford to pay him off and pay another assistant wage. I reckon if the money was there to move them and replace them it would have happened already.
  10. Polworth v Kellacher

    Hand bags. These kind of things used to happen length of the country on the training ground. Tempers rise. Especially when everyone is feeling the strain. Tell them to suck it up, shake hands and get on with the job, or leave. Not sure what Kellacher thinks he'll achieve by giving Polly dogs abuse to the point he rises to hit him. With any luck it will awaken a bit of fire in him on the pitch. That being said he's surrounded by dross. The tactics don't seem to be great either.
  11. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Gonna be a long long long season.
  12. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Having pizza or chips after away games didn't appear to do us any problems under Butcher or Yogi so I can't see it being a problem now. Whether or not players are eating poorly in between is another matter.
  13. Why do you support ICT ?

    Because I something to bring down my otherwise cheery demeanor.
  14. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    I think that perhaps when people call Brian Rice a good coach they must be confusing him with Pat. He's evidently not. There is no evidence to support this claim. It's complete hear say. Probably spread by friends in the industry. Old boys act. And then fans hearing that he's supposedly good spread it without question. Even on the chance that he is good (he's not) he certainly isn't a good fit at Inverness. He's the one common denominator in our fall since arriving. It's not a coincidence that 3 separate managers have struggled alongside him. Get rid. As for Latapy, perhaps he wasn't a significant reason for our success, but even if he offered nothing it'd be a hell of a lot more than Rice. Hughes wasn't exactly happy to see him.leave so I am going to side on the notion that he offered a little more than some claim (again through rumour).