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  1. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    A team that was unravelling wouldn't have celebrated together like they did after the second and third goals, people are seeing things that don't exist, don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.......
  2. Number One

    Mackay or Esson both better than either suggested option
  3. STV

    Just been told that STV plan on being in the Social Club in Grieg Street tonight at 8pm to interview fans about the new season if anybody fancies 15 minutes of fame
  4. Sponsors Night 2016

    I'm going already as I'm involved in sponsorship of other players but would recommend going to anyone as it's always a good evening.
  5. Player Sponsorship 2015/16

    Paid x 3
  6. Romania Prize Money & Charity Donation

    Good plan. And thanks from me + 3 for the excellently organised buses.
  7. Circus in Town and game v St Mirren

    unlikely, they would struggle to fill a large taxi tomorrow
  8. Bucharest to Giurgiu transfer

    Another 2 for me please so it's now The Sponge x 4
  9. ICTFC v FC Astra Giurgiu // Travel + Build up

    From Aberdeen 9.20am on the 22nd for me too
  10. Bucharest to Giurgiu transfer

    The Sponge x2
  11. Culloden Supporters Bus

    £3 from the social club for the last couple of seasons, not expecting it to change this season
  12. St Johnstone -V- Inverness CT Live, slightly biased, commentary available here
  13. Summer football

    Because it never rains in the summer in Inverness does it
  14. Do You Want County Relegated ?

    We'd be better off financially if they went down......
  15. Inverness councillors and planners

    Alex, the refusal of the brewery was quite right, ask one or two of the people that live close by their opinions of the proposed development and the way that the Glen Mhor has treated the immediate area over the last few years and you'll get a quite different view to that of the owner