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  1. TheMantis

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Toss-up for MoM between big Coll and Polly who was involved in everything. Sean Welsh and Jamie McCart not far behind. Last half hour was like the good old days when Pele was in charge. However the first 60 minutes are best forgotten. Plenty possession but very little creativity. Have to agree about Trafford, never been a fan. Credit to Robbo for throwing the subs on and going for it. George had very few scraps to live on and the debate about which strikers should start is no nearer being solved, as White actually did reasonably well when he came on. Austin might have nicked it at the end. We’d be some team if we played at that tempo every week for say 70 minutes instead of 30. Let’s not kid ourselves though, even with Tremarco and Rooney and the mythical Beith available, we need a really commanding Draper-like CM to replace Trafford and a proven goalscorer. And somebody mentioned that Doran might be finished. Sadly, reluctantly I’d have to agree. Did everybody notice that Edinburgh City came back from 2 goals down to beat Alloa on pens?
  2. TheMantis

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round

    The regulars use Morrisons, there's no problem parking there.
  3. TheMantis

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round

    Great idea L_G especially since we don't get visits to Edinburgh in the league these days. Don't see the attendance being a problem as Edinburgh City only get crowds of about 300. Should be a few neutrals there on the day as it's the only show in town. 500 seats and grass banking so just like the HL days 😎
  4. TheMantis

    U18's V Accies Cup

    Can’t see this mentioned anywhere else but the game is now Tues 20th at 7.00pm.
  5. TheMantis

    All Clubs Attendance records

    Welcome back Mr Eager, I remember you 😎 I was at two on that list. The ICT one obviously, and Ayr United. Imagine 25225 crammed into Somerset.
  6. TheMantis

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Also telling the twitter guy that Walsh cut in from the LEFT 😂
  7. TheMantis

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Looking forward to telling the grandchildren I was there the day ICT won a match 😀
  8. TheMantis

    Partick Thistle -V- Inverness CT - Preview

    Excellent work young man. Mind you I’m sure it was Paul Ritchie that dived for the peno. It wouldn’t have mattered if Foxy hadn’t missed a sitter to finish them off. BTW. Waitrose? Artisan Roast? Have a
  9. TheMantis

    Back 4 Partick tomorrow

  10. TheMantis

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round

    Beat me to it while I was composing an answer. 😉 doesn’t explain why Spamtins get priority though.
  11. TheMantis


    Find that hard to believe.
  12. TheMantis


    Exactly. I've never shirked away from stating on the forum that imo players are simply not good enough for the club, whether they are likely to read the forum or not (and if I was a player I would steer clear of reading the self-defeating crap that occasionally appears here. Football is played 75% in the head). But I draw the line at the type of OP made here. Absolutely out of order. Likewise abusing your own players on matchday. We're all passionate but do you honestly think it helps the player or the club? Jeez.
  13. TheMantis

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    I lost my younger brother to the same thing in March 2017. From what you say, you seem to have caught it early whereas he already had secondaries in his spine and lasted only 2 1/2 years. Let's hope so anyway, my brother met many people at drop-in sessions who had been clear for many years. David Steel was diagnosed around 2002 and is still with us. As, indeed, everybody on CTO is with you.
  14. TheMantis

    Rollerbowl - 30th November

    I take it you couldn’t see them yourself 😉