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  1. I thought Mr Rendall might feature in a list of well-travelled ICT fans. I see him often but I don’t think he posts on here (cue Jim proving me wrong).
  2. Nobody’s mentioned the Denmark trip either.
  3. It was an U20 game v Hearts in 2013.
  4. Cheers, thought this was just your wish list at first Dumbarton and Bonnyrigg away please, so I can walk to one of them. @RiG usually knows how this works... is it Dundee and Bonnyrigg at home?
  5. Thanks Chris for remembering Newtongrange… that makes my tally 56. All SPFL from 2022-23 except Bonnyrigg, Elgin, Annan, Peterhead, Dumbarton, Meadowbank. Gutted to miss both games at Dumbarton, and for Elgin, had match ticket and train ticket bought but was ill on the day… Non-league - Spartans, Ness FC, Goathill (Stornoway), Newtongrange, Clach, Brechin, Buckie, Broadwood, Cowden, Gretna, Inverurie, Keith. Demolished - Telford St, Brockville, Love St, Bayview, Firs Park, Boghead, . The National Stadium. Furth of Scotland - Astra, Birmingham City, Fleetwood.
  6. Well we all know the answer to the first one We also know that success comes in cycles. Cowdenbeath were in our league quite recently and now they’re in tier 5. Rangers were winning titles and Celtic were nearly bust. Then there’s Falkirk We can definitely sustain a Premier team if we can get up but it will take a perfect storm as it did in 2004 and 2010. This includes how strong the league is, good fortune with injuries, getting a good crop of players together at the right time, Dundee sh*****g the bed, etc etc, plus a slice of luck. Unfortunately we took several steps backwards after winning the cup which with hindsight could have been avoided. I’ve ranted about that many a time. As much as anything we could do with a generous backer as @RiG says: to me, it seems there are a few big names in Inverness, but with egos to match, otherwise they could cooperate for the sake of the club. We’ve got Dodds in charge again so it is what it is. Dundee Utd won the Prem with a very small squad so maybe this is the season we actually don’t have an injury crisis, and Cammy, Nicolson, Roddy and other youngsters step up to the plate. Maybe Lewis Hyde does a Denzil and becomes a god. Having some of our own in the team is a big factor for me with positive knock on effects for the supporters. Apologies for the Bannerman-sized post but I’m still riding a wave of optimism from the weekend.
  7. Did you not go to Ainslie Park?
  8. It appears to be a sort of online fishmonger.
  9. I miss Gregor. Maybe if the soapdodgers release big Jordan he can make a comeback.
  10. That was my impression too. Fair play to him for being so upbeat - if that was me I’d be sticking my head in the oven…
  11. Oh bum, it’s easier to win in Dingwall…
  12. Derbies incoming. 0-1 ht at the Global Energy Stadium which some folk keep referring to as Victoria Park. Edit - hold your horses. County score in stoppage time to make it 3-1...
  13. We definitely need a big target man like Shane to partner Billy (if he signs). If that wasn't obvious before, it was certainly obvious yesterday. Not to use the route 1 as a default but just to mix it up as we're pretty predictable a lot of the time. The sort of job that Brian Graham has done over the years, especially with us on the receiving end. Never been a big Dodds fan either, I think he would be a better coach than a manager, but stability at a club is half the battle, so I'm just about resigned to it, on the 'be careful what you wish for' principle - if it's true that he has a happy dressing room that's a major plus. Also it winds up the Dees. It's often been said that it's a bigger priority to get a clearout at the top. Never met the CEO but don't have good vibes. Heard wee whispers that Robbo will be away.
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