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  1. Yes, Oban on the way to Barra. Just discovered this thread, got hundreds of pics, just need to find an area you haven’t been 😂
  2. Ah yes, I see it now, I have the 1:50000 maps on the iPad. I went round the whole of Mull and Skye but I missed it. Here's a pano of Staffin I stitched a few years ago.
  3. Yes it was a trifle rusty at the wings and sills. I think I got it through one MOT but the next time it went to the scrappy and I got a fiver for it 😎 A kind of strange thing that happened in the 90s... I got a Citroen BX diesel at the auctions at Ingliston. C782 YST which had been bought new at Pedigreed Cars in Forres. On one of my trips to Lewis I drew up at the Uig Community Shop which is in the middle of nowhere. The car I parked next to was C783 YST, same model, same dealer.
  4. I was speaking to Bobby in the Westport Bar before that. Paul Ritchie and 3 other guys were there. They said they were going to Tutties to meet Barry Wilson. I went for smokies and then stupidly went into the Smugglers when I heard ICT songs coming from it. The barmaid was too efficient so I couldn't turn round and go out again 😂
  5. Never seen a DKW but I remember it was in my I-SPY book of cars when I was at school 😂 Here's my first car. CFS 816B, bought for £85 in 1975. And IBM can say what the other one is.
  6. I hope IBM is as good at this as he is with cars. I'm stumped.
  7. Struggling with this one. West coast, topography and settlements suggests Mull or Skye. Hoor of a load of motor homes. The traffic seems to be blocking the road too.
  8. Usually an evening kickoff but I’ve seen Hibs and Hearts using the Oriam during the day for this cup. I’ll let you know 😉
  9. I’ve got a Kodachrome slide like that from about 1980. I tried to get the same shot with digital about a year ago but the trees are right up to the road.
  10. Aye the bealach is on the road. The Loch Garry viewpoint is hopeless now too, it’s signposted for the tourists to pull in but they need to fell a few trees so they can all get a photo like before.
  11. Round about the Bealach Ratagain. Used to be a fine viewpoint but there’s been a lot of changes in the forestry over the years.
  12. Alan, I think Storey dropped his magic hat somewhere along the A96 😂 He’s about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.