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  1. Haha, I was coming back from a game last year and I got an earlier train than it had on the ticket, so they flung me off at Kingussie and I had to kill an hour there. Should have taken my fish supper up the hill for a walk. Due diligence.
  2. Spent a while hunting around last night as I thought it might be Fortrose. Still can't place the building though?
  3. Oh I was slow there 😂 Give the man a coconut.
  4. Not getting anywhere with this. I'm assuming you mean the road to Ullapool. Is the shop still there?
  5. That’s an early Sierra isn’t it? Never owned a Ford but I had an Escort company car for about 6 months.
  6. An epic. Devoured it at a sitting though. Yip yip.
  7. I think you've got us beat this time. I'm assuming it's a war memorial and it's still there...
  8. Watched it on teletext 😂 Wouldn’t have travelled up for a midweek game on a school night at that time. Probably started with the United replay in 98.
  9. 😂 Where did you get your hands on that footage? Never seen it before. A great performance against a decent Dees side with Jim Duffy, Morton Weighorst, Gerry Britton, Neil Duffy and George Shaw. They had beaten us comfortably in the League Cup 3-0 at Dens.
  10. The one blootered over was Davie Brennan. Caley got him from Shotts Bon Accord. The other one looked like Paul McKenzie and so did the one in normal time. Either him or John Scott. That earlier one looked tailor made for 10cc to take mind you, as he won it. The goal we did get is a reminder of what a classy player Danny MacDonald was. His career was tragically ruined by injuries.
  11. Maybe put up a few movies when I run out of photies. I can think of one where you feature prominently
  12. Just when you think you're running out of pics, you discover another folder...