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  1. Arbroath have just scored 2 in 3 minutes when it looked like Queens were cruising at 2-0.
  2. Hmm, what to watch tomorrow then? C(o)unty v Dons looks interesting. Or not. Think I’ll go for “not”.
  3. Remember when Robbo used to come on here and join in the banter. Just a fan like the rest of us.
  4. Sorry, forgot about this, I've probably got some that I can dig out.
  5. Considering Rossett Park only holds about 3000, strange quirk of fate to be able to offer virtual tickets. By a sheer fluke I was at a midweek game there a few years ago when I had a few days in Liverpool with Mrs Mantis.
  6. It’s nice that they let us use their Academy sometimes though.
  7. Funny you should say that - my missus hoovers up all the stuff on twitface and reads all the blogs, and she’s convinced that Sturgeon’s in deep doodoo. But why is AS doing this now? No doubt there’ll be some damage to the Indy cause, but not much. The unionist/media/tory narrative is that there’s this nasty wee group (the SNP) trying to sell the Scottish people something that nobody wants. In reality the Indy movement is far, far larger than the SNP and feel that they are dragging their feet, and asking if they really want independence or if they’re just happy having careers in government (
  8. The same man built this one from page 57...
  9. And since everybody seems to know it, it’s on the Black Water (Abhainn Dubh) after Garve on the Ullapool road?
  10. Is it Caulfeild you’re talking about?
  11. The LL is already in the pyramid Jack, and has several leagues below it. 20-odd years ago the HL could afford to be smug about being of a better standard, but apart from maybe half a dozen clubs at the top it’s a pretty stagnant situation. When you’ve got Brora or Buckie meeting Fort or Lossie regularly in league fixtures, you’ve got problems. (slightly off- topic, but hey, if you’re a member of the junta, sorry I mean a mod, you can take liberties).
  12. Had a good look at this but can't help. Spent most of my time climbing Munros & Corbetts anyway apart from the WHW and about half of the Speyside Way. There's a Wiki page on Railway Viaducts of the UK and another on canal viaducts, had a quick look there too, but I see Edinkillie isn't even listed. Other photos of Edinkillie don't really help.
  13. Or you “accidentally” go past it and stop at another one a few miles on...
  14. Yes it is but technically it’s in the Highlands by a good few miles (hint) and the ICT team bus will pass within a mile or so (another hint).
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