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  1. Some good memories there. I was at the Shire game where Wilsie scored the first ever goal - the date is easy to remember as it’s my brother’s birthday. Followed up on the Saturday with the 5-2 v Arbroath and the following midweek at Dundee where the away strip got its first airing. Red and white stripes and blue shorts. In those days, midweek games kicked off at 7.30. I then missed a 4-0 hammering at home to Queens Park (boo!) and the Wilsie-inspired cuffing of County at Dingwall (big regrets), before we won at Albion Rovers with a second half strike from ‘spineless Norman’ (Monty Python reference for the young team). I fished out my season ticket for the 3-1 defeat of Forfar, which took us to the top of the league, with Dick Campbell moaning that we were a long ball team, despite having Charlie Christie, John Scott and Mike Noble in the team. I think the season ticket was about £45, maybe £50, which sounds very cheap as I think it was £4 at the gate. My final game, coincidentally, was a 1-0 defeat at Firs Park in April, featuring out of retirement Billy Urquhart, who had been at the first game as a supporter. My tally for the season was only 11 matches though, as like the team, I fell away badly after exiting the Scottish Cup, and I was still not the biggest fan of the merger.
  2. TheMantis

    Rendall's Rambles

    Great blog James. So with @Renegade and myself, that's 3 devotees of Faroese football on CTO.
  3. TheMantis

    4G Pitch?

    Worth mentioning that all football in Iceland is played on artificial surfaces, and also the Faroe Islands, and then, carrying on south for about 300 miles, guess what’s the next country you come to 😃 They don’t even attempt to play in the winter, either.
  4. TheMantis

    4G Pitch?

    There’s really no such thing as 4G or even 5G (as they claim to have at QoS). You might argue that some 3G pitches are more advanced than others but even then you’d be using computer OS update numbers like 3.1 etc 😉 My local club consulted with a provider of artificial pitches and that is what we were told - although they could have been using it to get a sale 😃
  5. I’m just a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
  6. I'm afraid two things are being confused here. The individual is one of our more 'passionate' regulars and most people know him, though I was surprised to hear about the inappropriate comments. The other group were from the English Midlands on a day out and had taken far too much drink on the train. Not ICT fans and they left halfway through.
  7. We really carried on from last Sunday. First half we were totally dominant. Two wins in 7 days - can't remember the last time I witnessed that... no cup hangover. Queens had chances second half but I put the clean sheet down to decent defending rather than chances missed. I don't really see the difference between 3rd place and 4th, as all it means is home advantage in the second leg, and we're much better away. Ideally we would want to be second. Looks like a very stuffy County side will stretch away in first place, they're not a patch on the side which got promoted 6 years ago.
  8. This is all academic. Levein will kick his players’ erses and it’ll be a bit like our replay against Edinburgh City. That was Partick’s best shot on Friday. The Hearts support will be too big for anywhere except Hampden, given it’s the big cup and not that trinket County won. I’d rather have a day out at Hampden anyway. Even if it was Thistle, McDiarmid would be too small imo, it would have to be Easter Road.
  9. Best day out I’ve ever had in Dundee😂 ICT and the Scottish Cup 💙❤️ 💙❤️💙❤️ “Dear Arabs Roond Ye Love Coll xx “
  10. I haven't had a season ticket for some years as I very seldom make it up to home matches from the wrong side of Edinburgh, and I'm retired now so can't really afford just to buy one for show. However I'd be willing to donate to the club but I doubt you'd get anything like 500 members. So following on from that, it would probably need to be some sort of prize draw as already mentioned. Which brings us back to the Centenary Club, which I don't hear much of these days, as I get 99% of my ICT news from this site alone.
  11. Draper would make a big difference to us though. When you see him playing against you, it sinks in what an important player he was. Gardyne is decent too, though it's amazing how long he lasted last night considering he's about 60.
  12. Quiet car going home that was 😂