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  1. this got posted as a reply. Great thing the internet 😉
  2. I had a suggestion it was a Trojan. Somebody on the Stornoway page.
  3. Back in the day, people would tow their old vehicles out to where their peat banks were, so they had somewhere to shelter in a shower. I probably took this about 1980 and it’s not there anymore.
  4. At a guess, Cnoc Ceislein above Fyrish. Never been up there. Edit- never noticed the monument till now 😜
  5. I think these two are on the left in my photo
  6. Yup, awful. Start with a strong team and get the game won first, then introduce the young players. That was too much responsibility for Hyde and Mackay to take on. Neither of them are ready, that’s if they ever will be. High point of the game was probably caley100 with his head in his hands as Robbie Deas came up for the last spot kick 😂 He didn’t half bury it though.
  7. They had Garry Wood banging in the goals last season but his wiki page is a bit duff, he seems to be at Locos now.
  8. Raasay at Sconser again. Wouldn't upload on the post before.
  9. Sconser again: The 'Raasay' in 1993. Dun Caan a very distinctive hill you can see from all over.
  10. Walked it in 1983 a couple of years after it opened I think. But I know that skyline well 😎
  11. Eh? Coire Ardair surely? Creag Meagaidh.
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