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  1. “Calmac’s WiFi working” shocker. Enjoying episode 3 immensely. Moff the anchorman 😍 Ross, it was Wyness who scored the two late goals in 2000-1. Stewart was well away by this time. A happy car that night heading down the A9. Moff, Hissy swung on the bar at the away end after Barry Robson scored our second with about 3 minutes left. As one of the “Palmerston 28 or so” I was encouraging him to do it again the following Tuesday night. He did respond with a smile as he was unaware that his nickname “half man, half duck” about which he had been moaning to Scotty, had been started by me... Keep it up, guys 👏
  2. Their skin is slightly more waterproof?
  3. Been incredibly busy and internet poor the last few days. I’ll have to download it to pass a 2.5 hour Minch crossing tomorrow after having to miss the Pars. I’m sure Moff’s soothing tones will help keep my CalMac Lasagne down.
  4. Have to say I agree. Still haven't seen the game as I was over in Eigg till last night. Was at the Russia game though, and although McGinn started reasonably well, Ryan made a great impact when he came on. He was a revelation in the Israel game at home too. It was exciting watching ICT when he broke through. It's easy to be biased about one of our own (e.g. Tam Cowan says Turnbull is better) but when you look at the likes of Ryan Fraser making a job of it, I can see him playing in the Premiership in a year or two.
  5. Maybe we’re all too thick to see this “issue”.
  6. The vast, vast majority of footballers pay to play, as I did. I congratulate any man or woman who manages to gain a professional contract to play football. As wynthank says, there is not the participation there used to be, and not on a par with places like the Faroe Islands, but it is still high. No point in people showing their lack of self-awareness by coming on a football forum if they don’t actually like football very much 😉
  7. Just in the door after sitting through that. Christie has to start on Monday but that leaves another 8 or 9 positions to fill. Even the captain was poor - I’ve seen him playing twice for Liverpool this season but for Scotland he’s been a shadow of the club player.
  8. Glad we can agree on something at last 😎
  9. If you had any scientific training you would use goals/game, not the other way round. No of games is the controlled variable. Using your way, high score = poor. So White is 0.30 goals per game. You might think that's OK for a striker. Where your argument falls apart is that White is a main striker, not a supporting striker. Also, he's just about a Championship level striker, but his best seasons have been in the lower leagues. I asked you before, how long you had been watching the team, and you didn't answer. I don't think you've ever seen any good ICT strikers so you've got nothing to compare White against. Some of the players you mention played in the Premier so your figures are skewed. Rooney - only played one season in the Championship, 0.59 goals/game. The league's top scorer. Mckay played all his games for us in the Premier. So did Storey. Even at that, Mckay got 0.38 and Storey 0.35 the last season they were here. Season 2009/10 Richie Foran 0.40 second to Rooney. Season 2003-4. Hislop 0.42, Bingham 0.40, Ritchie 0.52, Wilson 0.41 Season 2002-3 Wyness 0.61, Ritchie 0.47 and yet we were only 4th. Haven't got figures for previous years but Wyness/Ritchie/Wilson/Robson/Shearer/Christie/Sheerin will all be up there. I appreciate the effort big Jordan puts in and always encourage him at matches but get real.
  10. Just tell them you’ve driven all the way from Chorley. I’m sure somebody will find a key 😉
  11. Both episodes are now on iTunes.
  12. Shudder to think what your total outlay would be if you got them all, or even half.
  13. Anybody applied for tickets? Allocation just been emailed out today. I got 2 Hampden games in group D but lost out on a last 16 at Hampden and a group C in Amsterdam. Lucky I live down here, otherwise I wouldn't be tempted especially as you don't know who's playing 😱
  14. I thought Utd looked a far better, slicker, more clinical, side than Dundee the week before and yet we did ask their defence a few questions. That’s about all the positives though. With the midfield we have I can’t see us achieving much. Probably quite a bold step by Robbo to drop Vincent and start Carson, but having been impressed by Carson against Hearts in a friendly I have to hold my hands up and say I was wrong. He was like a rabbit in the headlights, and You could see him thinking about what to do when it had already happened. Although he’s young and should improve. Vincent actually did ok when he came on but that just shifted the problem to right back where Brad had at least been competent. Don’t get me started on Trafford though. Just to mention he got his weekly booking before half time and one foul in the second half could easily have been a second yellow. Walsh got to the byeline a few times and was probably our best player. Doran has the skill but not the legs and he really needs grafters around him. It’s probably best if White moves on for a fee. I feel there’s a future there for Todorov and Keatings with a different playing style, along with one or two of the young lads used from the bench. If either of them were asking their agent to line up a move before the window shuts I couldn’t blame them. Defensively the problems are stacking up with Brad and Rooney injured and Carlo struggling for pace. Jamie continues to be our best defender though constructively he’s poor and tends to boot it the way he’s facing. With Coll I think we just have to accept what we’ve got. He can be brilliant but always seems to have one clanger in him every week. I wouldn’t have risked any of the youngsters in that game but maybe we have to in “easier” fixtures. Early days but I’m pretty sure that was the eventual champions we were watching. And we would kill for a 7000 crowd in Inverness.