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  1. Yip, my pic has the Ptarmigan ridge in it. Robert's further up the road and it's Ben Lawers.
  2. It's OK, I had already paid for the day pass. I already had Now TV on my iPad so it probably applied to new registrations. Signed up with the Mrs email address but never saw any £5.99 offer. No biggie.
  3. "a couple of years" 😂😂😂 Got the covid atm so watching it this way. No sign of any £5.99 offer though 😜
  4. This place I think, Robert’s pic has got a very high mountain in it, mine is a different angle
  5. I think I was in that very lay-by back in November. Heading for Glen Coe.
  6. I’ve had the occasional senior moment but wasn’t this at the end of the 90? So we would have won.
  7. Wish now I’d recorded that, what a night. Just out of ma scratcher and emotionally drained. Never seen Gayfield like that, cars parked all the way to the harbour and beyond. Apart from a short spell when Devine went off I never felt we were losing this. Arbroath offered very little and ICT defended as if their lives depended on it. Like @IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER I thought we’d start playing if we got to half time level but the pitch must have been worse than it looked. The wind dropped too. Shout out to @alternative maryhill if you caught the train but missed the drama! Might have been diff
  8. So as I reported in the UK Football forum, the “beach balls are burst” ( © Deek Adams 2013) . It also means C(o)unty maintain their proud record of never having beaten Rangers , ever.
  9. Despite Jordan White scoring at Ibrox against his big team (whaaat?), DUFCs point v Celtic tonight, and Motherwell’s win against Hearts, means that, to paraphrase Derek Adams, “The Beach Balls are Burst”. So the wee team OTB will finish the season in 6th spot, having taken 1 solitary point in the top six so far, and won’t be following ICT’s feat of 2015 when we finished 3rd and had a nice jolly abroad. Shame…
  10. Never tried those, but will need to be in Arbroath by 5.30 to get smokies for Mrs Mantis' Saturday lunch.
  11. Same here. MoM. Then probably Sean Welsh. I know he's injury prone but he takes some hammering in midfield. Hats off to Dick ****** Campbell, although it was fairly obvious what he would do. Press hard, get right in our faces and see if we could deal with it (how will you deal with it Doddsy?). Run around for an hour, just like at Killie, see if they could get a lead to take back to Gayfield and then run out of steam and pray that was enough to see them through the last half hour. We don't have a Xavi or a Messi so our players constantly had one eye on the opponent who was arrivin
  12. And Elgin and Brora. But Morrison also went to Grindavik. What do you mean “might” 🤣
  13. Sorry guys, brain fart , I meant Dale Gillespie 😂
  14. Willie Young spoke alongside Dick and was very funny without swearing much. At another do I heard another Glaswegian who was a "comedian" and just embarrassed the two women at the front table, I'll need to ask around as I've forgotten his name.
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