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  1. What a fine day it was 😎 A routine home win, a late equaliser for The Pars, and finally a win for Dundee in the late match which dumps the wee team into 12th.
  2. Haha I was afraid you might ask that. Is that not a blue car sticking out of the Clansman? p.s. will be on the Isle of Lewis next week as the Loch Seaforth will be away on its annual refit. So will not be in SY till 9 pm rather than 8pm.
  3. Had a weekend in Mull last month. Here's the Isle of Lewis heading out to Barra (I think), and the Clansman coming back from Tiree (I think), in the Sound of Mull,just caught by luck when I was at Salen Pier looking for Otters...
  4. I'm heading up the A9 next Friday so I'll count the trees for you 😉 Edit - I remembered I had a book somewhere so I raked it out. "Highland Bridges" by Gillian Nelson. She says it's not a Wade bridge although it's on the line of his road and has probably been rebuilt and patched several times. One story is that it was rebuilt after the floods of 1829; another story is that it was abandoned between 1798 - 1813 when the road was realigned. I'm hoping to get a photo of the old bridge at Carrbridge in autumn conditions next week so I might squeeze in a look here.
  5. Finally got time to listen to the latest pod and a big thanks again to the team for another pod with tremendous variety. Songs: Wise Men Say is good. So is Respect. Or Bring it on Home or This is our Time. For us veterans of Bucharest, Spirit in the Sky hits the spot. For Highland songs: Mott the Hoople used to come on to 'Jupiter' from The Planets, then blast your ears off. So something gentle like that or the Intermezzo from Mascagni, segueing into something by Wolfstone (Battle / Heart and Soul / Double Rise Set / Holy Ground / Psycho Woman). Hector the Hero could be as magica
  6. No point asking me, I draw a blank every time and the parking is getting impossible 🤬
  7. I’m not that subtle 😂 Aye I wasn’t sure if you actually knew it. If you were on the ferry from Ullapool it would be away to the north.
  8. I was baffled by your post, I wasn't sure if your photo was the same place or another one to the south. Also I don't see how you got a pic from that angle if you were on the ferry 🤔 Tiumpan Head in Lewis
  9. Here’s another, a fair distance from Weeman’s
  10. Probably just refer to Stockport as C(o)unty is a bit of a dirty word around here 😂
  11. The last two are definitely St Andrew Square bus station in Edinburgh. A miserable, draughty place to spend half an hour.
  12. You’re right. I googled Eastern Scottish earlier and it was mainly AEC, I’ll maybe put some pics up later.
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