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  1. TheMantis

    Jake Mulraney

    That Oriam is some place. Mind you the indoor hall is murder to watch a game in winter as they keep it at the same temperature as outside 😱
  2. TheMantis

    Cowdenbeath -V- Inverness CT

    Not only did the third look offside, there appeared to be a handball too as Doran took it under control. The first was an absolute beauty, as it came at the end of a decent move. White appeared to nod it down to Walsh and he curled it in from the edge of the box. Impressed by Jordan White. Very powerful player, great hold-up work and yet a fair bit of skill too. Better version of George if you ask me. Austin does the other part of the game but not sure he's going to give us 20 a season.
  3. TheMantis

    Brora Rangers v ICT

  4. TheMantis

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Brora Twitter says it’s on too, 7.45.
  5. TheMantis

    Cowdenbeath -V- Inverness CT

    Never 25 yards for me, I thought he was right on the 18 yard line. Good strike though, took a quick touch and finished superbly. He’s a real hero round those parts, if he lost 3 stone he’d be even better 😉
  6. TheMantis

    Cowden Away

    Decent support after all. They were just having me on as it was my birthday last week. And Red Card had comps 👏
  7. TheMantis

    Cowden Away

    The tension is palpable. It's the game everybody has been talking about for weeks. Or not. Will I see anybody there apart from a handful of central belt regulars? Is there even a bus going? I recommend going in the old stand. Once you pay in, you're free to wander about anyway. I also recommend Wee Jimmies in the High Street. Turn left out of the station and walk about 300 metres.
  8. TheMantis

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    Maybe worth asking them if they are willing to sell you a job lot of videos (they used to charge £10 each) and you could convert them yourself.
  9. TheMantis

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    This will be Caley 5 Ross County 2, 27/10/93, HFL.
  10. TheMantis

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    Is that a tape? Got a few from Sergei’s time but not anything that early. Got a few years of Caley results though but I never went out of my way to gather them. Sometimes the Caley programme printed the previous season’s results. Sounds like bmillsy that was buying me doubles in Brechin about 20 years ago 🥃
  11. TheMantis

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Damn! I could have waited another 5 minutes and saved myself the bother 😂
  12. TheMantis

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Apologies guys, my bad if you're checking it off the calendar on here... if it's the official site then blame somebody else 😂 I volunteered to copy Scotty's fixtures onto the calendar as he was going on holiday. Forgot it would need updated for any fixture changes. Now sorted to take account of the changes.
  13. TheMantis

    ICT v Aberdeen (CANCELLED)

    This was posted on the ICTFC Facebook page: Aberdeen Game Called Off We have just had notice from Aberdeen FC that the game this Wednesday (11th July) has to be cancelled due to several injuries sustained by their players during their match against St Johnstone. Online ticket sales will be refunded tomorrow and we will contact all others to make arrangements to refund too. Whilst disappointed the game is cancelled we fully understand the reasons why. We would like to fully support Aberdeen Football Club in their Europa League Campaign as we want all Scottish teams to progress as far as they can in these competitions.
  14. TheMantis

    The Pre-Season Thread

    FT score?
  15. TheMantis

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Mikey, look: my missus brings me my cup of tea on Wednesday morning and the first thing I see is your comment 10 mins earlier, plus all the other shit from the night before, so hard lines there. A mild warning would be enough for most people. Most of us have a life outside of this site. Point taken, Don, but no apologies for missing the last 10 hours worth of posts. Too busy enjoying my birthday yesterday and the aftermath. Right, here goes, rubber gloves on, forum nazi alert, etc etc.