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  1. You must have been in the middle of quoting that post as I was deleting it after I realised it was wrong. Thought I'd got away with it 😂
  2. Cheers big yin. As I said, Billy Dodds 🤷‍♂️
  3. BBC were saying we lined up 3-4-3 with Tremarco, Coll, McCart, at the back and Walsh, White, Keatings up front? Mind you, it might have been Billy Dodds.
  4. The boys done good.
  5. It’ll just be a transfer to the stand once you’re in.
  6. I've had high hopes for Keatings. He had a good chance to win it late on, lost his composure and blasted over. Would have been robbery though.
  7. TheMantis

    Angus Beith

    Only used the main stand which was pretty well filled. Never announced it. Usual Tynecastle shambles though when they get a minor game, u21 international etc. Only a few gates open and long queues. Missed the first 15 mins.
  8. TheMantis

    Angus Beith

    Hearts could have had a barrowload tbh, Rodgers made a few good stops. We had plenty of attacks mainly through Tom Walsh down either wing, but the final ball was poor. Might have nicked it at the end but would have needed the Dick Turpin masks on the way out. A decent test for us though, the wee trialist looked impressive. Edit - apparently that’s David Carson, his international clearance from Morpeth hasn’t come through yet. p.s. Think it was Curry who scored, very scrappy goal away up the far end. Todorov spent half an hour at centre back when McCart went off.
  9. TheMantis

    Angus Beith

    Hitchcock. Photo doesn’t show the sheer numbers of gulls 🤣
  10. TheMantis

    Angus Beith

    But I only just got in so anybody’s guess. OopsWe’ve just conceded. McDonald comes back to haunt us
  11. TheMantis

    Angus Beith

    Looks like a 4-1-3-2 with wee ginger trialist holding.
  12. Kevin McNaughton (36) started for East Superleague Kirrie Thistle JFC yesterday against East Fife at Kirriemuir. Danny Denholm, a name that some might know from his football blog, newly signed from Arbroath, scored 2 and missed a barrowload in a 4-1 win for the Fifers.