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  1. TheMantis

    Favourite cup memory?

    Beating Hertz at Tynie in 2002. Nah, Dave the Rave's winner really.
  2. TheMantis

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    People around the club call them Kilby all the time. So does their website. Definitely catching on gradually even if it’s pretty naff. Heard E.K. Thistle getting called E.K. though.
  3. TheMantis

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Had a chat with Proctor last season when they played Whitehill Welfare my wee team. Saw them in a league game this season when they beat Leith Athletic 2-0. Procs went to Airdrie as a coach but is back playing now. Will be 35 in May. The only other player you will have heard of is Chris Humphrey who was with Motherwell. Not really sure what he's doing there as he's only 31 but came out of retirement. Was released by Bury and has had a few injuries. The rest of the squad have some experience at the likes of Albion Rovers. Also the interim manager is Stuart Malcolm who was at County for 2 years. They are certs to win the LL and will probably play Cove. 2 years ago they got through to the playoff final but were a bit unlucky to lose to Cowden on penalties. Should be stuffy and hard to break down but let's face it they're level 5. The badge is the Gille-Bride or the Oystercatcher which is a symbol of St Brigit or St Bride who is associated with the town. So there.
  4. TheMantis

    January signings

    Better get a newer photo when that happens.
  5. TheMantis


    Saw them for the first time at Galashiels in December. Terrific night, Mrs Mantis even stayed till the end instead of asking for the car keys so she could go and read her book. I see they’re playing at the Bught on my birthday in July. They’ve got a 20th anniversary concert at the Usher Hall in May so I suppose they qualify as ‘Classic’ 😜
  6. TheMantis

    Old Folks' Day Out In The Sun

    Apparently Carl is 68. The two heroes of mine who used to stop his drum solos getting too long both kicked the bucket in 2016. Greg Lake from the Big C and Keith Emerson who blew his own head off. I think he was depressed at having arthritis in his fingers which stopped him reaching some of the keys. A younger Keith would probably have incorporated some sort of head blowing off into his stage act if he had thought of it back then.
  7. TheMantis

    January signings

    What does his doppelgänger look like then? I wouldn’t know Angus Beith if I met him in my soup 😜
  8. TheMantis

    January signings

    How did you know it was him?
  9. No even the gulls.
  10. TheMantis

    January signings

    Is it not Grégory Tadé? According to p&b. Doumbouya was Dumbo. On his debut I said it was like he was pulling a caravan.
  11. Right Gregor. I’ve spent all day hanging about the royal infirmary and I’m still here... plus I hate posting on a phone so I’ll be brief and then I’m out 😂 i said I don’t get to many home games these days. I get to the away games though. A lot of this essay of yours is nothing to do with me, you’re just venting and you’re tarring me with the same brush as all the posters put together. I never boo players, especially not Polworth. It’s not a massive deal to me if Robbo plays two strikers but we haven’t got the players for a 4-4-2 as Polworth + A.N. Other (e.g.Trafford )would get overrun in CM. Then there’s possibly 3 at the back in a 3-5-2 which is another story. Your stats for Jordan seem to be heavily skewed by the hat trick against City. Apologies if not so, but it kind of proves my point. One or two posters above have made my points for me so I won’t repeat them. Anyway, this thread is just a circular argument, you obviously feel passionately about it but, as I said, I’m out.
  12. I’m not buying all this, you say you like debate and then you imply that people who disagree with you are sheep while giving the old Devil’s Advocate excuse 😂 I gave you plenty of facts and figures to debate with in these two posts but you’re not offering much to refute them except deflection. In all seriousness, how long have you been supporting ICT? You joined the forum in March which is not a crime in itself, but if you’re going to claim any credibility then you have to be able to refer back to happier days and better players which is why most people are peed off by where we are. I regret if big Jordan is daft enough to listen to gossip on here. I always encourage the players at games but on a forum they’re fair game.
  13. His share? I think you need more of your stats to prove this 😀 At 6’4” he’s usually the biggest man on the pitch. Wyness was only 5’10” and won far more headers. Big Jordan can’t jump. You must be his mate.
  14. Don’t get to many home games these days, but the text updates from caley100 are usually depressing enough and reflect the general mood on here. Didn’t realise amid all the doom and gloom that we’ve only won once at home this season yet 4 away, which really should have been 5 last week. So the away form is pretty much title challenger stuff. I couldn’t help comparing yesterday’s result with the win at Firhill. Walsh scored in practically the exact same minute, and after that the players were throwing their bodies in front of everything to get the 3 points, including a penalty save. Seems like the TCS, or the lack of atmosphere, or the moaning, just sucks the life out of the players.
  15. TheMantis

    Women’s team finally

    Easy to sympathise with the first part of your post. If the coaches are well thought of in the town then there’s a chance of being kept on, but being an old pals act is part and parcel of football unfortunately. The second part just comes across as bitter and prejudiced though, and does it really matter who pays for the badges? But this is just a fans’ forum, so maybe you should be asking the club for answers instead of waiting for them to approach you...