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  1. Loch Ericht and Ben Alder from Dalwhinnie?
  2. Have we given up on the Scottish then? We could be at Hampden that day.
  3. Hope you get sorted but you could always wander up to Leith Walk and stay in the sooper dooper fancy refurbished SYHA hostel and get the train over to Fife the next day.
  4. That's what retirement is for 😉 Haven't been there myself since April 2009. Funnily enough I was speaking to an old mate who did most of the Munros with me, he had a BMW 528i and did all the driving. He's 82 now but fancies going back to Islay if I drive. So unless we beat the Hibs on Fri I'll probably arrange it for semi final weekend, 11 years to the day.
  5. ...and here's the Loch Seaforth leaving Stornoway last Thursday
  6. Here she is in Portree, a mere 3 weeks before we lifted the Scottish Cup...
  7. Just come in and haven’t seen the statement. Can only reach the homepage but none of the content. edit- for some reason the link from Twitter works so I’ve seen it now. Excellent apart from the canine reference. Actually I have a lot of sympathy with boycotting the final as we seem to have 100% support everywhere I’ve looked. Even if there’s some resolution and we end up playing it. We got a result in the Meekings case due to the overall outrage.
  8. That was my reaction. They very seldom admit their refs are wrong. Having been involved a couple of times myself at non-League level, they can sometimes wriggle out of it by imposing a suspended sentence or something similar but in this case there’s no half measure they can take.
  9. Aye that’s a cracker. Here she is coming into Ardrossan 2 years ago this week
  10. We’ve got a motorhome booked late April for a week from Inverness. Tried one for 3 days a couple of years back but that was from Callander so couldn’t get far north. Going up Kylesku, Tongue etc but I’ll be steering clear of the minor roads around Lochinver, Drumbeg etc. Bad enough in a car especially when you meet somebody clueless coming towards you.
  11. He’ll be on the 6.30 same as my relatives. The morning one was cancelled. Got some good close ups of 2 stags in the village today, nothing bothers them these days, there’s droppings on the grass round the house.
  12. A Cluanie look about this with the long ridge of Beinn Loinne on the other side. Haven’t got GSV to check it ?