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  1. I was in it today on an iPad and also a desktop And both times I was already logged in from last week. Although it’s not the most intuitive site I had no bother reaching the bit to buy the Arbroath game. You have to choose the “subscribe “ option as all the others are dead ends.
  2. Of the new players I’ve probably been most impressed by Scott Allardice, considering he’s already got a handful of clubs and loans by the age of 22 which never usually augurs well (see Jordan White). I think Duffy and Deas have had reasonably decent starts and could easily be regular starters given what else we have (Toshney injury prone and McHattie a bit lightweight). I was never a big Devine fan (was anybody?) but I have a warm fuzzy feeling that this is the Second Coming 😂 and once in the team he could be hard to shift. To be fair even Brad wasn’t too bad yesterday and the three at the back did a reasonable job. Apart from Allardice I thought we were pretty light in midfield without Welsh and getting Doran/Carson back would be massive. Keatings is a decent finisher but is never going to lead the line so quite interested to see if Shane can step up. I think we’ve got the makings of a side that doesn’t leak goals but what’s going to stop us going up is the same problem as the last 3 years, a 20 goals striker.
  3. The don’t have a bar like his one in North Korea. In fact the concept of “bars” is probably a bit different...
  4. Maybe SPFL’s fault rather than the club. I would try [email protected]
  5. Camera really should have been on the West side, that’s probably down to ICT. No zooms, no replays, terrible AI, terrible commentator, just ICT getting what you pay for I suppose. Anybody know what cut ICT get from this SPFL deal? Presumably the Pars made a reasonable profit from 1700 subscribers last week doing it in-house.
  6. May as well add [email protected] to that. I think many others from both clubs will be.
  7. I think the "commentator" even mentioned it.
  8. Looks like it. Deas, Devine, McKay at the back.
  9. Is this guy going to get through the game without naming any players 😂