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  1. The Pars have an easier finish on paper but I’ve hardly ever seen us bottle it at season’s end. We’re slow starters but we’ve had some historic finishes.
  2. I can just about see the justification for not playing at the same time as the funeral, but moving all those fixtures is going to inconvenience loads of people. So the ideal solution would be to play the funeral under the lights.
  3. Smugglers is a tip now. The young team use it though.
  4. Don't mention it. Now in future, behave yourself 😉
  5. That was fun. Amazing what a bit of confidence can do, as usual fitba is 75% between the lugs. Might have to revise my prediction of 5th.
  6. Songs guys: 1) Lewis's dad used to start off the "Give me a C" back in the old div 3 days. 2) The doo-doo-doo song was sung for Eric Odhiambo mostly as I remember it. 3) You're now singing that back to yourself to see if it scans... 4) A personal favourite - Spirit in the Sky 😎 Another great pod guys 👏👏👏
  7. And forgot to say, equally you were spot on in the Milk and Alcohol pod. It’s ICT, it’s the Scottish Cup people ffs.
  8. I had a gut feeling we'd get St Mirren away 😇 Very tough draw - on the positive side, another club like C(o)unty who have never beaten us in the Cup. Remember the scenes in 2004 when they murdered us and Darran Thompson stole it. Seemingly our squad was hit badly with flu.
  9. Would love to get C(o)unty, think we’d be in with a decent chance.
  10. Uncle Roy is there. Maybe wee Billy should be too. Pwoud, vewy pwoud. Oh to be there tonight drinking @caley100's whisky.
  11. Billy Ferries, Gordon Connelly, Neale Cooper, Alex Smith, Owen Coyle, Liam Boyce, Stuart Kettlewell, Richie Brittain, Sandy Ross, Steven Ferguson, Chris Somerville, Deek Adams, Jamie MacPherson, Brian Grant, Steven Hutchison, Ian Maxwell, Don Cowie Sr, Don Cowie Jr, Kenny Gilbert, Brian Irvine, Iain Vigurs, Michael Gardyne, Mark Hateley, Alex Bone, Deek Adams, Dick Campbell, Julian Broddle, Billy Herd, Willie Furphy, Derek Holmes, Jimmy Calderwood, Deek Adams, Willie McStay, The Jailender, Scott Leitch, Uncle Roy, Coll Donaldson, Hector MacLennan, Deek Adams, Jim McIntyre, Darren Henderson, To
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