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  2. Great memories there James. But we took the lead against Clyde, and Harty equalised from the spot with under 20 mins left after a dubious handball by Proctor, so at this point Clyde would be champions. Immediately ICT flung on Hislop who scored the winner. In the final game the Wilson penalty made it 2 and Ritchie’s header was no 3. Great read though. Peter the Pedant.
  3. I think she's implying it's more than a wee smile you need 😏
  4. What Kingsmills said. He's on a good number here despite all the constraints, so there's little pressure on him. Dundee would be a poisoned chalice imo. However if he wants to leave, no point standing in his way.
  5. Starry starry night Paint your parrot blue and grey
  6. I remember everybody laughing at us when we signed him. The first time I saw him was in that awful game at Forthbank when we won 2-0 on penalties - he came on as a first half sub for Mulraney and played up the left wing. I was inclined to agree with the laughers. Also in the team were Calder, Seedorf and Baird, and on the bench were Elsdon and Susan. So we have made progress under Robbo in 2 years. As others have said he was decent going forward and not so good in a holding role. In the first season he was as crab-like and risk-averse as any midfielder I’ve seen although this season he’s been very solid and much more confident. A quick look at Wiki suggests he’s played in all 40 league and playoff games this season, and only missed a couple last year. Of his 142 senior games, 96 were for us, and all 6 of his goals. Coincidentally he made his Celtic and Motherwell debuts against us. He’s definitely developed in his 2 years here but he’s no worldbeater. I wish him well as he tries to further his career but he’s leaving behind a very secure position at ICT and I fear he will be another victim of the Caley Curse.
  7. Can’t imagine the north being full so you actually CHOSE the main stand? Maybe wearing a Peter Gabriel disguise.
  8. Anybody in particular? Season ticket in the north stand perchance? A liking for a pint of John Smiths and a wee Chivas Regal?
  9. Aye, rite enaff. Misread the Wiki table, they should make it clearer, or have a “Seniors Only” version 😂
  10. Just shows how much I know. I thought Morpeth were still in the Northern League. But they’re at level 8 and have just finished second. I’m optimistic about Carson’s signing. A bit of perspective though - in pre-season, Whitehill Welfare, who have just finished rock bottom of the Lowland, with a mere 12 points, travelled to Heaton Stannington and won 5-1. The Stan have just finished 4th out of 20 in Northern League div 2 which is level 10.
  11. They certainly are. Their sugar daddy finds the players jobs too, as he has a conservatory firm. They’ve spent a tidy sum upgrading their ground, which was probably decent enough for L2 anyway. Slightly unfair as described above. Also wasn’t it fairly common knowledge that fash wanted a move south?
  12. Or Fashing trip... Glad to see the back of him. He was hopeless. At least you get 100% from big Jordan, even if his second touch is a tackle 😜
  13. Golspie don't have lights, so would not be able to join the HL at present. They are SFA members and historically qualify for the Scottish Cup preliminary rounds because of this. Took a dander down to Berwick yesterday as it's only about an hour's drive. Men against boys, although Berwick were reduced to 10 men on the stroke of half time.
  14. I'm with Kingsmills on this one. I think Neilson is a great manager so they'd be favourites next year. If it's Hamilton plus Dundee, who are a shambles at the moment, we've got a decent chance of coming first or second. I think Robbo has steadily improved the squad over the two years he's been here, even if he is working with buttons.
  15. Just ignore it. He was banned from the topic about 12 hours ago.