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  1. Ailsa Craig, been there 😎 but I'm not a golfer so I'll guess Turnberry..
  2. Spot on Very nice, some sort of beef stew with olives and red wine, mashed tatties.
  3. Just realised that you can't get that view on GSV as it's on a minor road. So here's one from the other end.
  4. You save money on voddies in Rothes, the fumes get you off to a good start.
  5. I just wondered as I avoided putting some pics in, no point in making it impossible 😎 I know not to put the Lowlands in.
  6. How much of the Highlands did you cover working?
  7. A few miles away from you. But I cheated.
  8. I don't see him getting a bigger/better paying club than Dundee as he's hardly set the heather alight there. Only answer I can see is back home to a L1 EFL club that pays twice Dundee wages.
  9. Looks like the Kyle railway? Strathcarron or thereaboots?
  10. A happy hunting ground for ICT and for me. 3 wins, 3 draws and never defeated till the last one, xmas eve 2016. Red Card and Maryhill showed me the Glasgow pubs are nearly as good as the Edinburgh ones
  11. Thought you might get it in a photo full of poles πŸ˜‚ Here’s what I was going to use for a clue