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  1. You could have spent the time drinking the 7.3% Kernel beer in Munros Bar then you wouldn't have noticed if it was a train or a spaceship.
  2. Thought we were far the better team overall but defensively poor at crucial times. Also we just don’t have a goalscorer. White had a poor game but didn’t have much to work with. Robbo could have made subs earlier. 3-1 was an absolute travesty, don’t think partick could have complained if it was 2-2. Looked like we were the home team with partick hitting on the break. Sair Yin.
  3. Yip Mallaig. This should have been in the 2020 CalMac calendar but I got an email saying that it was removed because of some politics that I don’t understand. Anyway I got £50 of vouchers and a free calendar.
  4. Sorry, when I said yip I meant yip I know it 🤣 Eilean Donan.
  5. Not too many clues but probably an easy one to guess.
  6. Haha Staxigoe! Saw the boats had Wick registrations and 1st time lucky guess on Google street view 😎
  7. Started hostelling with my pals at 16. Everywhere from Glen Affric to Land’s End. Did all the Munros during the 1980s. Slowly gathered Corbetts after that but I’m not able to finish them all. Still in the same hillwalking club since 1981 and take many short breaks with Mrs Mantis. Also Mrs Mantis is from Lewis so we go over there a lot. We decided a few years ago not to buy each other anything valuable at Xmas as we’ve got enough stuff, so we go away in January for a few days instead. Last two years have been Venice and Alicante but this year it’s Mull, haven’t been there for 30 years. 2019 has been quite good, Alicante in Jan, Lewis in Feb and Sept, Gigha and Campbeltown in March, Barra in May, Faroes for a week in June, Kinlochbervie and Handa in July, Eigg in Sept, and 2 weeks in Bergen and western Norway in Oct😎 Now I’ll away and look at your puzzler. Don’t think I’ve been there though 😂
  8. Thought that one would be too hard. Miles from the main road, you can get in from Loch Laggan if you have a key to the gate. The alternative is Corrour station, the one in Trainspotting, and a 4 mile walk. It’s Corrour Lodge by Loch Ossian. A group of us stayed in a building called the Chapel which was old but we never got past the door of the lodge. Also stayed at Loch Ossian Hostel a few times, at the other end of the Loch. Corrour Lodge Wiki
  9. Ardverikie? Just guessed but checked it by google. Driven past the lodge on the Loch Laggan Road many times and it struck a chord. Been on all the hills around there but never been there.
  10. It's just like Wick, a long way from anywhere. Very run down looking, but obviously has had better days. 3 distilleries running but originally held about 30. Here's how you get to Davaar when the tide is out. The crucifixion cave is away round to the right.