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  1. Does the CEO actually live in Inverness now? He was travelling up from Edinburgh before, and we were paying hid hotel bill.
  2. I am sure JR would wear the scorn of Alan as a badge of honour.
  3. Word is he commutes from Edinburgh and we put him up in a hotel during the week so no problem with a barber.
  4. You are right. Rae must resign and he should do it tonight at the AGM
  5. In that case if even half of what has been printed is correct then Rae needs to consider his position too.
  6. Me and some of my friends would like to know how effective the commercial staff, and their management are? If we do not receive as much cash from the league then we need to find a way to generate it ourselves. There are a lot of players left unsponsored and hospitality is seldom full these days. I remember a previous chairman stating that there was no need to replace Mike Smith as CEO because his wage was too high and the day to day stuff could be handled by other staff and the directors. If we are in such bad shape financially, why do we need a CEO who seems to be all but invisible? For all h
  7. Also noticed that Kristine Fraser is listed as SLO instead of Andy Johnstone.
  8. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ross+county+score
  9. Phenom

    Online Shop

    I wonder if they actually knew what was involved when they brought it back in-house. Anyone can setup a website but it takes a bit more to run a succesful one.
  10. Just as they did with the CEO position ?
  11. Ha Ha. I am not outstandingly talented or a star I just like planes
  12. A statement on the status of our COO would be better ! Rumour going around the stadium is that he has been gone for months. Might explain the absolute shambles behind the scenes these days.
  13. The transparency promised last year seems to just be more soundbites when something controversial or negative is raised.
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