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  1. 'Reported' on BBC Gossip: Celtic have launched a bid for Inverness Caledonian Thistle midfielder Ryan Christie and hope a cash offer of £500,000 with a clause to loan the 20-year-old back to their Scottish Premiership rivals for the rest of the season can secure the midfielder's signature. (Daily Star, print edition) If it's true, can't help but think that with the current situation, we'll jump at the chance to get some cash upfront (particularly as our gates don't seem to have seen much obvious improvement this season) and Celtic will have snapped up another Scottish rising star on the che
  2. In terms of technicalities, assuming that Ciftci's appeal was indeed upheld on the basis of being unable to prove it was 'deliberate' (which, let's face it, shouldn't have been all that hard - it was an off the ball incident, so why else would his elbow be up there), the SFA must surely be aware that wording Josh's citation such is risky (although they have no other option to, as for a handball to occur, it has to be deliberate anyway)? Any chance that they've made the citation to briefly appease Celtic, in the full knowledge that deliberate intent won't be proven, and Josh will get off? U
  3. I arrived 10 mins late as I still believed it was a 7.45 kickoff (obviously it turned out not to be!) so I had difficulty working out who was who at times, what with all the new or previously unseen faces on the pitch. Now, I realise that the team tonight is probably not our preferred starting eleven, but it's not that far off what we could be seeing in the SPL, especially if injuries strike. Let's just say the jury remains out... Their first goal - the penalty looked very much like a dive from the other end of the pitch, their left winger tore Proctor to shreds (happened quite a bit ton
  4. Very disappointed to see Duff gone - I thought he looked fairly decent when he had a run in the team in our last SPL season, plus he's still young and could have become a very good player under Butcher's guidance. Still, clearing out three defensive players means we have to actually get some new defenders signed - something that has usually been lacking in previous summer transfer windows. A back four of Proctor, Tokely, Munro and Golabeck just won't cut it for long in the SPL I reckon.
  5. Very glad to see Hayes has signed for two years - this way if he tears up the SPL next season he'll still be under contract, and we won't lose him on a free instead. Very good bit of business. And quite glad to see Sanchez signed too!
  6. Third penalty shout for Hamilton,and it's given this time... 1-0 Hamilton - stuff this I'm off to do some revision instead of listening to any more of this.
  7. Great to see Proctor back. Incidentally does anyone know what's happened to cause Mcallister to disappear from the squad? The commentators just mentioned the inexperience of our front line, Rory has more SPL experience than Wood, I'm surprised that Wood has been picked instead in the last couple of games - just a thought.
  8. Niculae failed a late fitness test, apparently.
  9. Ross Tokely sent off - what on earth is going on?
  10. Aberdeen looked extremely quick, and had our defence beaten for pace with nearly every attack. Our midfield was all over the place, none of them seemed to know where they were supposed to be. plus putting the long ball in with every attack becomes predictable and easy to defend. Crossing was extremely poor, wouldn't like to count the number of times the ball sailed over the box, or didn't reach at all. Big mistake not changing the team earlier - we clearly weren't playing well (mind you, the subs had been waiting to come on for about 5 minutes when Aberdeen scored goal number 4) Back to
  11. Eventually managed to get the game on MW - what's the point of the digital age if you have to resort to analogue all the time? If you have access to digital TV, tune in to the Radio Scotland channel - they're playing the game on that too.
  12. No matter whether people think the Killie game is 'crucial' or not, it should make an extremely exciting end to the pre-split. Looking at the games coming up i honestly believe we have a real chance of making the top 6. That's assuming we beat Killie on Saturday however - if we can narrow the gap to three points we should be able to get 6 points min in our last three games whereas Killie have to play two teams above them, and motherwell. It's all to play for - now lets get a win on Saturday!
  13. AndyC

    New Goalie

    A good move for Caley overall I'd say. Yes, it might be better if our back up goal keeper had more top level experience - but as ICT said themselves, getting an experienced keeper, or a reserve keeper from a top flight club (beleive we were looking at an Arsenal keeper), to be content with sitting on the bench most of the time is pretty much impossible.
  14. How about wyness' goal against St Mirren? Great play to lead up to the goal, great goal itself and seeing as it was his first in goal in ages surely must be pretty special.
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