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  1. maimie

    ICT v Arbroath

    Sounds like a plan LG! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. If you are looking for cup final polo shirts, Rory in the Gellions still has some left.
  3. I'll need 8 RedCard, and we'll be there earlyish. so is it better that you keep them for us or if you have them sharpish you could post them to me? Maimie
  4. How fabby!!! Be good to see you again Canary!! Still baldy and still tubby, I'm sure you'll recognise me - just in case, I'll be the one in red and blue - see you soon still cuddly and purply - and i might have red and blue on too!!
  5. How fabby!!! Be good to see you again Canary!!
  6. train from central station to mount florida. can't remember the buses that go out that way...
  7. I already know a few neutrals who will be coming along with us!
  8. what a braw wee place it was too. Anyone know if that will be our end for the final? I would go there again!
  9. and to you all too IHE but are we not overdue a panto???
  10. maimie


    I remember the Caley but we didn't go there too often and made the odd trip to the Strath. Working in Ullapool in about 76-77 there was a regular bus there every weekend. Mental journey! I'd come to work in Inverness in about 79-80 and the places we hung out then were the Douglas with your feet sticking to the carpet, the Keppoch, another mad bus journey and the Hayloft! often wonder what happened to some of the folk...
  11. maimie

    Eric Hastie

    Wasn't at the game but I can hear the maybe frustrated shouts of 'Come on Inverness!' At least it was a a draw Eric!!
  12. maimie

    Eric Hastie

    Eric passed away peacefully today. He was an ardent supporter of ICT since the merger having no particular affiliation to either former team. Eric was a member of the steering group set up to help form the ICT Supporters Trust and was elected to the first Trust Board as Secretary, a role he carried out for many years. He was kind, generous and funny. Along with ICT Eric gave time to other organisations including the Rotary Club. Eric was a season ticket holder and attended all games at home and many away. He usually missed one when he and his pals spent a weekend away at the opening of the salmon fishing season. You could hear his shouts of encouragement to the team from the stand - never too critical - and using the name I'm sure he would have chosen for the team - Inverness! Even though his health was not great over the last few years he attended games when he was able and when he wasn't he listened to commentary on the radio. A wee win tomorrow would be lovely for you Eric! My thoughts with his wife Margaret and their family. And big hugs Part Timer. Sleep tight Eric.
  13. not sure of all the ins and outs but the supplier is a charity and all we do is donate...
  14. they vary in cost Wyness101 but looking at around £1000 which includes ongoing training. well worth it imho
  15. Been a while since we've heard from GTWB! Bout time they made a reappearance IMHO mine too OCG!
  16. maimie

    Ian Fraser

    News today that Ian Fraser of John Fraser & Sons, Funeral Directors and former Provost of Inverness has died. Ian was a huge supporter of our club financially in the early days and at one point was the major shareholder. I'm convinced that it was his backing, and that of one or 2 others, that helped set ICT on the path we are now taking. He certainly has a place in the history of our club. Thinking of his family at this sad time. RIP Ian.
  17. unless I'm mistaken should you not have better things to be doing just now?? ;)
  18. Very sad news indeed. thoughts with all her family and friends. Sleep tight Elena. (Moved from other sports to ICT)
  19. Surprised that you got past the bar :P that was the problem Fraz!
  20. RIP Iain Innes a long time supporter of ICT Sleep tight...
  21. While we are all quite rightly getting excited about our cup final lets spare a thought for Elena who has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Her father Sergei has had close links with our club and I'm sure she still has many family in the Ukraine. Hopes and prayers to her and her family.
  22. Having listened to an inspiring talk by Jim Sillars last night I'm far more inclined against a monitary union now. I hope that the Yes campaign are playing the long game and there will be a few surprises sneaking in under the radar in the lead up to the vote. We don't need sterling, we don't need the EU, and trident? Just for a couple of years! And to help build the kind of country I'm sure we would all love to live in and leave for future generations! In Place of Fear II is his new book. watch this too #feelinginspired!
  23. Well - George Galloway (of the Just say Naw campaign) on Scotland Tonight last night probably did more harm than good - to the together cause. He's mad!