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  1. That's what the Dunfermline fans think. No doubt he'll hit the back of the net on Tuesday.
  2. Yes and no. Posters of a certain generation gravitated toward Rangers / Celtic. Kids today are more interested in the big European clubs. Fifa 19 is huge. The club could be doing more to make match day an 'experience' than just 90 minutes of football.
  3. If we sign Bolt G's will need to reopen. A win - win for the club and local discotheques.
  4. He'll secure a massive weekly wage, way above anything we could dream of offering.
  5. Good to see Caley Thistle fans helping Celtic fans. It's what makes Scottish football special ?
  6. Bouncy castles and Harry Gow pies required.
  7. Our attendances are just fine... ?
  8. It needs to be someone who goes to games home and away. Old Caley Girl, RiG and Red Card spring to mind. We definitely don't need someone who doesn't attend regularly. With L_G no longer at the club, we badly need a 'link'. The crowd on Saturday was abysmal. Surprised the board aren't worried about the dwindling support.
  9. There's a gas pipe between the stadium and the A9. I recall reading it wouldn't be possible to build a west stand. Still reckon a new stadium should be built at the bught.
  10. In 09/10 we had Hayes and Rooney.
  11. Left back in the stand. Tourist on holiday? The banter years continue...
  12. And they have a bouncy castle.
  13. Buy a season ticket, get two kids season tickets for free and unlimited goes on the big, nonexistent bouncy castle.
  14. How do you buy something that's free?
  15. It's got a bridge, and no bouncy castle, oh Inverness...
  16. Was surprised to see the chairman sitting behind a chained off area at Dumbarton away. Wee reality checked needed?
  17. There's a company in the central belt which runs trips to matches in England. They buy a block of season seats at certain grounds. One club they've bought season tickets for is Sunderland. The rep told me they were renewing the season books for Sunderland due to "the match experience being so good". Food for thought. I like Scotty's idea about beat the goalie and bouncy castles. We'd need an artificial pitch though?The strange thing is ICTFC is big into saying it's a family club, but there's next to nothing for kids at the ground on match day for kids.
  18. TopSix

    Hearts Game

    Abject. Abysmal.
  19. TopSix

    Hearts Game

    From SPLstats: Hearts don't win: ICT & Thistle through. Hearts win by 1-3 goals: Hearts & ICT through. Hearts win by 4+ goals: Hearts and Thistle through.
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