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  1. Can you pay at the gate at Stamford Bridge?
  2. Maybe we could do with some women on the board then?
  3. Beith is very good according to Jambos I know.
  4. Did you go to Chelsea games instead?
  5. Nobody cares about the World Cup - especially since Scotland aren't there.
  6. I would like to see CaleyD back to get commentary of Eurovision and the Superbowl.
  7. Will there / won't there be a meeting? Who cares. No match thread for the Falkirk match? This is a massive match for us. I'm feeling confident about it. Surprised we're still in with a chance of a play-off place but pleased all the same. How will we line up?
  8. The current board appear to be running the club into the ground. It's reflected in our dire attendances. I doubt a fans group will make much (if any) difference.
  9. Went to the Bee Bar. Great wee spot. Would definitely go back.
  10. This is quite possibly the worst thread ever.
  11. Jack Ross seems to be the up and coming manager in the league. I'm hopeful we'll take something from this one but I can't see it.
  12. He looked a bit rusty today. Understandable given the lack of first team action he's had. He's still excellent though. To let him go would be a poor move.
  13. Disappointing there's no mention of (Ed) Sheerin.
  14. On today's performance we're going down to League 1, it'll be catastrophic and I doubt we'll come back up. Part time football on the horizon and the long-term sustainability of the club in question. Big issues. Time for change now.
  15. Abysmal today. Leaving Raven out of the starting XI and leaving Fon Williams out of the squad is inexcusable. Seems like a penny pinching exercise to me. If Robertson has any sense he'll walk away from this situation. Terrible.
  16. Interesting to see the bookies have Dunfermline as favourites for this one. Quite surprising, given they have 12 players and their only recognised striker is a 17 year old youth player. Surely we'll pick up points tomorrow.
  17. Do you ever leave the box to sit in in the north stand with fans? What's the vision for the club in 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 years time? Why is there so little communication with fans? What are you doing to increase sponsorship and build up links to ensure local businesses support the club? What's being done to ensure we have young players coming through?
  18. Point E, fair enough. The rest of it though...
  19. The council charges too much in business rates.
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