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  1. True but I was mainly aiming that comment at the people who don't want to go because it is ?2o to get into the biggest game in our SPL history but they would be happy to go if it was ?10. I take your point about going to the games being a student but the well game was only 15 quid for atudents and home games are 14.50. Compared to the other SPL clubs it's not too bad. Why reduce the prices? Might just encourage 'c@unty fans to come to the game. I don't want a shower of them in the North Stand like you get when we play the old firm with so called 'celtic' and 'rangers' fans from inverness sitting in the North Stand.
  2. Agree to a point but supporting a football team is expensive and the club could/should show willing and reduce prices to attract a larger crowd. Times are tough for everyone - clearly you have not been affected by the credit crunch!
  3. andyp85


    Aye, it will be on then. Mind you, remember it's Setanta - they could easily put on Midden - Accies and Well - Killie!! It's definitely our game.
  4. Interesting comments on Djebi Zadi by Pat Nevin.
  5. Can't wait. Crucial game. Having seen them yesterday, feeling positive. Hope we manage a big support.
  6. Delighted for Don. Decent guy who deserves to reach his full potential.
  7. Agree entirely. Blackie hates getting beaten. If selected, and I hope he is, he will do a job for us.
  8. I hope you are right for if we go down it will be one almighty battle to get back up again.
  9. Were you at the game? Clearly not. I'm not saying the ref has cost us the last 7 games but he had a shocker today.
  10. No, some shocking decisions today. The ref gave everything against us.
  11. Mcguire is missing from the 3 points section.
  12. Depressing fare today. Can't believe how bad we were. We completely lacked heart and there was absolutely no team spirit My husband said at the start of the season he felt we may be relegated this year - until today I thought he was wrong. I really do fear for us now. There is something badly wrong with ICT just now and I fear it goes much deeper than the manager. I think Savages departure was a mistake. He had the teams interest at heart, wanted us to progress as club and be a credible force. Those in charge just now do not really care about the football club. How are we to convince the likes of Blackie and Cowie to stay the way things are just now? It's an unhappy ship and without them we really are doomed.
  13. Delighted for Ranks today. I thought he had an excellent game. ICT definitely blew it letting him go as a lot of people felt at the time. Still it has been a good move for him as playing for Hibs is viewed as a superior option. Sadly we don't seem to have found anyone to fill the gap.
  14. andyp85

    Ian Black

    Well said Scotty. Blackie has really controlled that side of his game this season and is an even better player for it.
  15. First half absolutely at the races, but come the second half we looked a different side. We badly missed Blackie. I really fear for us if he leaves. We looked lost and lacked direction. As I've posted before he's our one player who looks composed on the ball. Don't think Wilson looked poor when he came on and did add a different dimension to the game but we lost the control and initiative in midfield. Vigurs also lost it in the second half when he was moved to the centre. Don't think Fraser could be blamed for either of the goals and the defence looked reasonable throughout, although Munro in particular persisted in trying the long ball. Were we ever likely to win anything with a United defence that size? Felt a bit sorry for Barrowman (with the long ball delivery) although he missed Cowies fantastic cross and we easily could have had a couple of goals had he been sharper. Feel possibly a draw was the fair result but yet again come home feeling we missed an opportunity.
  16. it was on topic,i remarked abouit brewsters fans Just back from the game. From the outset we looked up for it and looked as if we really wanted the win. Everyone played some nice passing football and we looked the better team for it. Our midfield was outstanding and totally dominated particularly Cowie and Black who who looked very composed and dictated play. Vigurs too was superb and put in some cracking crosses. We should have been 2-0 up at half time but for some excellent saves from their keeper although Rooney perhaps should have tucked one of them away and not made it quite so obvious as to where he was going to put it. I think he will come good though and just needs to get his first goal to boost his confidence. Jamie Duff had another excellent game as did Tokely. Would be hard pressed to criticize anyone today as everyone worked hard although Wood looked knackered and needed to come off in the second half. We played as a cohesive unit today, as a team, and looked as if we had worked some moves practiced on the training ground. Really enjoyed it and have come home on a high. More of the same against St Mirren please.
  17. A bit late to influence anyone whether to go or not, but you should. But be very careful. Burnley fans can be extremeley aggressive and unpredictable. Something to do with inbreeding. They are referred to as "Dingles" in many of the away fans' chants - and for good reason. In their last home match against arch enemies Blackburn Rovers, Rovers laid on free coach transport to the match to protect their fans. The coaches parked end to end with no gaps between to prevent Dingles getting at them after the match. Police security was enormous. So what did the frustrated Dingle yobs do? They turned around and vented their frustration in their own town centre. Can you believe it they ransacked their own town - smashing shop windows and causing havoc. Away fans' chants that Caley fans will be far too polite to sing include: Small town in Blackburn - you're just a small town in Blackburn..... Your Mum's your Dad Your Dad's your Mum You're interbred You Burnley scum
  18. CaleyD - you are spot on with your post before last. It's about Sutherland wanting to exercise his control. Savage was never going to have been allowed to have been seen to do anything good for the club. Unfortunately Marius was pawn in this sorry saga and was always going to be shown the door once Sutherland or his puppets were at the helm again.
  19. Why are you playing people that are going elsewhere next season? No place for Black and Imrie?
  20. Imrie, Wilson and Cowie were the standouts particularly Bazza in the first half. Also felt Marius had a reasonable game. Imrie always looks hungry for the ball and seems to be a good signing from Brewster. Agree with the last poster in that all the players seemed hesitant in taking a pop at goal instead preferring to pass the ball to someone else. Why is this? Is it a confidence issue ? Incidentally why was Blackie subbed at half time?
  21. Was going to add last Saturdays game excepted - clearly should have! But that game apart, Blackie really is the one player who genuinely seems to hate getting beaten, a lot of the others seem to give up too readily. Often being down to 10 mens seems to drive players on - think of the game at Ibrox when Dods was sent off early on!
  22. Situation is totally out of hand and needs resolved for ICT is by far a poorer side without Blackie in it. Would really fear for our survival in the SPL without him next season as having witnessed several games of late, he really seems to be the only player who looks composed on the ball and seems to care if we are playing poorly and gifting things to the opposition. We need someone with a bit of passion for the game instead of the apathy that has been all too evident in the team of late.
  23. Rankin didn't want to stay after he had been told by Brewster when he came in (in September) that he did not fancy him. Until then Rankin was happy and settled at ITC.
  24. Wee chuckle - can't seem to work the smilies/icons :015:
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