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  1. Now live inverness but come from Grimsby. At one time on the books of the Mariners. Gave up serious football went into forestry college in Wales played in Welsh league then moved to Scotland when g ualified lived in Inverness for many years great place to live. Welcome to stay any time you think about coming up. 

    1. HumbersideDude


      Hi, sorry bit slow replying.  We are in Ulceby about 10miles from Grimsby, sort of landed here by accident. Been to see Grimsby, but I seem to be a jinks, as I have still to see them win a game!! We don't get to many ICT home games due to distance obviously but try to get up at least once a season when possible. away games are usually easier especially QoS. Thanks for the offer of digs for a game, we are hoping to get up next season as it has been a while. I will give you a shout for a beer.

    2. bigman


      Any time

  2. Hullo H Dude

    My father was born in Howden, Yorkshire. Do you know the area? Fascinating town is Howden isn't it< Never been there but have reviewd photos etc.lived.. Nice wee pub there on the banks. Do you  Know it 

    "bye Roderickj  (S.P.)

    1. HumbersideDude


      Hi, sorry for being slow to reply. I don't know that area very well , but my oldest boy lives in Brough which is closer than me. I am on South of the river in North Lincolnshire a few miles from Humber Bridge


  3. HumbersideDude

    Another club statement...

    If something unseemly has occurred, surely if the club are investigating the "incident" they should tell fans, where it happened, when it happened and what the allegation is, so that fans can confirm or deny the "incident" occurred. Seems strange not to ask for witnesses to alleged wrongdoing.
  4. HumbersideDude

    Watering Holes updates

    Update on Dumfries, Speaking to pal who is Oueens fan today who tells me the bar is still open at the ground.
  5. HumbersideDude

    Dundee United fielded ineligible player

    So, SPFL rules, the game didn't happen as there is no points won. In their rules SPFL say they are bound by UEFA rules and decisions; The obvious precedent is Celtic v Legia Warsaw in 2014. But as most expect, SPFL would rather find a big carpet and a big brush.
  6. HumbersideDude

    Inverness CT -V- Kilmarnock

    Was the attendance announce in the ground, if so what was it? Doesn't seem to be published anywhere.
  7. HumbersideDude

    matchday thread - stirling

    When admin put up man of match poll, can we have an option for crowd? Singing, the sound and passion, was constant for 90min, (and in molly's pre match) Not 1 player was worthy of a vote!
  8. HumbersideDude

    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT - SPFL

    Is this the ICT Kris Kamara moment?
  9. HumbersideDude

    St Johnstone -V Inverness CT

    Felt a wee bit robbed at the end. 1st half was good. Polworth and Christie were top dogs in 1st half. Good quick acurate passing from a makeshift, but effective defence and most of midfield. Cracking save from Williams was all he had to do, bar a couple of punches to clear corners, and waste time at goal kicks, to the annoyance of the Saint J fans. 2nd half, ICT seemed to be playing within themselves without any great threat except for hitting post and couple close shots from Devine and Christie(who was unfairly booked in last minutes. After we all thought Collum had lost his cards!!) Sutherland looked a real livewire when he came on, scared the bits out of the St J central defenders with his pace. Pretty good display overall...for a team of 9 men!! Mutombo gets the benefit of the doubt, due to being in need of match time(but, he didn't beat many with ball at his feet, scared of a challenge, and, apart from 1 attempt on half time, looking for the glory touch or shot) Lopez? WTF! Some folks were telling me this was a big improvement from him, by god, he must have been diabolical in previous games. 1st touch, tackle, passing, pace, runs are somethings missing from his game today( apart from 1(ONE) through ball). looks as unfit as myself. It was noticable that other players seemed shy of passing the ball to Lopez and Mutombo,. I can't see what Lopez offers as a lone striker. But I have been wrong before.
  10. HumbersideDude

    ICTFC v FC Astra Giurgiu // Travel + Build up

    I think its a 6pm KO Scottish time. It says 6pm on my betting sites and google.
  11. HumbersideDude

    UEFA Europa League - Q3 draw

    It's another Cup Final type game next week. Hotel and travel to london provisionally sorted!!
  12. HumbersideDude

    ICT in Europe

    Its the team that do the funny celebrations. I think they beat Motherwell in last couple of years,
  13. HumbersideDude

    ICT in Europe

    Reading report on BT TV new European coverage, they mention that every British team will be shown at least once. Assuming BT will not rate our chance of qualifying past Rnd 2, at least 1 (hopefully the away leg if drawn in some distant European country needing a month to get a visa) game will be on TV.
  14. HumbersideDude

    Pub for SC Final

    Deffo going so 2 adults and 2 young persons.