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  1. It started out as an idea to leave the motor at home when I got my bus pass. The Canary would have been proud of me looking after the auld wallet! Then one thing led to another, I parked the bus pass and started commute cycling full time. That was five years and 44,444 miles ago. That was to support Solving Kids Cancer in the UK: they fund the families of kids who can't get treatment in the UK. Then the story reached Adelaide, and in particular got onto the radar of Neuroblastoma Australia. They emailed me out of the blue, about 18 months ago, and asked if I'd do a bike ride for them. That rid
  2. Peterheid-East Stirling Draw @4.33 Edited from 4.00... even more money!
  3. Albion Rovers-Queens Park draw @4.20 Get in there!
  4. Kant really go wrong with Clydebank, Airdrie United or whatever they're called @2.20
  5. Whilst I am not normally a man of the cloth, I predict a Full Kirk @2.00 tomorrow.
  6. Alloa, Alloa, Alloa, what we got 'ere then? That'll be 2.00, sir?
  7. A piece of Dundee cake @1.67 please Mr Gringo.
  8. A pound of your finest Hamilton @2.50 please, Colonel...
  9. I'll have a pound of Pars @1.73 please, Colonel Gringo.
  10. I'll have a pound of Morton @1.67 please, Colonel Gringo.
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