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  1. The is supposed to be a social club not far from hamilton west. Hopefully i wil see him in the pub later and find out
  2. Anyone meeting in the city centre before heading out to LRT or the paradise bar?
  3. o hell yeah!!!!!!! me and my dad. dress code? I was thinking about kilt-ing it seeing as its our 1st major final.
  4. what time is kick off both sky and the beeb say 7.45pm but ict site has a 7.30pm
  5. there was a pub across from hamilton west that we went to after the match but canmind the name of it. quick search on google maps...its called "academical vault"
  6. You can buy them at ict for ?19 or at tynecastle on the day but the have been known to turn around a use cash turnstiles
  7. I'll be there just a short trip across the water fae sunny fife
  8. this may be on the wromg topic but at the end of the day it concerns ICT as well as the other 11 clubs. for me Celtic and Neil Lennon an the penalty that never was...a month ago!!!
  9. won't be there am in manchester fir the super league grand final should be at the saints game
  10. they've changed it on thier fixture list. had a look at sky sports website and they have no live games after the edinburgh derby on the 7th
  11. well they have updated the fixture page but nothing on the home page but what i did notice is our home game vs rangers on saturday 11 december iis a 1945 kick off a typo i thought but the rangers website says the same. whats it all about?
  12. doubt they will they seem to be a bit slow in updateing it
  13. hi guy sorry if this is a repost been busy with rugby league? ist there any word when the game Vs celtic being played sky have a game penned in for the sundays 15th, 22nd and 29th starting at 12pm the first on sports 4. obvisaly the tic game is on the tele any chance of the utd game as well
  14. just a not to say that the fixtures are published at 10 on June 17th
  15. Puting this here as it concerns every scottish club. BBC Sport Article
  16. surely given our dublin connections we could get a couple of games over there
  17. cheers. just a shame it aint a female one
  18. Not sure if that's meant to be sarcastic but if it is then you probably shouldn't have put the link up on P & B which is where I got it from as stated earlier in the thread. EDIT: Nah you must be being sarcastic - unless you are friends with an Ayr fan on Facebook which is possible of course - clickoris. had a look on p&b once i rememberd what the heck p&b was. it was some guy i don't know. he must have had some spare time on his hands. was planning on putting a link up but a went to the pub instead and was going to do it today so you saved me a job cheers!!!! only the ship inn
  19. yes cheers RiG for posting the link to my facebook profile, Iain
  20. yeah i can im taking photos front of the guy who seems to have lost his shirt
  21. harry aye cheers harry what a day
  22. heres a thought....a richie hart og gives us the title