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  1. Robbie Deas is 20 years old and a product of the Celtic youth system and not ours, they invested 7 years in him and then let him go. I wonder if our youth set up is providing value for money. The coaches are generally ICT players so there may be a lack of new ideas, could be some coaches taken in from outside the club may help stimulate things. The £100k a year cost could be used for buying players that we need. A coach from a spl team once told me the problem with youth players is that you may develop good prospect at say left back but its a right winger the first team need, so player is let go. We are fans of the team but I like many do not appreciate the brutal nature of the professional game and only a very few make it. The solution might be that the Highland League becomes our youth setup. There you have youths playing against grown men which will prepare them for the physical nature of the Scottish game, youth players play against other young people until they make the first team and its a big step up. The above may seem harsh but we are struggling financially at the moment and should consider all options in trying to move forward.
  2. Big difference between Black lives matter and the organisation BLM. We need to be careful. I fully support any anti racist stance the club may propose however I won't support anything with links to BLM. If there is a BLM event at the club I and possibly other will not support the event, this does not mean we are racist but that we don't support BLM. However it could be twisted by others as being racist. Its a minefield now a days when it comes to peoples opinions.
  3. Do we know where and when the final is?
  4. Crowdfund to reimburse CaleyD, I dont know you mate but tremendous commitment to buy a flag that size, then keep Crowdfunding going to construct a permanent display at the stadium to preserve an important peice of Highland history
  5. Also thought Walsh was good today and could go on to be a major player for us in the future. At times Polworth seemed to be up for the challenge then loose interest and was needlessly booked for kicking the ball away. Brad Mckay was exploiting space down the right hand side of the pitch until we scored then went deep into our own half allowing QoS space to attack We were unlucky on a couple of accasions hitting the woodwork but seemed to have no idea regarding changing things to try to create chances. Maybe its time for fresh ideas and a clear out of backroom staff, too many explayers taking a living from ICT with no end product. Also should we consider ditching the development/youth teams, there is not much coming through and the money coild be spent on a striker. Only Polworth in the current line up has come through and and any decent players have to be sold for little or no money.
  6. Can someone clarify what actually happened, Polworth drifted out of the game for a while and misplaced some passes towards the end. Was there an exchange between fans and his family
  7. Agent N

    Hearts Game

    Poor performance, disappointed at the lack of passion. Naismith at 5'10'' should not be scoring with a header. No one taking responsibility and winning the ball
  8. Guess it was the idiots who came on the pitch after we scored. More pathetic than threatening, the effeminate pitch invader in the red top got a bit of a fright when when the keeper had a go back. Unless something more serious happened club should ignore them, as it just gives them the attention they crave.
  9. My son used to do work as a steward at both ICT and Ross county. ICT no training grab a jacket and cap and stand over there, only because he was familiar with stadium could he help people. Certainly no instruction how to deal with aggressive fans. County was better given some instructions and told what to do if the was trouble also given a pie and drink in Dingwall.
  10. Poor conditions, poor referee and should have won game in the first half, but we carry no threat up front. Getting a goal scorer at our present level is a real problem, would suggest it would have to be a youngster that would move on if successful or an 'old pro' with one good season left in him. However new players cost money and we don't have the finance. Dark days ahead I fear.
  11. I thought he was excellent today, especially in the first half. Also he was very quick to refocus the team following the goal
  12. Be interesting to see the outcome once the speculation has ended and the truth comes out. No statement from the club yet which may mean not an easy fix. Can't help but think what would happen in my work if one of the shop floor workforce got physical with a member of lower/middle management. Suspect immediate suspension or possibly instant dismissal.
  13. I think the club have to quickly decide what they want, an experienced management team who will obviously cost more than an inexperienced team from the lower leagues or first time manager. Personally I would not go for Christie, Wilson or Dods as all 3 are realitively inexperianced for a club that should have aspirations to finish mid table in the premier league. I believe we are at a similar level as say Dundee and none of the three mentioned would be in contention for that job. Money will be the major factor in employing an experianced manager, but possibly a well written contract could sort that ie there would be no compensation due if a bettter job came along. Alex Neil, Peter Houston, Paul Hartley, Alan Stubbs, Jim Duffy, fall into that category. We also need to improve the squad, Craig Brewster was a succesful player manager, and that could be a consideration, (playermanager not Craig Brewster). A biggish name pm might also attract players, looking at players that come into that age/ability bracket there would be pretty slim pickings. Clint Hill, Stephen Thomson, Kris Boyd (all ex-Rangers but all I could think of at short notice). People who are in it for the experiance and not the money. There is also be an opertunity to go completly mad and take a huge risk that might just pay off, what about approaching the like of Paul Gasgoine, cant believe Im actually suggesting it but the publicty and interest generated would be imense and could be capitalised on. The position we find ourselves in leaves no room for sentimentallity and Terry Butcher should be considered and wonder Malphas comming back is a way of testing the water. The Board seem pretty rudderless at the moment would the apointment of a director of football be worthwhile considering, Gordon Smith, Alex Smith, Jim Duffy. Sorry to see Ritchie Foran the person go, he gave his all and hopefully will be remembered as player rather than a manager. His intention was good in trying to develop John Hughes possession football into a more attacking attractive product, but it wasnt to be. To me, as can be clearly seen from my ramblings, there is no obvious answer, but we are what we are. a team that consistantly has to battle to stay afloat, let the battle continue.
  14. I think Fisher has to be given a chance, pushing Draper further forward to win highballs is not working, I don't feel Draper wins enough for a start. I hope the decision to not play Fisher is a footballing one and not due to any type of falling out, managers need to maintain discipline but not at the expense of SPL football.