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  1. Ross morrison needs to start now and sort out this continuous mess that the club is in or ship out Blame does lie on him being chairman . He has the final say in running the club with the decisions made by CEO Scott Gardiner and sporting director John Robertson in the running of this club . 8 games now and no win . ‘Unbelievable statistics’ Why are you just carrying on like nothing is happening ? . You’re fuking up the club between you. Loyal supporter ? My arse no loyal supporter behaves like this .
  2. I sincerely hope not. Just look back at United last year I personally thought they were good enough to easily stay up .
  3. Tinted glasses on some folks . Grab a point out of 4 games and the happy clappers think he can do no wrong . 3rd year of the same old **** football or hoofball as it’s better known . Be no real fans left at this rate as long as its lined the pockets of the above mentioned money grabbers .
  4. It’s amazing how Some people just see things so differently. (Pint of whatever they’re drinking please ) . Going absolutely nowhere if left like it is .
  5. Funny how it’s always football never the rugby . The same fans can turn up at the rugby and even have a beer but as it’s football it’s a oh no .yet we Scot’s are supposed to be the best fans in the world . Whatever next
  6. So we now go into game no 8 since rewarding a new 2 year deal 1 win in cup (by a 1 goal advantage ) To a team we should be beating easily. Followed up 1 draw in the league a massive 7 games later giving us a massive grand total of 1 point . When exactly is ‘Thats it he’s had long enough’ . As a very strong majority of fans are shocked how the club is continuously handling matters . No manager has ever had such a dismal run and been allowed to carry on regardless. Must be some serious underhand goings on down at the club these days . Third year of it now and looking like the chairman and board have no balls in sorting out this mess . Maybe they will even extend his contract further shortly . Nothing would surprise me
  7. At this rate of points per game we actually at the end of the season could amass at a push double figures in points ! And to our shameless board of directors as it stands is acceptable?? Ffs wake up. Finishing up the league a couple of places higher generates money which could pay that hopeless one off . Not that we needed to be in this position Had it not been for some ridiculous person giving a 2 year extension to his contract . This extension certainty shocked the vast majority of supporters young and old . Way too many unnecessary positions at the club ( ceo , sporting director) that seem to be not generating anything but increase the wage bill . Feel free to enlighten us. We are not a big club at this time sadly and no need for jobs for the boys !!
  8. One DRAW in 7 games this is pathetic and enough is enough . Now for the dribble of excuses which Diddy Dodds has probably got written already . Worst coach ever and it’s just setting new winless records that would be very hard to beat by anyone . Times well up get rid of this Dud or there will be no fans left supporting the club as your continuously driving them away .
  9. Use your ticket for Saturday and make your anger vocal .Hell John Robertson May make a guest appearance.
  10. So we now have the worst manager probably that the club has ever had and our board are just going to brush it all under the carpet and hope things turnaround . Yeah he will eventually pick up a point or 3 in the odd game of 6 but is that really what the club thinks is acceptable ??. And you wonder why the club cannot manage to increase gate numbers . Not a hard one to work out by any means . Something so not right about the club these days . Basically bein run into the ground by Amateurs
  11. Too busy with other things most likely
  12. Seriously why are we allowing this dud of a manager to sign players . Wake up chairman the problem lies with Dodds . Are you lot not getting it?
  13. Morrison is part of this charade at the moment whether u like it or not . It’s up to him to control what is below him .
  14. He along with Gardiner are maybe on a sponsored silence .
  15. I think Saturdays game ( If the current coaching staff are still there ) will be very vocal and actually the only part that will be worth the entrance fee.
  16. If the club are going to allow his contract to continue and let him take in even more players then sorry they are digging an even bigger hole for the club .
  17. With these idiots running the club ? . Leave it another 4 games and there will be no season left as well as fans and less money . He has already had 2 very poor seasons in a row and this is looking like the worst ever to come . I think going by the forum here , Twitter and Facebook etc 99% of fans have given up on him . Change is needed and need immediately . NO MORE chances . Time for change and not just in coaching . Some very bad going’s on at the club and a lot of unnecessary wages been paid out and starving the club financially.
  18. Did u get a bang to the head ? Wake up
  19. Ffs just go ,Along with ur money grabbing mate Gardiner . Done nowt for the club but take .
  20. No but staying with the idiotic coach that we have will get us demoted so to speak .
  21. Don’t worry he won’t be out of pocket that’s for sure . Folk like him look after themselves . Costing the club big time .
  22. 2-0 down ! Scott Morrison you need to act today and sort this mess your board have created .
  23. 1mim 1-0 down !! Bye bye Dodds gtf and take that controversial Gardiner with u
  24. Looks like Dodds has found their level .Highland league standard coach.
  25. Like we have done the past 2 years ? Not a thing has changed . Playing the same crap then as he’s doing now and talking the same dribble week in week out . Way past time for a change he has shown he is NO coach .
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