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  1. The quicker he goes the better . One word best describes him. USELESS
  2. Too little to late ? Hope not! but suspect so . How Foran is keeping his job is unbelievable . Wonder what Kenny Cameron can see ? Well something NO body else appears to be seeing . Absolutely clueless manager that would be lucky maninging in the Amateur league .
  3. is the joke of a chairman actually on holiday somewhere nice without a care ?
  4. If the board are going to back him for next season ??? Wake up lol. He has to go now along with the other clown that gave a rookie a four year contract . I'm afraid our chairman Kenny Cameron is as clueless as Ritchie in the running of the club and both should be embarrassed to still be here and taking a wage . Get Charlie in there now until the end of the season and hopefully give us back a little pride in the break if nothing else
  5. It needs doing NOW! The team itself are really not a bad set of players it's just leadership that's never been there from day 1. Act now and at least we've given it a shot. Leaving him there is just a disaster
  6. Well truly thought by Monday we would have seen the last of Foran as manager . We obviously have a chairman with not big enough balls to admit he has got it wrong and at least give us a lift and some hope going into the last 6 games . Seemingly manager and chairman are as bad as each other and have not got our clubs best interest at heart . Sad really !
  7. Foran please please do us all a favour and just leave and let someone give us half a chance for at least the playoffs . Totally out of your depth all season and utterly clueless as a manager
  8. If only you listened K Cameron . https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/36387520?client=safari
  9. Don't usually post but a bit peed off , older fan who's seen it all . I Reckoned Doumbouya would have cost Ritchie his job had he persisted playing him week in week out , Yes like any striker he'll score you the odd goal whenever but this guy is as clueless as the manager at the moment ( it's like playing with 10 players most of the time ) Worst Caley displays I've seen in many a years and if not sorted this is going to cost the club financially and their premier league place . It's not going to change unless Mr Cameron and company act and sort this out !! Enough is Enough it's embarrassing to watch
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