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  1. Scott Gardiner old quote from P&J In the short term, I want to make Inverness Caley Thistle FC financially sound and a pillar of Inverness and the surrounding area – and to get the team back into the Scottish Premiership for good Looks like ones failing HIS quote big time .
  2. He also is a big mistake! Without his interference we more than likely would have parted company amicably at the end of last season . So not really our problem it’s his .
  3. Time to post this thread again Embarrassment of a coach .How long do we have to put up with this crap week in week out . Any other club would not put up with this any longer. Yeah some will say we are stuck with him for 2 years as club have no money . Why the hell did we give him an extension to his contract let alone a 2 year one?? It’s an Embarrassment whoever agreed to the 2 year extension when clearly the previous 2 years were shambolic enough.
  4. Well if the club would like to clarify that would help fans understand more
  5. Then hopefully his last ever in the dugout for ICT
  6. Happy enough to take a Wage out of the club though. Bloody disgrace
  7. I think most fans would be more surprised if we were 1-0 up
  8. Added to his bank balance
  9. The club has no money as it’s paying highly for unnecessary members of staff .
  10. What does Scott Gardiner actually bring to the club ?
  11. Yet again another shambolic display by a team that you Billy Dodds has put together . Time to go ,along with your CEO who between you are making a total mess of the club .
  12. We won the first six league games last season did we not and look what happened . Bar the cup final that was due to a technicality we had a bloody awful season .
  13. Well would you trust Scott Gardiner behind u ? or maybe we just don’t trust him at all
  14. Be nice if someone caught it on video
  15. Only one Amateur and it’s Dodds .Way out of his depth .
  16. The opportunity was there . The contract was finished . Something quite not right at our club the last couple of years and it stinks .
  17. Well not even end of July and normal service has resumed
  18. If u look back similar quotes were made in previous seasons . Dodds is one awful coach . How many would come out and say Hell yeah what a great last 2 seasons that was and reward it .Bloody awful the last 2 seasons wake up !!
  19. *2 seasons feels like 4
  20. People are calling for the managers head after the dismal last 4 seasons ! Getting into the Scottish cup final by default is not something you reward after 4 awful seasons ? Maybe an awful lot of fans are missing something??
  21. CEO has that answer I guess
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