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  1. Later on in that BBC Scotland documentary, the same guy who couldn't recognise a pineapple, even with hefty clues, was shown a turnip and thought it was a cabbage.
  2. IBM


    That could be another thread, old Slater's of Inverness like the Sime & Sons of Kenneth Street!
  3. You are right with your first sentence Laurence
  4. 1 Where were you born? Dunoon, Argyll-shire. 2.Where did you spend your childhood? Ardross & Kinrhive, Ross-shire, Fort Augustus & Merkinch. 3 When did you start following football in Inverness? Caledonian FC in 1968 after moving into Inverness. 4 What is you current location? Drakies, Inverness.
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    Got it in and working from BT 70 meg download and 20 meg upload much faster than the old 5-6 meg! That is on fibre to the cabinet which is about 300m from my house then on copper via a pole to my house. There will be a slight loss the further you are away from the cabinet. Not all of Inverness is being done including Culloden. They have started in Dingwall and Fort William.
  6. I am glad they won the first game, a friend of mine was going over with his 15 year old son and it was going to cost them £500 each (drink not included) a nice trip but very expensive. I am happy with our final position last season!
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    Clach Friendly

    Good match report, well done for the report and the team!
  8. You should wright a book, it might outsell CB's!
  9. He is not taking the job! I'll have to speak to my Wick source, the one who gave me the Graham Bayne story, tomorrow. Mind you he did tell me this morning that Rossco's 2 year coaching contract was at ICT, so I can't trust everything he says. Think your Wick source has been spending to much time in E Camps Bar!
  10. See other post he is not going, Rossco signed 2 year deal as player coach at Brora.
  11. A good healthy breakfast
  12. because in some cases, users have been banned and we dont want them back must have been realy bad!
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    New I.R.A

    As far as I recollect it was at Millburn that Donnie Munro taught Art. I'm fairly sure he was there during the year I taught at Millburn (1976-77) and don't think he was one of those who moved on to Culduthel when that opened in 1977. He left teaching at a pretty early stage as well. Charles does that make you the most famous person to teach at the school as you are a regular on the BBC?
  14. After the poor performance on Sunday it was good to see the highlights of the season which has been great with some fantastic games which outweigh the bad! With a small budget and support TB and his team have done very well this season. It will be harder next season to improve on this but with a few more good additions to the squad I hope we will. Again well done and thank you to all at ICT. :ictscarf:
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    Motherwell Ref

    it's not jus you he was S***e
  16. Great game of football today well earned win against a good Motherwell side! Same again next week please.