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  1. Doumbouya worked hard at times in difficult games, but never had the scoring touch that Billy always had for us. Never expected him to be here long term. If I remember correctly he was signed late on in the summer, presumably after it was decided Boden and Fisher weren't up to it.
  2. We were definitely missing Drapers presence in midfield against Partick last week so I think we need him back in the side. Plus he's always good to wind up the County fans and players, just as long as he doesn't get himself in trouble!
  3. When does anything ever get done with pace regarding ICT.. As long as they bring quality and worth the wait though!
  4. Speaking to a friend from Brora, obviously hard to asses as its the first game, but Mulraney and Mcnaughton seemed to be the best players on the pitch, which is a good sign. A lot of good play.. Until they got near the box. Potentially still missing a quality striker to put the ball in the net.
  5. Might be forgetting the most important ingredient too.. A goalscorer.
  6. Been confirmed on the Aberdeen site though unfortunately. Signs on July 1st.
  7. Would be nice to see a couple of development players who are to be given a contract for next year feature in these last few games now that safety is all but guaranteed, instead of the likes of Williams and Vincent who will be moving to a rival club next season. There must be another Shinnie/Ross/Christie/Polworth coming through.
  8. Not sure how I feel about a management system that believes Danny Devine is worthy of a contract but not David Raven...
  9. I seem to recall we paid money for Dean Macdonald too. Worth every penny...
  10. John Rankin, our record signing I still believe at about £60K
  11. Miles Storey might not be too bad a signing, has plenty of games under his belt for a 21 year old and we desperately need a striker, although we’ve had all bloody summer to find someone to score goals! Not sure about this Sho-Silva guy. A 20 year old with not much experience only in till January? I would much rather Play Ferguson or Sutherland than some unknown we’ll be losing in a few months!
  12. Really looking like the board are papering over the cracks but it’s just going to be worse come January, never mind in May. We desperately need defensive cover, at times playing with 1 or 2 recognised defenders, and Devine certainly hasn’t covered himself in glory this season so far when given this opportunity. Would love to see a proven goalscorer,(We’ve known we need permanent cover for this since before Billy left) come in but this looks highly unlikely now that these 2 players have come on loan. Think the international break has come at a good time for us. Hopefully get 1 or 2 back fro
  13. Kevin Mchattie has been released from Hearts. Very decent young left back worth taking on considering our problems at the back.
  14. Four year deal for him as well. Fair play to the lad. £7K P/W. No wonder all the young Scottish talent want to move to one of the ugly sisters. Nobody else can compete with that.
  15. Realistically this isn't too bad an offer from Celtic. Seeing offers come in for him, he would probably have gone for nothing at the end of the season. So if it's true that we'll have him until then with Stokes (a proven premiership scorer) and £500K it's not all bad! Though the money has to be spent wisely. Also think this season should be used to play more young players to find the next Ryan Christie.. Ali Sutherland, Calum Ferguson etc...
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