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  1. Just raising awareness of an unworn remake ICT 1995/6 shirt that I'm selling on Ebay. Sold for £36 on Dunnottar Retro, but I've listed at £9.99. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333906048313 I ordered two tops from Dunnottar last March, then they delayed delivery for months and months due to lockdown. I asked for a refund which they delayed and delayed, saying that the tops were on their way. Eventually they sent this one, which wasn't the one I ordered. I eventually got a refund after getting my credit card company to chase them up... and now have this top. Long-story-short, don't buy an
  2. Anyone know if tonight’s yellow cards contributed to any suspensions for the Dundee Utd game?
  3. With McCart being left footed, could he be playing LB? That would leave Chalmers to go back to CM.
  4. RossP

    Daniel Mackay

    Pretty sure he started in the U18s win v Killie less than 24hrs before, scoring 2 goals. Tough shift to travel down to Kilmarnock, play a match, travel back, then after a sleep jump back on a bus to Dundee and start a senior game...
  5. Donaldson and McKay have racked up quite a few yellows this season - could end up with both being suspended at the same time... which would be interesting/terrifying!
  6. At least we have the opportunity to sponsor players like Cole, McNaughton, Brown and Doumbouya... http://ictfc.com/commercial/sponsorship/player-sponsorship Clever move having these sponsorship opportunities available on players that have left the club. Add those potential sales to the unknown sponsorship availability of the current squad and we'll be loaded.
  7. Pretty sure Seedorf missed Saturday through illness rather than injury, from what I remember Robbie saying post match on radio.
  8. It's disappointing that the club hasn't updated the Sponsorship options since last season - http://ictfc.com/commercial/sponsorship/player-sponsorship Missed opportunity to get money into the club at an important time of the season. I've noticed on twitter quite a few Highland league/Junior League doing regular mentions and press releases about their player sponsorship opportunities...
  9. Agree with everything said in the above match report (cut down to save space). A few other things of note... When we play with Polworth as a RM it means we eliminate one side of the attack. Nothing came from that side in the first half, not helped by Raven being reluctant to get forward. Only in the second half when Raven pushed on and Polworth came inside did we get any threat from that side. Polworth' penalty was honking. Chalmers at LB was poor. He was skinned a few times by their podgy winger and didn't make much of an effort to block crosses. Calder did well running at hi
  10. This. It's in the laws of the game, so the ref did the right thing by waiting until the ball was out of play.
  11. A few observations today... Seedorf was great. I think RB will be his permanent position, despite spending time at CB and CM in the last two games. I still think he's too slight for a central position, but at RB today his touch, movement and passing was excellent. I reckon Raven is that other player that is rumoured to be offered out for free with OFW. Polworth was awful. Since seeing him play for Scotland schoolboys on SkySports I've been desperate for him to become a superstar in the team, but he seems to have stalled in the last 12 months. He's obviously lacking confidence and ne
  12. Daryl Duffy was apparently playing up front for us today. He was not very good. There was also a half time stadium announcement for a Mr Alan Gow to report to the team tunnel - which made me fear the worst!
  13. Up there with one of the worst ICT performances I've seen. I'm as happy clappy as they come, but I really fear for the coming months considering how many first team players were in today's team - who were comfortably bossed by a L2 side.
  14. #ICTFC to face Forres: Esson, Raven, Trialist, Mckay, Warren, Trialist, Polworth, Draper, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist
  15. https://twitter.com/ScottBurns75/status/880329958593355776 George Oakley and Ivor Lawton
  16. I spent a summer living in Cardross near Dumbarton about 5 or 6 years ago, where I went to all of Dumbarton's home pre-season games. I also tried every pub within the close vicinity of the ground and they were all bear pits
  17. Bikey from Stirling Albion? Hearts seemed to sign him because Hibs were interested, then loan him back to Albion before eventually releasing him (I think).
  18. There was no chance of us signing him. He's on decent money in his job, so will be making more staying part-time.
  19. Currently 31 out of 32 votes have gone to the excellent Cole for MotM. In the other vote, Vigurs must have a login for CTO and voted for himself
  20. I was in the home end behind the Elgin goal for Doumbouya's winner (watching with guys I grew up with in Elgin). Looked suspiciously like an OG from where I stood. There was a bit of shenanigans post match in the underpass next to Aldi. Some young ICT and Elgin fans doing the usual posturing then running away when actual punches are thrown. Hysterical to watch.
  21. When I was young and John Teasdale was still playing/coaching at Elgin, I was once told he dated the girl from The Exorcist. Apparently met her when he was driving limos in America.
  22. A flood defense? I fail to see how that is related to the game...
  23. I've got £5 on Warren and Tremarco any time scorer. Elgin have a height deficiency and those two are our best chance at set pieces.
  24. Aye, I would anticipate a 3,500+ crowd. There's a few guys I know from Elgin paying on the gate as they can't get to the stadium during the opening hours. It'll be the same story for quite a few folk. The sunny forecast may also tempt some people down.
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