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    Butcher OUT?

    Why is it frowned upon if you have a negative point to make about the club on this site? I'm sorry to break the news to the happy clappers on here but that is what a football forum is all about, it would be one boring site if everyone had the same opinion and everyone just posted the same repetitive crap Not going to name and shame as I don't want to enter into any arguments but it's time they entered the real world I personally think Butcher and Malpas have taken this club as far as they can, a top six finish will not happen under this duo One thing is for certain is they won't be sacked as we couldn't afford too, I say let their contracts run out and then the time will be right to change the management so we can get some fresh ideas as I sadly see the club stagnating at present This might rile some but what about Derek Adams? Say what you want about the guy but he's taken a SFL diddy club to a Scottish cup final and now to the SPL( unless something drastically goes wrong which I can't see happening) Dougal
  2. Utter pish would be the words to sum up that performance today I don't recall seeing a poorer defensive performance ever from an ICT back four Possibly the worst ever Orc team to set foot in TCS and to be played off the park like the way we did was a total embarrassment Can't believe no one has mentioned this but did anyone at the game or watching it on Sky see the sickening scenes I saw as our management team waited for McCoist/Durrant/McDowell and co emerge from the tunnel before the game? A simple hand shake should have been sufficient but what we got was basically a cringeworthy hugfest which I found quite insulting to the ICT fans who had the misfortune to witness it Rangers were fragile today and all this pandering niceties should have happened within the stand if they even had to happen at all and not in full view of the paying punter The fact that Tokely never made it off the bench certainly backs up this alleged rift anyone got more info? Dougal
  3. I think a few chants is a must as it would be shameful if we never let them know how much we find their predicament funny but I think we should not go overboard as we don't want to enflame an already tense situation This will be the first away trip for the Orcs since entering administration and no doubt they will be tanked up on their buckfast In a way I'm glad it's an early kick off on the Sunday as it could have been a lot worse had it been 3pm on the Saturday Dougal
  4. Wasn't at the game yesterday but from reading this thread it sounds like it wasn't the greatest of games An ugly point it may have been but possibly a very important point for ourselves I think the important thing was that we left Dunfermline without a defeat I personally think relegation is now between them and a very poor Hibernian Dougal
  5. IMHO the merger is still far too delicate and tender a subject to some and the only thing that an official series of anniversary events would achieve is to re-open wounds that are still not far enough from the surface The best thing for everyone would be to let the 2014 anniversary pass by and maybe wait till 2024 when feelings are more diluted I do think the idea of releasing memorabilia strips in 2014 would be a great idea and it could be a real money spinner for the club Better still maybe ICT could play in the Caledonian strip for all the home games that season and a Thistle strip for away games if they had to if there was a colour clash with the home team i.e St Johnstone,County, Orcs if they are still in existence etc Maybe the supporters trust could put the release of these memorabilia strips to the club at the next opportunity Dougal
  6. Do many on here travel regularly to away games and if so what are your prefered means of transport? I'm more a home bird myself but any away games I've attended have all been mostly by car but on the odd occasion train when I fancy a good swally I've a couple of relations staying with me next month and they both fancy attending their first ICT match at the TCS but also an away game to sample the travelling experience Now I know from reading this site there are normally two buses leaving sneck for every away match but what size of buses are they and are they normally full? I realise that the supporters club bus is for members only so I doubt that's really an option and to be honest i don't really want to expose my relatives to the famous cake baking but the costs for both buses seem very reasonable compared to train tickets and the cost of diesel for the motor I'm just really wanting to hear personal experiences from fellow ICT fans on what they prefer really before I decide what method of transport to go for Dougal
  7. Money could be made but at what cost? Some of these sleepy villages or towns will get destroyed when thousands of Orcs turn up on a Saturday afternoon Dougal
  8. Sung to the tune of teddy bears picnic If you go down to ibrox today You're sure of a big surprise If you go down to ibrox today You'll never believe you're eyes Coz super ally has no cash And soon no place to sing the sash Today's the day the teddy bears have Their pitch nicked Dougal
  9. What a bizarre post, you don't want to see any club go belly up and you believe that Scottish football needs it's older clubs???? I suggest you take a look at our own doorstep as the formation of ICT was the result of two clubs going belly up and ceasing to exist I do agree however that there will be some legal loop hole unearthed that will allow the Orcs to carry on in the SPL without a name change or at the very least a Rangers 2012 I personally would like them thrown out of the SPL and them made to start again in the Third division providing the SFL would accept them in the first place Better still would be if they were liquidated and this lead to Celtic going off to England If County go up next season we will enjoy two capacity attendances at TCS something we wouldn't have had with the Orcs We would generate more money from County and I can guarantee Sky would be televising a couple of highland derbies Dougal
  10. All very well staggy but are you counting your whippets in that travelling support? Anyway now the plans are revealed I have been proved right that you lot will indeed have the number1 stadium in the highlands should you get promotion We need to be looking now more than ever to relocate to a site and a stadium where Invernessians can be proud off I find it very galling that we sold two prime city centre sites and got a landfill site, if that's not being short changed I don't know what is We deserve better Dougal
  11. Dougal
  12. Here's the plans for Victoria Park a much changed ground we could soon be visiting again next season Dougal
  13. The days of sitting down and trying to educate the bigots should have happened decades ago Generation after generation have been brought up thinking this is the norm, you maybe want to sit round the table talking but I'd rather see direct action and at long last we seem to have a government who is addressing the problem and not brushing it under the carpet Fight fire with fire and if that means dishing out banning orders,fines or jail sentences so be it, they will soon get the message Dougal
  14. I agree with the doofers as well Caledonia would be an ideal anthem Failing that heres a wee clip I found on YouTube which might go down a treat with some Dougal
  15. Whenever I think of an ICT song I think of that horrible cringeworthy Bring it Home melody Without doubt the worst Football song ever produced Dougal
  16. Let's not kid ourselves here if Butcher was offered either the Engerland or the Orc job he would be off down that A9 quicker than we could spell ICT Let's just hope he never appears on the radar for either Dougal
  17. These reptiles need to do a serious bit of growing up They are a complete embarrassment to ICT and the club with the authorities should do all they can to dish out football banning orders No wonder we get tarnished as highland huns while we have this section/element within our support We should all play our part to eradicate this problem by pointing out the vermin to stewards or the northern constabulary if any unsavoury incidents happen in the future Dougal
  18. Minority my erse You either don't live in the real world ,wear blue tinted spectacles or both When you hear a packed Ibrox in full voice or any Rangers support in any away ground in Scotland or Europe it is the majority not a minority who belt these songs out Wisen up Dougal
  19. You crack me up....complaining about lack of support from the local area in one thread and hoping that we don't convert people to the cause and bring them in on an another!!! How exactly do you suggest converting one of them, once an Orc always an Orc IMO You maybe quite happy sitting next to union jack waving bigot but I'm most definitely not With that kind of attitude I can see now why you previously voted yes to kill of your previous team Dougal
  20. These morons are a total embarrassment not only to the club but more so to themselves and shows up society in a very poor light Regardless what you think of the Septics, lowering yourselves to their level is pathetic and something we all could do without in the highlands If you feel the need to sing this tripe get yer names on the buses that leave the Portland every Saturday Dougal
  21. We need to go back to the great days of yore From what Ive been told this was a great half time Inverness tradition Here's some footage maybe some of the older firms will confirm, could be a great money spinner as well as entertainment dougal
  22. Today's result could well be another nail in their coffin if you ask me What worries me if they do become defunct is that we will get an influx of local orcs appearing at TCS, let's hope not!!!! Dougal
  23. Sorry but IMHO thats a quite ludicrous reason for not attending yesterday The old firm ashamed of nothing offended by everything I'm afraid you sadly come into that bracket with that kind of attitude A full north stand bouncing with our fans and we could have had the exact same scenario yesterday but due to the stay sways that was sadly not an option The apathy of the Inverness football fan makes a quite depressing read Say what you want about the Celtic support but they generated a lot of cash for ICT yesterday certainly a lot more than home fans Dougal
  24. Sorry I've not read the ticked thread but I will do now dougal
  25. No doubt I'll get slated for starting a thread on this subject but I believe it needs to be highlighted, and this is by no means me having a go at the ICT fans including myself who were in attendance today Less than 5800 today for a Scottish cup tie against the septics is an absolute disgrace considering what a massive game it was for the club To be outnumbered by the away support at home should never happen but it seems to be the norm when it comes to important cup ties at TCS, we can't put it down to Celtic having a huge fanbase because I recall it being the same scenario when Elgin came calling a couple of seasons back The north stand looked half empty from my seat in the main stand and that must have looked terrible on sky sports to a world wide viewing audience Our attendances are on the decline this season but the question is why? Why don't Invernessians get behind their team and back them in numbers has the novelty of SPL football worn off? ICT need to do something to attract more Invernessians through the turnstiles as they are clearly failing in found so at this precise moment! Inverness's population has grown quite substantially over the last two decades yet our fan base hasn't which means there is a serious problem in my opinion ICT should be targeting all the primary and secondary schools in the city with complimentary tickets, get the younger fans interested and who knows it might get the new generation of Invernessians interested Thoughts? Dougal