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    David Davis

    Very petty and immature Alex I wish the boy well now no matter what happens tomorrow in the cup He is a class act and he probably realises that he will be in the spotlight more if he gets loaned out to a club in England I very much doubt anyone from Wolves would have watched him up here but I stand corrected if I'm wrong We all knew he was a loan signing and that he would probably be leaving this month therefor there is no point greeting about it now I will definitely be keeping an eye on him as his career progresses Dougal
  2. dougal

    Site Upgrade (2012)

    I like the changes the site looks a lot more pleasing on the eye and removing the ridiculous red dot green dot game that is played out by some on here is a definite step in the right direction I called for the site to be opened to all users not just members and it happened I called for the voting system to be scrapped and it has now also happened Hats off to the mods and site admin for listening to us members dougal
  3. dougal

    ICT V Ross Co Record Attendance ?

    I personally would like to see County in the SPL the money from these games would be very welcome when times are so hard Pretty sure Sky would show one or two of these games live as well which would be a great advert for the highlands There are negatives though losing match hospitality would be definite as they just seem to do it better in Dingwall somehow, sponsorship and investment would also drop with a second SPL team playing from the same area What could be embarrassing though would be the increased gates at Victoria park as they would dramatically increase and would more than likely average out more than our poor attendances sadly The other worrying thought is that of Grant Munro coming back to haunt ICT think most of us know it's going to happen one day and the way things are shaping out it's starting to look like it's going to be next season dougal
  4. dougal

    Tansey Appeal

    What is it with all these appeal threads? There is no point appealing its not going to change the result even if it was successful we are still going to be left with 0pts from yesterday Yes the standard of refereeing is getting worse but we should remember that referees are there to do a job and mistakes have been made since football started over 100 years ago Its called human error no-one is perfect and some ICT fans need to remember that before mouthing off and claiming there is some sort of anti ICT bias Lets look to the future not dwell on what is now the past dougal
  5. dougal

    The Soldiers Song

    This would be the very same song you sung for decades in your beloved jungle if i'm not mistaken Does this mean Scotland will be fined the next home international when flower of scotland is sung? Not sure if this is a very poor attempted fishing trip or Old firm tit for tat point scoring but whatever it is its one of your worst threads ever and that takes some doing dougal
  6. dougal

    CTO Fans - Give yerselves a round of applause

    Here's Ender doing what he does best in the River Yarrow dougal
  7. dougal

    Andrew Shinnie the new Charlie Christie

    IMO Andrew Shinnie has been our best player this season along with Ryan Essen In time Shinnie will prove to be a better player than Christie, I felt when things got tough Christie tended to hide in games whereas I don't see that with Shinnie Charlie had skill that there is no doubt, but I personally doubt he could have played premier league football otherwise he would have made a better go off it during his time with Celtic It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low dougal
  8. dougal

    CTO v Amazon - Against All Odds

    Yawn Yet another shameless plug for Against all odds IMO the best use for this publication is to start your bonfire on Guy Fawkes night, should work a treat dougal
  9. dougal

    Butcher OUT!

    Its time for unity and less negativity as this site is a depressing read at the moment I'm not one for shouting for a managers sacking but I am certainly starting to question some if not most of his signings over the summer ICT jerseys are not for second best,they don't shrink to fit inferior players dougal
  10. dougal

    ICT -V- Dunfermline : Matchday Thread

    Just back in the house from the game and the word that sums up that performance - PATHETIC!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how many internet fans this club seems to have yet they all come on here spouting their expert opinions on these match threads every week without fail, my advice to them would be try attending the games that way we will take you and your posts more seriously Lets put it into perspective we were simply outclassed by a mediocre Dunfermline team today, they played well and passed well but that was because we let them, If it hadn't been for Ryan Essen we would not have escaped with a point I am now starting to question Terry and Mo's motivational skills and I unfortunately can see the start of a Sydney or Brentford scenario starting dougal
  11. dougal

    The Unthinkable

    I'm a slightly worried man tonight, looking at the League tables of the SPL and the first division brings me out in a cold sweat despite the fact i'm trying to block the scenario out with some Staropramen The unthinkable is us getting relegated and being replaced by the peg sellers I think i'm right in saying that we have never finished below them in our 17years existence other than the debut season and that was probably due to the jaggies IMO this has the potential to be a dagger in the heart to ICT and something we could take years to recover from, our success has always been built on the fact that we were and always have been the number1 team in the Highlands Whats even worse is the fact that if they did get promotion theres a possibilty they could be playing their home games at the Caledonian Stadium due to their hovel not being compliant for the SPL To be honest I wouldn't mind them getting promoted as the highland derbies will return but certainly not at the expense of us dougal
  12. dougal


    I couldn't have put it any better myself you obviously are a man of great wisdom IMO Butcher should cross the Kessock Bridge in January with cap in hand , apologise to Grantie and get him back to the Club he loves and grew up with One thing is for certain had Grant still have been here we wouldn't have conceded two goals every game which is the sad statsitic at the moment Finally I also agree with you on your last point as well next week now becomes a six pointer dougal
  13. dougal

    St Johnstone -v- ICT : matchday thread

    4-5-1 formation today if i'm not mistaken with Djebi-Tade up front on his own Now I occasionally get slagged off for being negative but what does that make Terry Butcher and his tactics this afternoon?????? Seems to me the management team set out for a draw today which simply isn't good enough and short changes the travelling ICT fans dougal
  14. dougal

    Butcher and Malpas extend contracts

    I agree with you DALNEIGHCALEY, this is a ludicrous time to be handing out new contracts while we are sitting at the foot of the table, total madness!!!! That fella Laurence was ridiculed by almost everyone on here but this decision beggers belief IMO it really does, he's probably having a right good chuckle at this tonight I personally would have waited till January before discussions took place that way we would have had more first team players back from injury and hopefully be in a much healthier league position If results improve and we start to climb the table that is the time to dish out rewards not when we are on the back foot, check my previous posts as i've already stated this opinion on a previous thread in case i get accused off fishing As usual the site admin and moderating team can only see nothing but positives my advice to them would be its time they entered the real world and accept there are some of us who are not scared to voice our opinions because it differs from theirs dougal
  15. dougal

    Our Defensive Woes

    Ok we are conceding an average of 2 goals a game at present which in my opinion could have increased to 4 if it wasn't for Ryan Esson in goals Now I'm not going to come on here and tell Terry and Mo how to do their jobs but i'm genuinely worried that they haven't sussed out that we have major defensive problems Lets Look at their pedigree; Terry Butcher vastly experienced defender for Ipswich and the Orcs, played throughout Europe for both clubs and accumulated 77 caps for England Maurice Malpas vastly experienced defender for Dundee Utd,played throughout Europe and accumulated 55 caps for Scotland You could argue that both players were first class defenders so why do they seem unable to put out a defence that doesn't resemble a sieve 1.Have they signed too many kids without the necessary experience to survive in the hustle and bustle of Scottish football? 2.Is Tokely finished? 3.Is their language barrier problems Gillet,Piermayr,Golobart? Discuss dougal
  16. dougal

    worst league in the world

    In the last 30years 4 different Scottish Clubs have reached major European finals, considering Scotland is a tiny nation in Europe if you ask me they are punching well above their weight Aberdeen beat Real Madrid in the ECW final 1983 Gothenburg beat Dundee Utd in the UEFA final 1987 Porto beat Celtic in the UEFA final 2003 Zenit beat Rangers in the UEFA final 2008 All Scottish clubs reached their finals in a 10/12 club premier league, the problem is not the size of the league its the money in the game going to the bigger nations dougal ABERDEEN JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE WHAT HAS PROVEN TO BE THE WORLD's MOST SUCCESSFUL MANAGER WRONG THIS WAS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MANAGER OF ALL TIME BEFORE FOOTBALL WAS RUINED BY MONEY AND FOREIGN IMPORTS GOD BLESS YOU BRIAN RIP dougal
  17. dougal

    Celtic -V- ICT : Matchday Thread

    Are you for real? Septic FC ashamed of nothing offended by everything We have English players so why shouldn't we fly the St Georges flag at Parkhead, and on the other hand we should fly the Tricolour at Ibrox in recognition of our Irish boys Stop pandering to the Old firm who cares what they think I certainly don't Not really sure what your agenda is but we don't want this west of Scotland rubbish up here in the Highlands dougal
  18. dougal

    worst league in the world

    In the last 30years 4 different Scottish Clubs have reached major European finals, considering Scotland is a tiny nation in Europe if you ask me they are punching well above their weight Aberdeen beat Real Madrid in the ECW final 1983 Gothenburg beat Dundee Utd in the UEFA final 1987 Porto beat Celtic in the UEFA final 2003 Zenit beat Rangers in the UEFA final 2008 All Scottish clubs reached their finals in a 10/12 club premier league, the problem is not the size of the league its the money in the game going to the bigger nations dougal
  19. dougal

    Celtic looking into standing area

    I would hope so too,now this is the kind of project the Supporters trust should be getting involved in IMO I think the kind of seating/terracing in that photo would be ideal for both the north and south stands at TCS, we must try and get some atmosphere at our home games and I can see this helping so fair play to the Septics for approaching the SPL with this proposal You will no doubt still get some folk against this but we could move the wifees and old yins to the main stand so it keeps everyone happy dougal
  20. dougal

    Munro, Duncan Testimonials

    100% approval from me Yngwie IMO one of the few positives so far this season, I just find it surprising its taken the club this long to sort out the event, think most of us realise that the departure of Grant Munro is the main reason why we now have the worst defence in the SPL I'll certainly attend the game but I will give the dinner a miss I don't want to be bored to tears by members of the ICT supporters trust All the best Grant and Russel you both fully deserve the recognition dougal
  21. dougal

    Yet another one !

    Golobart going back to Wigan would certainly be a positive IMO , I know that sounds harsh but I honestly don't think the lad is ready for the frantic style of Scottish football his match losing mistakes in the few games he's played already back this up I'm afraid there will be more of these howlers before he adapts to the Scottish game, having said that what could he have possibly learnt at Wigan which is a rugby league town? He's certainly won't have learnt anything from Gary Caldwell other than how NOT to defend, maybe thats the style we are seeing? dougal
  22. dougal

    Dundee Utd -V- ICT : Matchday Thread

    The more I hear about the supporters trust the more it seems to resemble the WRVS are both organisations connected in some way? dougal
  23. dougal

    ICT -V- Hearts : Matchday Thread

    Poor first half reasonably good second half Think everyone including myself would have taken a draw before kick off so a point gained in my book Jury still out on Tade though despite his goal, his lack of ball control scares me at times dougal
  24. dougal

    The North Stand

    Sadly this now seems to be the norm at TCS We definitely seem to have a lot more wifees or tartan rug brigaders in our support than other teams in the SPL the question is why??? You only have to read the North of Scotland Cup final thread, the ICT supporters club seem to have been baking cakes at half time I know i'm repeating myself here but stadium location and layout is also a main factor in my opinion, an enclosed stadium with four sides is far better at keeping the atmosphere within the ground Atmosphere will never improve while we remain at the dump dougal
  25. I haven't done a Poll for absolutely ages so here goes Not sure what forum this should be in so mods feel free to move it if you want but it effects all ICT fans on here IMO Whats everyone's thoughts on this reputation voting system on this site? IMO it seems to have been shamelessly stolen from Pie & Bovril but I stand corrected if i'm wrong What I want to know is what exactly is the point of the whole thing? As far as I can see certain users(me included) get targeted by the red dot brigade, while certain other users and their amigo's just green dot each other no matter what they post Surely it would be better for each individual poster to see who is dishing out the green or red dots, that way there is no secrecy and underhand voting I've voted option 3, keep it going but change it so it lets us see who is green or red dotting each post The mods certainly seem to be able to see who dishes out the green and red dots so why can't we???? Thoughts dougal