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  1. I don't want to wake up from this dream any time soon!
  2. Well done lads. Glad that we finally managed not to concede vital goals in last few minutes. More of the same next week please.
  3. Yes, a good 3 points, badly needed. Let's hope we can have a wee winning run now, including the impending Sc Cup game. Well done lads
  4. I see Wayne Rooney will be looking for a job!!
  5. Well done lads. Great win. Keep it up and we'll have a sniff at play offs.
  6. As others have said, a good point. Would certainly have taken it before the game. Well done lads
  7. No one has mentioned Charlton Athletic (The Valley). Also, the Bristol Rovers friendly mentioned by IHE wasn't at their own ground. From memory, I think it might have been in Bath?
  8. Just thought I'd add my tuppence worth. Got back Sunday evening after two glorious days (weather wise) in Glasgow. As some others have said I was actually proud of our performance, firstly in holding off Celtic for most of the first half, and then again by scoring the best goal of the game to give them a fright for a few minutes before the end. So, not the drubbing that many predicted. Spotted one couple in our section who were probably Celtic supporters. One of them continually was looking over towards the the mass of Celtic supporters to our left (behind the goal) and at times waving towards them!. I was actually disappointed with the group of our own supporters who stood up for most the game , making it very difficult for our row (who did not stand up) to see anything at all. In fact, my son watched most of the game on his phone because of those thoughtless (some would say, selfish) fans in front of us. Again, as some others have said, all the Celtic fans we actually spoke to, before the game, and especially during the long walk back into Glasgow centre after the game, were friendly and respectful. Not sure how I feel about Ross County saving themselves with that late comeback! I was sort of looking forward to the return of the Highland derbies next season! Anyway, onwards and upwards
  9. A real disappointing end to the league season after all the excitement, and expectation of the last couple of months. Let's hope we can get the enthusiasm back in time for the Cup Final. Onwards and upwards. Super Caley go ballistic may live again
  10. Only got back home at 11pm last night (Sunday), after a couple of great days. Watched the match with my son plus Eagle for Caley. Really good to catch up with him again, drinking lots of beer, eating pizza, good chat and banter. Stayed overnight in Coatbridge with friends of my son (Celtic supporters!), who couldn't have been more hospitable. Well done to the team, great performance, and the fans too were wonderful. Flights already booked for final! Looking forward to another magical day supporting ICT.
  11. Well said CaleyHedgehog. Your positivity has been a joy to read over the past few weeks, and many of us could benefit from following your example.
  12. Yes, not much atmosphere being generated as yet. I feel quietly confident that we will get the better of Falkirk, although obviously they will be doing their utmost to avenge the cup final defeat of 8 years ago. Given the early kick off, I don't expect that too many of our fans will be meeting up in Glasgow pubs beforehand, but perhaps after the match, I hope that some of us can congregate in the city centre for a celebratory drink (or two). Hope to see some of you there.
  13. Ah well! Title dreams over, but play off in our own hands if we beat Ayr. It is just possible that a draw will do against Ayr, but that depends on how Morton, and PT get on in their final 2 games. But, first of all lets just enjoy the day out at Hampden next week. Good luck lads.
  14. Yes, a draw, or an Ayr win, would keep our slim chance of winning the league alive, at least until tomorrow.
  15. R.I.P. Tommy Met him in the Smithton Hotel a couple of years ago, when up north on a golf trip, and had a beer or two with him.
  16. Simples isn't it :- ICT beat Dundee and Ayr to finish on 60 points QP lose to Ayr, lose to Morton and draw with Dundee to finish on 58 points Dundee lose to ICT, lose to Cove and draw with QP to finish on 59 points PT draw one of their last 3 games to finish with a max of 59 points ICT are champions, no need for play-offs What odds would I get on that prediction? Oh, btw I picked the winner of the Grand National too!
  17. Well, it sounds like we really showed some gumption in the final 15 minutes. Well done lads. Same again Saturday will do nicely, then we can all go to Hampden and really enjoy the day. Onwards and upwards
  18. Come on lads, one last push. Keep the dream alive. Onwards and upwards
  19. Well, I'll take that after the first half. Pity about Henderson sending off. We could miss him in last few league games. Anyway, well done lads for getting the win tonight.
  20. So much for the attacking line-up! Only one shot at goal (not on target) in whole of first half. Must do better after the break. Come on lads, keep our season alive.
  21. Good win, which keeps our play off hopes alive. Morton drawing with Ayr was good for us too. So it is in our own hands now, keep winning and we will be in the play offs. Thereafter it is in the lap of the Gods. Well done lads. Onwards and upwards.
  22. Well done lads, another vital win, especially as the other results today did not help us at all, worsening our goal difference, which could well be crucial at the end. I'm worried by the number of penalties we concede, I've lost count by now but there seems to be one almost every game lately. But this was a good 3 points.
  23. Common sense decision by the SFA. Wow! What's come over them?
  24. What a great result, and a really terrific 'backs to the wall' performance after the shocking red card for the captain. I really hope we appeal it. Well done everybody (Ridgers particularly). Onwards and upwards, it could still be a remarkable last few weeks of the season
  25. Yes, great draw for the non old firm pair. Maybe its an omen getting Falkirk, I'll settle for the same result as the final in 2015. Hope we don't have to wait long to know which day between 29 and 30 April our match will be.
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