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  1. Rings no bells with me either. And the 50's I would say is my era, during which from 53 to 59 I doubt if I missed more than a handful of 'home' matches. So Ted Collett could not have been a regular for Caley, unless my memory is totally shot away. Maybe, as others have said, just a 'once off' or triallist. Again, as others have said, it could not have been Citadel, as they were long gone, even before my time.
  2. All I can say is that it is a blessing that living in the south of England, the English FA rules that prevent me from watching ICT on any streaming service, whilst live games are taking place in England, have saved me , over the last few weeks, the misery of actually watching the dross we have served up. It is hard enough reading about it on here, and I feel sorry for those of you who have actually watched our inept performances, either at the grounds or via streaming .I fear the only 'pay offs' we have a realistic chance of competing in now are those at the bottom end of the table.
  3. Excellent. Come on boys, let's have another one or two to kil this game off.
  4. He has had more clubs than I have in my golf bag! quite liked him though in his short spell with us.
  5. Well, I was able to take advantage of RIG sharing that link, but it wasn't a comfortable watch. I think we only created one half chance, for Carson, in the whole of the second half. What happened to Doran? He just seemed to be sitting on his backside sulking. Apparently, according to the commentary he had just had a rollicking from Dodds. He has always been injury prone but this season, with him not performing at any great level, I wonder if his time is nearly up with us. Anyway, the other scores today did us no great harm fortunately, but we really must start stringing a few wins together soon.
  6. Another year completed, still impacted by the Covid pandemic. However, I found that ex ICT players managed 357 goals in 2021, a considerable increase on the previous year. I don’t include goals scored by our ‘out on loan’ players, as strictly speaking, they are not ‘ex ICT’, being still on our books, with ICT probably still contributing to their wages. The clear ‘winner’ this year has been Henri Anier. A regular scorer in previous years for a few different clubs, this year, back home in his native Estonia, he surpassed himself, at both club (Paide) and country level. Also featuring well, as usual, were Nat Austin and Rory McAllister. Below is my full list, which will be the last one I do. After over 10 years of keeping such records, I am ‘hanging up my spreadsheets’. Wishing you all a good, and healthy 2022. 37 goals, H Anier (34, Paide : 3, Estonia) 22 goals, N Austin (21, Kelty : 1, East Fife) 20 goals, R McAllister (Cove R) 15 goals, S Boden (9, Boreham W : 6, Torquay) 13 goals, J Brown (Rothes) 12 goals, D Gillespie (Brora R) 11 goals, L Doumbouya (10, Meizhou H : 1, Shanghai S) ; A McAskill (Buckie) 10 goals, A Rooney (Solihull M) 09 goals, C Allen (Coleraine) 08 goals, B King (St.Pat’s Ath) ; M Curry (Fort Lauderdale) ; A Wilson ( Rothes) ; A Macrae (Brora R) ; J White (Ross Co) 07 goals, J Oswell (AFC Telford) 06 goals, S Rooney (St. J) ; S Winnall (Oxford U) ; G Wood (5, Brechin : 1 Formantine) ; 05 goals, D Ebbe (TNS) ; M Finnis (Rothes) ; J Wilson (Dumbarton) : B Mckay (Ross Co) ; M Watkins (2, Cardiff : 3, Aberdeen) ; N Toderov (Dunfermline) ; D Lopez (3, Portugalete : 2, Don Benito) ; R Christie (1, Bournemouth : 4, Celtic) 04 goals, M Storey (Hereford) ; I Vigurs (3, Ross Co : 1, Cove R) ; A Greig (Formantine) K Chalmers (Strathspey) ; A Sutherland (Brora R) 03 goals, N Ross (El Paso) ; A Skinner (Strathspey) ; A MacLeod (Buckie) ; J Chalmers (Ayr U) ; J Roberts (Motherwell) ; S Armstrong (Southampton) ; T Sho-Silva (Sutton U) ; Z Elbouzedi (2, AIK : 1, Lincoln) : A Shinnie (2, Charlton : 1, Livingston) 02 goals, G Shinnie (Derby) ; A MacDonald (Gillingham) ; J Hayes (Aberdeen) ; A Fisher (1, Newport : 1, Exeter) ; K Kennedy (1, Dunfermline : 1, Raith); T Walsh (Ayr U) ; J Brown (Peterhead) : S Soane (Forres) ; S Harkness (Rothes) ; A Mutombo (Neuchatel) ; D Park (Formantine) ; K Davies (1, Rothes : 1, Strathspey) ; G Oakley (1, Kilmarnock : 1, Woking) 01 goal, J Mulraney (Atlanta) ; T Agdestein (Aalesund) ; R Golobart (Doxa K) ; A Evans (Warrenpoint) ; C Dingwall (Inverurie) ; L MacKinnon (Buckie) ; J Meekings (Brora R) ; G Morrison (Cowdenbeath) ; M Cooper (Elgin) J Keatings (Montrose) ;J McCart (St. J) ; N Wedderburn (Dumbarton) ; D MacKay (Hibs) ; L Polworth (Kilmarnock) ; G Warren (Tiverton) ; F Morais (Grimsby) ; A Cooper (QoS) ;D Davis (Shrewsbury) ; R Draper (Ross Co)
  7. Yes, great to see. One other ex ICT scorer today was David Davis for Shrewsbury, his first in 2021.
  8. Doesn't say much for the standard of our league when it is topped by a part time side. Shocking result today, another game lost from a winning position.
  9. Excellent. Keep them coming, let's improve that goal difference.
  10. No doubt Morton will think that this complaint is exaggerated and that it is just sour grapes because we lost. However, it sounds to me that it is an absolute disgrace, and needs to be investigated by the authorities (SFA?). Maybe we should take a stance and refuse to go there on Saturday if the 'away facilities are not brought up to an acceptable standard.
  11. Really disappointing. And we had a strong team out. Let's hope we can get our act together on Sat and give them a good pumping.
  12. Same has happened to me Paid, and now told match is not available in my area (south of England).I guess I'll struggle to get my tenner back now.
  13. Yes, been there since August, scored once. Also left Exeter is old ICT favourite Gary Warren, now with non League Tiverton town, after a short spell at Torquay.
  14. Great result, not pretty at times, but well deserved. We looked a lot more solid at the back, not too many scary moments. Well done lads.
  15. Well, we made it look hard work in the end, but I thought we played pretty well most of the time. Could easily have been 4-0 up before Queens fight back. But all in all a good night's work. Lets hope for slip ups from Killie and Raith tomorrow.
  16. Yes, I noticed that too. I always liked Rooney when he was with us. Still useful but not anymore the prolific scorer he once was. I also spotted on the week-end that David Raven was one of the penalty scorers in Marine's shoot out win in the FA Vase tournament.
  17. The stats, for what they are worth, show us well ahead on most things, possession, shots, shots on target, so I don't think it is unreasonable to suggest we could have won this game.
  18. Another draw in a game we could have (maybe should have) won. How costly will these missed opportunities be at the end of the season? At least, Killie are still losing. Let us hope that game stays that way!
  19. Well spotted John. By the way, I've just looked on Amazon. Would you believe £160? Makes me wonder how much my copies of Caley related books are worth. I'm sure many of us have them all, ie Milestones & Memories, Against all odds, Caley all the Way, Going ballistic, In a different league, Confessions of a Highland hero. Are there any I've missed?
  20. Also noticed Jason Oswell scored for Telford today
  21. Yes, I've just found the same problem, despite having bought passes for previous Raith v ICT games
  22. Good fight back.. Looking forward to seeing comments on the game from those who were there.
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