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  1. Brilliant win. Apart from first few minutes we dominated first half. Killie came back into it a bit after they went 2-1 down, but there were not too many scary moments. Some fantastic performances, Allardice, Henderson, for me were outstanding. But, everyone played their part. I hope we draw the winners between Ayr and Falkirk in the semi. That way I can see myself with 2 Hampden trips this spring. Well done to everyone concerned in tonight's great performance.
  2. I wonder if things can get any worse. Then I look at our next two league fixtures... away to Dundee and Ayr, and that stops me wondering. Almost a certainty to be worse I fear.
  3. Fantastic result. Well done lads. I can now relax and watch Scotland hopefully turn over Wales at Murrayfield.
  4. Really hope we can hang on. What a boost to our season this could be! Come on lads!
  5. At least some of the other results today helped us, making our task of obtaining a play off spot still possible.
  6. Well, how pleasing is that win! Especially after Arbroath's great result last week. Well done to all concerned. Let's hope our great start to 2023 continues for a good while longer. Onwards and upwards!
  7. Likewise, I feared the worst when we went 1-0 down. But, well done to the team. Maybe this is just the shot in the arm that we've needed. Looking forward to comments from those at the game. Onwards and upwards!
  8. Along with many other fellow posters, I too never met him. But I read all his posts, and respected him for the prolific poster he was. RIP.
  9. Well done lads. Keep it up, we all need a win to help morale.
  10. Yes, it looks like poor management, but then we don't know what has gone on behind the scenes. Anyway, I hope Cammy has a good game and that, of course, we manage a win. Doubt if Ridgers will be with us for much longer.
  11. Thurs 4 Nov. Miles Storey has just opened the scoring for Hereford v Portsmouth in the live Fa Cup Match on BBC2.
  12. Sam Winnall also at Buxton, I noticed yesterday
  13. I can't think of another season when things have been so tight at the top of the Championship table. At a quick glance I reckon that, by the end of this week (Sat 29 Oct), any one of the current top 6 could, mathematically, be top of the table. That is a position that we will lose tomorrow night, when Ayr play Partick. I think a draw between these two is in our best interests. Then, on Friday, we have our 'must win' TV match at Morton. Also that night QP play Dundee, where, again, I think a draw would suit us best. And on Sat, I hope that Arbroath and Raith can do us a favour by beating Ayr and PT respectively. One way or another it is going to be an interesting week. Let's hope results go our way and we find ourselves at the top again by 5pm on Sat. Onwards and upwards!
  14. Well, that sounded like a lucky draw! Amazed to see us at the top of the table. Imagine if we had won these last 2 home games, we could have been well clear at the top. Badly need another good run of wins. Let's start with the TV game away to Morton next Friday. Come on lads, we can do it
  15. Yes, I'll take that. Table looks very pretty. Briefly we were top when Hamilton scored against Partick, but alas, they couldn't hold on. We'll have to avoid any complacency when we play Hamilton at home on Tuesday. Well done lads, a very encouraging run of league wins, let's keep it going!
  16. Another good win (its goals that count, not corners!). Really looking forward to the TV match v PT on Friday. If we can win that one our season really will be on the up. Well done today, lads.
  17. Lucky there! That could have been a sore one to take after being 3-1 up and looking comfortable. Anyway, onwards and upwards.
  18. Great result. Another of the same at Ayr next week, and things will be looking really positive. Well done lads
  19. What a welcome and timely return to form. Well done lads. Another few like that will do nicely.
  20. Well done ICT. A great win with a depleted squad. Must give us confidence, given that Cove are always dangerous. Keep it up lads!
  21. Perhaps we were a bit lucky, but the good start to the League Cup campaign continues. Well done lads!
  22. Doran is well past his sell-by date. We have been loyal to him for years, many of which he has been injured about half the time. He hasn't performed at a decent level for at least a couple of years. Time to say goodbye.
  23. Well, that was a better first half than Friday night. Well done lads. Keep it up in second half and we can do this.
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