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  1. Yes, that half could have gone either way, so level at H/T probably fair. We need to convert one of the chances we're creating, hopefully early in 2nd half to unsettle them. They look pacey and dangerous going forward, but so far we're doing ok. Carry on the good work boys.
  2. H/T 0-1 F/T 1-2 ICT Dan McKay St McGrath Fouls 23 Corners 10
  3. Really good news. Let's hope his loyalty is rewarded with us playing in the SPL next season. I'm sure he will do his level best over the next few weeks to ensure this happens.
  4. BBC stats show we had 15 shots with 8 on target! I must have nodded off several times, as I can't remember anywhere near those amounts. Pity we could not have snatched a victory today. It would have made the league table much better reading with all the rivals drawing.
  5. Soft goal to give away. Where was the defence? Also Ridgers would have been better staying on his line that time
  6. What a great win. I was involved in a long Zoom call this evening so couldn't watch the streaming. So wonerful surprise for me to see a 4-1 victory, even though it sounds that the scoreline flattered us. But I'll take it. Good that we have found our shooting boots in recent matches. Let's hope we can keep this good run going Onwards and upwards
  7. Are you sure this is a home game? I think it is away.
  8. Thanks for 'Joker' update. Wish I'd used my 1 remaining for the County game! That would have put me properly in the mix.
  9. And, also today, Dale Gillespie scored Brora's solitary goal against Stranraer.
  10. Just skipped through the whole match again, and thoroughly enjoyed all three goals again. They were all top quality, especially Daniel's Good after match interviews with Dan, Toddy and Neil. Thought the two pundits, Shelly Kerr and Gary Caldwell were excellent too. As has been said by many of us, that was a real team performance last night. Can't ask for more than that. Let's hope we can keep it going.
  11. Still feels great after the best night's sleep in a long time. My only problem now is deciding who to put in my top 3 for Man of match. So many contenders, but a nice problem to have. Confidence must now be riding high, and needs to continue for our final push for play off spot. Well done again to all concerned.
  12. Fantastic. That's as good a defensive performance as I've seen in some time. Plus the bonus of us taking our chances with 3 good goals. Well done lads. Doesn't do my Prediction League any harm either
  13. Toddy proving himself as a target man up front, and not too shabby with his scoring as well. Keep iot up big man.
  14. Definitely a deserved equaliser. Well done.
  15. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-3 ICT Toderov Ross Co White Corners 11 Fouls 25
  16. I'm sure he also said at one point that our away game at Morton is this coming Tuesday (30 Mar), when it is actually the following week, 6 Apr.
  17. Henri Anier continued his good form today with another 2 goals for his country, Estonia. Also today, Tom Walsh scored for Ayr, and Gavin Morrison for Cowdenbeath.
  18. Grateful for the win and another 3 points. Not altogether convincing, but as long as we keep winning there is always a chance of an interesting end to the season. Well done lads.
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