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  1. I'm quietly reflecting on another night of high drama in the topsy/turvy history of our beloved ICT. Surprisingly, I slept quite well, due to, I'm sure, the several drams consumed during the game to keep me calm, and a couple afterwards in celebration. My informal Berkshire branch of the ICT fan club were in constant touch throughout the game, mostly in castigating that apology for a referee, Willie Collum. Next Friday at least 10 of us are all playing in one of our golf club's important annual competitions, which finishes with a dinner at 6pm. Great timing for us all to stay on at the club and watch the match v ST J, together. Anyway, another memorable night in store, I hope. Congratulations to the whole team and management for last night's magnificent, backs to the wall, performance
  2. Congratulations to the whole team for two hours of heroic defending. Justice done in the end. What a joke Collum is. Both red cards were laughable. I assume we will appeal them? Otherwise I can see us struggling to get 11 players out next Friday
  3. Good to see us get featured in BBC Breakfast's sports section this morning, with a short clip including the goal, and a brief interview with Billy Dodds.
  4. Not pretty, but job done! Well done lads. That was a game we probably would have lost a couple of months ago. Roll on Arbroath. They will be fresh having had a week off, but I hope our confidence level will compensate for that. Cracking goal from Samuels after being put through by Sutherland. Lets hope they can keep this double act going next week.
  5. Great win, and ,on balance deserved. That second goal was good enough to win any match. My worry for the remaining matches is that we won't have enough fit players. Several took nasty looking knocks tonight. But well done to everyone, they played with heart and quite a bit of skill tonight. Just have to cut out the silly mistakes (Carson, take note).
  6. Just want to wish our lads all the best for tonight's game at Partick. I notice that despite it being broadcast on BBC Scotland tonight, it doesn't even feature on the list of today's fixtures on the BBC Sport website, whereas the important league match between Partick Ladies (playing away v Aberdeen Ladies), is included in the list of tonight's matches!
  7. A good way to end our league campaign. Should give us all the confidence we need for the play-offs. Well done lads.
  8. As good a performance as I've seen this season. We could easily have capitulated when we gave away that soft goal. Carson made a huge difference when he came on, and we looked like a really good side for the last half hour. Well done lads, that should be play off position secured. We just need to carry this form on for the last few league games, and then, probably 6, play-off games, and we'll all be happy. Not too much to ask for!
  9. What a disappointing end to a game that started with such promise. Looking extremely unlikely that we can finish 2nd now. We would need to win all our last 4 games to get to 62 points. Ayr can do that with one win out of their last three. And even then, at 62 points each Arbroath's goal difference would probably be superior. So, for us to finish ahead of Arbroath they would have to get no more than 2 points from their last three. Clutching at straws I fear. So it will probably have to be the long haul through the play-offs. Let us hope that we can raise our performance levels and give it a really good go.
  10. Yes, 2nd place a definite possibility now. Unfortunately, winning the league looks out of our reach. But a good run in our final 5 games should see us going into the play offs with our confidence high. So all to play for. I must admit that before this tidy run of 3 wins I thought our season was over, so it is great to be looking forward to our matches again. Come on lads, finish the season in style!
  11. What a difference a good little run makes. Well done lads. Even 2nd place could be in reach now. A couple of weeks break now, and then go again. Can't wait.
  12. Looking at the remaining fixtures, on paper we have the easiest run in, playing only one of the top 5 (Killie), and five of the bottom 5. Killie play four of the top 5 ( us, Partick, Arbroath and Raith), and only 2 of the bottom 5. Arbroath play three of the top 5 ( Raith, Partick and Killie) and three of the bottom 5. Partick play three of the top 5 ( Killie, Arbroath and Raith) and four of the bottom 5. Raith play three of the top 5 (Arbroath, Partick and Killie) and three of the bottom 5. I know that in this crazy league any team can beat anyone else (whether they are currently in the top 5, or bottom 5), but everything now is firmly in our own hands if we can maintain some consistency, so let's all get behind the team for the remaining games, to help them secure a good play-off position, and then, "who knows".
  13. Well, what a finish!. Didn't see that coming, but very well done lads. A win that should give us every confidence for the run in.
  14. Well, there is number 3. Want QOS to get equaliser v Raith now to make my day
  15. Am I dreaming? Or have we just scored 2 goals inside the first 12 minutes of a game? At the risk of putting the mockers on it, one or two more wouldn't hurt. Keep it up lads.
  16. Does any one know what has happened to McGregor? Long term injury? Or just fallen out of favour. Imo he was much better than any of those we took in during the transfer window.
  17. Have to agree, but the table doesn't lie, we are just not good enough.
  18. Maybe slightly fortunate to be level at H/T. But, what a shocking pitch, difficult for any side to play a passing game. I'll settle for a 1-0 win for us, probably from an 'og', as we don't look capable of creating anything ourselves! Samuels, I'm afraid doesn't look the part for me. So, what more incentive does he need to, prove me wrong by scoring a stunning winner?
  19. Congratulations to our curlers for their achievements in Beijing. Watching every end of the two finals over the last day or so took my mind off just how depressing it is to be an ICT supporter at the moment
  20. I also noticed that Tobi Sho-Silva scored for his new club, Carlisle.
  21. Yes, although I didn't see the game, it sounds as if we showed some gumption by coming back 3 times from a goal down. So well done for that. It looks as if we'll do well now to cling on to the last play off spot. But, if we can manage that, who knows.... Certainly tonight's performance seemed to be an improvement on recent matches, so I have marginally more belief than I had each time PT scored tonight.
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