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  1. Yes, great article. An old school friend sent it to me earlier today. Quite poignant , what with Jimmy Greaves passing away today.
  2. Well spotted Robert. Since his brief spell with us about 4 years ago, he fell right off my radar and, I now notice since then he has played quite a bit in the USA and Ireland, scoring a few goals here and there, none of which has ever featured in my own records of ex ICT goal scorers. I'll add him to my lists now.
  3. Oakley for Woking, plus Storey for Hereford, scored their first goals for their new clubs today (28 Aug).
  4. Another hard fought victory. I'll take that. Actually thought we looked quite comfortable defending in second half. Even created one or two half chances on the break. Well done lads.
  5. Anyone else finding the PPV very dark?
  6. I and 5 golfing buddies were up on our annual golfing break last week, and were able to fit in this match. We treated ourselves to the hospitality package in the Highlander suite. Worth every penny. From 12.30 right through to about 17.45 we were royally treated by commercial manager, Keith Haggart, and his staff. Starting with a look at my wall tile, recently puchased as a gift for me, in the tunnel "wall of fame", followed by champagne reception, 3 course lunch, free bar before, after and at half time, everyone treated us brilliantly. There were chats from Keith, followed by Robbo and Scott Gardner, and after the match an interview between Keith and Mark Ridgers. Lots of photo opportunities, including with Robbo (who looked and sounded really well). All in all, a great experience, definitely the highlight of our 5 day trip, and the 1-0 win was a bonus too. Good to see almost 50 people enjoying this experience, which can't be bad for the club coffers. So, if you have a birthday, or other special occasion coming up, I would firmly recommend that you treat yourself and give this a try. You won't be disappointed. I'm already looking forward to giving it another go.
  7. Marley Watkins scored twice in his debut match for Cardiff City v Sutton tonight (10 Aug)
  8. Didn't see this game, but I'm delighted we managed to see it out for a win after taking the lead. This is something we often were unable to do last season. Well done lads.
  9. Henri Anier continued his recent good form at international level with the only goal in a 1-0 victory for Estonia, away to Lithuania.
  10. And Adam Rooney for Sollihull Moors also scored today (1 May)
  11. Pars 4-2 now. Another year in Championship I'm afraid is guaranteed.
  12. Just got home after a attending Grandson's birthday lunch (in my daughter's garden of course). Glad I didn't have to watch that first half. Need a real miracle now though to get top 4 slot. Ah well, and it looked so promising a week or two ago!
  13. H/T 0-1 F/T 1-2 ICT D Mackay Hearts Naismith ***JOKER***
  14. Like your optimism. We only have 2 games left btw, as do Dundee and Dunfermline. Out of our hands even if we get 6 points. Need masive favours from Alloa/Arbroath.
  15. Well, that was disappointing. Need to find a spark soon. Draw no good to us.
  16. Also today Adam Rooney scored for Sollihull Moors.
  17. Great match. Should not dent our confidence too much for the more important game on Tuesday. Onwards and upwards.
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