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  1. fox83

    Alan Hercher

    Herchie gave both Caley & ICT fans some amazing memories a proper old school footballer who could play anywhere. My memories of the great man will always be the penalty v St Johnstone at Telford Street it started the comeback in what was a huge result for Highland League football. & who could forget the winner v Livi in the cup when that was a proper rivalry ,Il never forget Jim Leishmans face at the end of that game that livi team had an arrogant way which that ICT team schooled on many occasions. RIP Herchie you were a big hero of mine as a kid Heaven just found there target man
  2. Seen a few clubs do Buy a Brick good idea where fans get their name or message on a brick on the stadium walls could even have ICT legends walls where u could get ur name put next to ur favourite player from the past.
  3. Why not take a punt on players from the Highland League? Its low risk & pretty cheap & u may win a watch. Richie Hart is a fine example of a qaulity player & any player who can score 30 odd goals in a season is worth a look at.
  4. Scott Davidson from Fort William scored a load last season for them in the Highland League due to start training with ICTFC next week i believe.
  5. Foran is a hopless manager of that there is no doubt the guy couldn't manage a raffle however he must be laughing at the most incompetent board in football.What kind of person 1,Gives a 33 year old a 3 year playing contract ? He wasnt loyal we were the only club stupid enough to offer that sort of deal 2, Gives a complete rookie coach a 4 year deal in his 1st management position? It is complete madness on both fronts sometimes i think Foran is writing his own contracts he has the club over a barrel & for his utter failure the idiots on the board will have to fork out big mo
  6. ICT may have some Brilliant coaches in the school's & doing other activities but at the end of the day there objective is to produce players capable of going in2 the 1st team apart from Christie , Ross & Polly the number of players coming up through the ranks at the club is shocking compared to other teams.
  7. The problem with the youth set up is that its all jobs for the boys Danny Macdonald, Charlie Christie & Duncan Sherear What do these 3 so called coaches bring to the club?by all accounts they couldnt run a bath let alone a training session they have bin in that job for years and the return they give the club is nothing short of scandalous in terms of young players coming through the line of "no players in the Highlands" is a complete cop out, look at County there set up is second to none with qaulity coaches who have a huge understanding of youth football not to mention facilities that put
  8. fox83

    Match 1000

    Just read an article on the 1000th game about Wilson Robertson. Now there was a player maybe more so for Caley but still did no bad in the 1st season Wilson on his day made Barry Wilson look slow a joy to watch. Maybe legends of the club could have made an appearance at half time tonight to give us all a trip down memory lane and remind us all of 1 hell of a ride.
  9. Foran is showing u can't go from being one of the lads who organises nights outs nd golf days to being the manager of the football club, the total planks who gave him a 3 year deal should be held 2 account for their complete incompetence.
  10. Fair play charles i get ur point nd agree that its 2 clubs fighting over a small piece of pie but its still frustrating knowing there is a load of inverness school kids away to the county game nxt week nd i suppose its impossible to stop just as it was with those people who went over the bridge to watch there football in 1994 after the M word. lol
  11. So are ICT going to Dingwall or Invergordon primary schools old caley girl ?No the club should cement its hold in its home town surely ? get down from ur high horse woman
  12. Thats great to no guys nd im grateful for the response. Im sure the community team do very well with limited resources available but i stand by my point that ICT should not be letting county sneak into there territory nd its a sad day for me personally when iv gota pay to get in2 the jail end.
  13. So im currently away working and tonight when i phoned home to see how the kids got on at school my 6 year old son who has been to a few games at caley park told me he received a free ticket for the Ross County game next week,Thinking he won it as a prize or as a reward i said well done but to my amazement he told me it was because of the FREE coaching sessions Ross County put on for the kids in school. Firstly well done to County for actually thinking outside the box & putting on these sessions.secondly why the hell are ICT not doing this scheme ?(yes im aware of the free under 12s t
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