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  1. ICTHighlandHeart

    Bill starts for NI

    Anyone know if this game is streaming online?
  2. ICTHighlandHeart

    Song for Caley

  3. ICTHighlandHeart

    The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    I'll put in £21 just to raise the bar ;)
  4. ICTHighlandHeart

    Surfer flag design

    Middle one for me
  5. ICTHighlandHeart

    The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    Count me in
  6. ICTHighlandHeart

    Semi Final Build-Up Thread Spectacular!

    Does anyone know if there is any tickets that could be purchased this late if so where from? Thanks
  7. ICTHighlandHeart

    Tynecastle: who's going?

    Taking the train down +4
  8. ICTHighlandHeart

    CJT cup semi final statement

    Not the best news, but at a least they are helping with travel arrangments
  9. ICTHighlandHeart

    Butcher offski?

    Apparently he's signed a 3 year deal http://www.hibs.net/showthread.php?269587-Terry-Butcher-(ICT-give-Hibs-permission-to-talk-to-him-Hibs-statement-post-936)/page40
  10. ICTHighlandHeart

    Butcher offski?

    Butcher is staying (for now)I'll put money on it. He wouldn't leave now so much to look forward to.
  11. ICTHighlandHeart

    Butcher offski?

    What was that?? Aha http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24791652
  12. ICTHighlandHeart

    County game

    Anyone now how many tickets are left for the county game??
  13. ICTHighlandHeart

    St Johnstone roll call

    I'll be there+4 taking the car down should be a good game
  14. ICTHighlandHeart

    Kilmarnock away attendance?

    Seems to be a decent away support going down on Saturday what do you think it will be and FT predictions?
  15. ICTHighlandHeart

    Celtic -V- Inverness CT

    Does anyone know when the official pictures of the celtic vs caley game come up on the caleyjags.com website. Thanks
  16. ICTHighlandHeart

    Helping out Hearts

    So we should to
  17. ICTHighlandHeart

    Helping out Hearts

    Hearts are bringing down a huge support from Edinburgh http://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/132075-inverness-away-dot-counting/#entry3779265 So we should try and get a decent home support. What's your preditions for the Final score and the attendance.
  18. YouTube video by tomatoterrace that I seen the other day give it a watch. Then subscribe to his YouTube video and he puts up a new video every away day. Very good!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ft2qJ-K4H5w