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  1. The path I was following went straight into the grounds, but I followed prints in the snow to get to the road leading to the property rather than going any closer to it. I know the cafe at the farm too and was there a few times in previous summers. Oh for being able to live a normal life again!
  2. Only a mile from where I live and I just came across it today! Somewhat out of my price range! Is it still one property or has it been converted to flats? There were a lot of wheelie bins outside.
  3. He also got an assist. After a shaky start, he seems to have turned things round there.
  4. Stumbled across this when out for a walk earlier, at a time I had expected to be watching a live stream of today’s game. I don’t know the name or the history but if anyone recognises it, feel free to fill me in.
  5. Andy Shinnie came off the bench and got a late equaliser for Charlton today. Not sure what happened but Polly seems to have lost the plot and been given a straight red for foul and abusive language in Motherwell’s defeat at Aberdeen. Josh Meekings only lasted the first half at Wealdstone before being subbed. They conceded three in the first half.
  6. What’s your best position Satan? Looks like we will drop to eighth today.
  7. Why won’t they post to this area? I would challenge it as unreasonable and possibly discriminatory. However, if that is their approach to business they don’t deserve any customers.
  8. The postponement is frustrating but not a big surprise. It is disappointing there was no mention of an inspection anywhere that I could see. We have a big backlog of games which will make it harder to get into a play off place, so we need to build momentum and put a winning run together, starting at Morton on Wednesday, or we risk the rest of the season becoming meaningless.
  9. Robbo seems quite positive in his interview on the club site and says the pitch is likely to be covered this afternoon to protect it: https://ictfc.com/match-preview-alloa-athletic-23-01-2021 Fingers crossed!
  10. I really hope the game goes ahead. Streaming information: https://ictfc.com/ppv-info-ictfc-v-alloa-athletic
  11. The kick off time for next Wednesday’s rearranged game has been changed to 1830.
  12. We should and if we do, it will be better than we did at home to them in the league last season when we drew 1-1 and 2-2. The defeat to them before Christmas should be fresh in the players’ minds and should act as a spur to put things right. In terms of the team, I’d like to see Daniel Mackay get game time in place of Kennedy and Carson feature if he is fit enough.
  13. With all the uncertainty over finances and whether the season will be completed, I’d be amazed if we bring anyone in during this window. Wealdstone are 15th in the National League but only 2 points off a play off place. He may come up against Gary Warren if they have still to play Torquay this season.
  14. I’m happy to support the stance the club sees as being most appropriate for us and the players. If they are happy with the measures in place, they are best placed to judge and I will go along with that. Equally if they believe there are risks to safety and want a pause or suspension, I will go along with that too. I just long for being able to spend Saturday afternoons watching live football in the stadium, enjoying the banter and, hopefully, a winning ICT. I’m happy with whatever measures are required to enable that to happen. The sooner the better! This is the article that set
  15. If it is correct that we are the team that has started this, I support the stance being taken. Our players have journeys of up to 5 hours after games without being able to shower. That is not good for physical or mental wellbeing. There are part time clubs in our league, so their players are doing day jobs out with their club bubbles. We have been relatively lucky here with lower infection rates but they are now pretty high, and the players, officials and their families are at higher risk when travelling to areas where rates are even higher. With the lower leagues on hold,
  16. We could drop to 8th tomorrow as Queen of the South are at home to Arbroath.
  17. I agree if it is clear that a breach occurred, and there is to be an investigation into the circumstances: https://spfl.co.uk/news/raith-rovers-v-ict-postponed However, with this strain being more virulent and transmissible, we can’t assume that anyone in football who catches it has breached the rules. Wales are saying it is spreading within Supermarkets (and we know there have been cases in two Tesco stores here recently) so are club officials and players not allowed in shops? We have just had two coaches and an official self isolating. Those affected at Raith could well also b
  18. Dunfermline at home on 29 December was our last game. We have had postponements on four successive Saturdays now along with Tuesday evening.
  19. Just had a look at the Raith Rovers website and there is no update to what was there yesterday. Given it is now after 1600, hopefully that means the game will go ahead.
  20. It took courage to speak up like that, and it will hopefully inspire others to share issues they are facing. Too many of us bottle things up, and should follow his example as none of us are immune to the prospect of mental health issues, what may trigger them or the damage they can cause for individuals and families. From my perspective, Robbo has done a great job with a very limited budget. We all want the club to prosper and get back in the top league, but with the inevitable player turnover and lack of funds, we have matched bigger clubs with bigger budgets consistently whilst in the C
  21. And it’s not as if fans will be inconvenienced by travelling for a game that is called off. Once we know if it is on, all we need to decide is whether to buy the live stream or not.
  22. D&E are also a sponsor and have a prime board so can’t see anything changing.
  23. Dates have been announced for our three postponed games (to date) to take place: 27 and 30 January (Morton away and Queen if the South at home) and 3 February (Arbroath away): https://ictfc.com/rearranged-championship-matches No word on when / if the Buckie game will take place and we may, of course, also need a date for playing Raith if Saturday’s game does get called off. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until the Championship gets suspended, though.
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