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  1. Lewis Hyde has also gone on loan to Rothes: https://ictfc.com/lewis-hyde-joins-rothes-on-loan Hopefully he gets a lot of game time whilst there.
  2. I recall reading that you could pay by contactless to park in the away car park: is that right?
  3. I’m chuffed to bits as I have benefitted from a cancellation and am now the proud possessor of a ticket for Saturday. I’ve to be there at 1400.
  4. PPV details issued. I hope the SPFL has finally got its act together and there are no issues this time! https://ictfc.com/ppv-info-dundee-h12-12-2020
  5. It’s a tricky one, as my wife feels Inverness, and Eastgate in particular, will die if Debenhams goes. That could make more retailers pull out and hurt the remaining small local businesses, possibly terminally. I’m no fan of Mike Ashley and his methods, but it may be the lesser of two evils.
  6. Agreed, any two from four could get the top two spots and all the teams will fancy their chances of winning the group bar the Faroes and Moldova. I just hope our recent apparent improvement continues and makes us competitive and a real contender in the group.
  7. We could have got a worse draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifying. We need to win the group to qualify or finish second to go into play offs. We have Denmark, Austria, Israel (yet again), Faroe Islands and Moldova. Denmark are the top seeds.
  8. For tm4tj, I gave him the credit on Friday and it was his long throw that led to the third goal. I think the BBC gave Sutherland the assist for the second for some reason. As I said on the POTM thread, Mckay was a contender for my top three.
  9. https://ictfc.com/match-report-qots-0-3-ictfc-04-12-2020
  10. Tobi Sho-Silva and Jonny Hayes have had first half goals for Sutton and Aberdeen today. Andy MacRae got another for Brora.
  11. I’d have swapped him and Storey at half time so he would be through the middle and Storey wide, but still allowing all the four to interchange. He’s got goals in him and hopefully we will see that. The only downside for me from the match is today’s hangover.....
  12. I think they are less biased by the reaction of home fans so decisions are probably more balanced. That said, Allardice deserved a yellow he didn’t get just before a Queens player got one for a challenge on him that didn’t deserve a card. In March, I think that would have been reversed and we’d have had no complaints.
  13. While I was watching the football, my wife was watching a live stream of Scooty and the Skyhooks from the Ironworks in aid of the Highland Hospice. We have rewound it and are watching it again and it is a great gig and well worth watching, not just as they are Caley Thistle fans. It is on You Tube and Facebook under “Party at your place” for Highland Hospice Christmas party nights. There are events on the next two Fridays too, but if you can find tonight’s and donate I’m sure the Hospice will be very grateful and you will enjoy it. It is really rounding off one of my most enjoyable d
  14. Tough one this week as most of the players deserve points tonight. I went for MacGregor, Kennedy and Deas but Mckay, Harper, Devine and Keatings could all have been in my selection. Onwards and upwards. Roll on Dundee next Saturday!
  15. Leanne Crichton has just summed Storey up nicely. He’s best when he has not got time to think about what to do!
  16. Agreed. We should move all our games to a Friday. The 5-0 against Morton was a Friday.
  17. Great interview with Roddy MacGregor: great to see how happy he was with the goal and win, and making the point he was playing out of position. Now he’s added goals he could become a fixture in our team even when all are fit.
  18. We had 3 teenagers and 5 21 or under out there tonight. Great to see the performances of Harper and MacGregor, as well as Kennedy. Allardice had a quieter game but Deas is building a decent partnership with Devine at the back We were well worth the win and I’ve a good feeling about this season. They left at 1145 for the game and won’t be home until around 0300 so credit to them for the performance after such a long journey in poor weather, and largely dominating and getting a deserved win. We should be aiming for at least second again based on the recent performances, and most
  19. MacGregor named man of the match by the BBC.
  20. Toddy on for Sutherland for the last 5.
  21. I’d love 4-0 but predicted 3-1......
  22. Long throw by Mckay, great turn and finish by Storey. 3-0!! Sorry Moog!!
  23. Doran on for Kennedy. The youngster has done well but is not the finished article and he’s had a quiet second half.
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