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  1. Cheers Gringo, something good from this year: leading the table for new year! Seriously, thanks for keeping this going this season and giving us a bit of fun!
  2. We have Duffy to come back in at full back. i thought the pictures on the stream were ok tonight. It did not drop out for me. Yes ether are a bit behind but I just turn my sound off and leave my phone gave down other than when coming on here to see who is saying what.
  3. I’d have taken a point at half time but a much better second half. We need to play full games and turn draws into wins so we can climb this league. Dunfermline were nothing special.
  4. Dan Mackay getting the last few minutes. Surprised we’ve not seen more of him this season. Sutherland off.
  5. Raith and Dundee both losing but over an hour to play in those games.
  6. If only we were in that position!
  7. We were lucky to get away with that one. Could easily be behind again.
  8. Inverness is wonderful and bridge and castle are amongst our words....
  9. Ayr and Morton have drawn. A good outcome for us. Could do with Dundee or Raith failing to win too.
  10. Welsh’s booking probably means I’ve no chance of getting any points from Gringo tonight.... Unless Storey can get our first and / or we win 2-1.
  11. Remember we have levels not tiers!!
  12. Not sure that’s true. I’ve heard he is a youngster making his way and very enthusiastic. Remember he is watching the same feed as us, so we need to make some allowances. Enjoy Netflix!!
  13. I agree with your comments but it definitely was Devine. Welsh was in the box but not near the ball so I followed the player who cleared it until the number was visible. Definitely no 6. Kennedy on at half time for Doran. Doran took a knock which is maybe why he had not imposed himself.
  14. Devine did remarkably well to get that cross over the bar. Could easily have been an own goal. We need to keep the ball and play at a faster tempo. Hopefully Carson is fit enough to come on as we need his steel in midfield.
  15. Bad goal to lose. Sutherland so close to equalising but the woodwork saved Dunfermline.
  16. Looks like Sutherland playing as striker with Storey wide right and Allardice the most advanced of the three midfielders.
  17. Graeme Shinnie has scored from the spot and been involved in another as Derby lead Birmingham 3-0 at half time tonight.
  18. The stream is working for me too. Just need a win now!!
  19. Welsh, Vincent and Doran starting tonight. MacGregor and Kennedy drop to the bench. Keatings not in squad: injured? Not sure what the formation will be: 4-3-2-1? Ridgers Mckay Devine Deas Harper Allardice Welsh Vincent Sutherland Doran Storey
  20. Liverpool is one of the few large cities just to be in level 2 in England. Level 1 and 2 areas are allowed limited numbers of fans. Many areas are in level 3 with some in level 4 which is similar to what we are in, but I personally think there should be a full lockdown in England as their infection rates are higher than those in Scotland. We still have flights arriving in Inverness from London and Bristol which seems wrong From what I’ve seen of games down south with crowds, there seems to be less distancing between people and groups, whilst singing and shouting seems prevalent.
  21. HT 1-0 FT 2-1 ICT Storey Dunfermline O’Hara 1st yellow B Mckay
  22. The current weather warning is for ice overnight and possibly some snow showers. Hopefully the pitch is covered and will be playable.
  23. Results did not go our way today with Raith, Dunfermline and Dundee all winning. We drop to 7th, albeit only 2 points off a play off place but now 10 points behind Hearts and 7 behind Dunfermline. We need a win on Tuesday!
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