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Ross County -V- Inverness CT

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18th May @ 12:00PM, Global Energy Stadium
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Funny how County fans were celebrating news of Saints' goals - which pushed County down a league place and cost them about £80,000 in league prize money!

It's all very well putting a positive spin on our 'great season', but truth be told we should have been miles clear of St Johnstone by this stage. Looking back at all the games we dominated, all the s

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We're missing Draper and Foran in the middle IMHO


And OTJ.


We just have nothing in midfield are are looking truly awful so far. Dire stuff from us.


I think we'll be relying on Motherwell today.

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Nothing in midfield but not sure what we can do? Maybe three at the back with GShinnie and Raven in midfield? Drop AShinnie back a bit but stick on Sutherland for Taylor.

Its Man Utd without Beckham, Keane and Scholes. Cannot do without a whole midfield.

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Lets look on the bright side.....its unlikely we can put in a second half performance as poor as what we have seen so far.....................surely

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we don't have a midfield but we are just lumping it i know the pitch is bad but county seem to be able to string a few passes together on this yet we decide the best way is to launch it. We have had a great season but to if we do lose the spot after playing like this well we don't deserve it.

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