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  1. Robertsons big changes

    Don't really disagree with this but Mulraney has played in plenty of games against teams that don't pack their defence like Livi did on Saturday and he has seldom showed much to get excited about. As recently as the Dunfermline match he never got into the game and barely threatened. And they definitely weren't sitting in! But even against teams that do defend a bit deeper he needs to find a way to impact on games. Hayes did when he was with us though granted he was playing in a better team. For me though his all round game doesn't seem to have come on at all. As mentioned above he often looks quite disinterested when he comes on. His passing is slack, he spends more time falling over on his backside trying to win a free kick than actually doing anything meaningful to the benefit of the team. I'm hoping he'll come good but he really needs to improve rapidly. Whilst he's still quite young at 21 a lot of players are really hitting their stride at this age and Mulraney seems as far away from kicking on as a player as he was when he first signed for us though perhaps he didn't receive the best of coaching last season...
  2. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Absolute rubbish By the end of his time at ICT Hughes had left a completely imbalanced squad, chock full of central midfielders and almost no strikers to speak of. It was a shadow of the squad that he took charge of when Butcher left. Whilst I don't disagree that Foran made a complete of things himself to try and claim that he inherited a good side is a complete joke. Our line up for the last game of the season against Dundee was: Owain Fon Williams (Remained) Josh Meekings (Remained) Gary Warren (Remained) Daniel Devine (Signed (PCA?) with Partick) Carl Tremarco (Remained) Iain Vigurs (Remained) Liam Polworth (Remained) Greg Tansey (Remained) Ross Draper (Remained) Danny Williams (Signed PCA with Dundee) Miles Storey (Signed PCA with Aberdeen) Subs: Ryan Esson (Remained) David Raven (Set to be freed but re-signed) Lewis Horner (Remained) Jordan Roberts (Released) Ryan Williams (Released) Richie Foran (Set to be freed but became manager) Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo (Released) Once all the wheat was sorted from the chaff the defence was fine and there were decent midfielders in Draper and Tansey but without any forwards to speak of, almost no wide midfielders and zero depth beyond these few players it is bizarre to argue that Foran inherited a very decent squad as you say. A decent starting core of defence and midfield perhaps but that's really as much as you can say. Compared to what Hughes inherited the two are like night and day.
  3. Robertsons big changes

    Fully support those comments from Robertson regarding the lack of impact from the subs (excusing Tremarco obviously). Whilst he is still only 21 I am stunned at how easy a ride Mulraney seems to get from our support. For such a potentially exciting talent with bags of pace and a decent bit of skill he has zero end product. I can't recall a time when he has either scored or set up a goal for us. He could be a game changing player for us yet he seems to just let games pass him by.
  4. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Someone who was fed up at that club and wanted to move on. Hughes has history for this kind of thing. He did it before us and he did it after leaving us as well. He regularly falls out with players and / or board members. He did it at Falkirk and Hibs and last season he did it at Raith Rovers as he got them relegated. I don't think anyone would deny however that Hughes, even in the dying days of his spell at ICT, was infinitely better than Foran.
  5. Another typical ICT performance from this season showcasing perfectly why we will continue to struggle - a porous, error strewn defence and an utterly toothless attack. We're currently conceding about 2 goals per game on average and our attack simply isn't good enough to get three goals. We're not in the Paterson days any more. Whilst not really knowing much about Livi or their players individually I was really impressed with (cliche alert) how well organised they were. Whilst we had a lot of the ball we seldom seemed to trouble Livi who looked really comfortable sitting back a wee bit, inviting us on to them and trying to get us to break them down. We did create a couple of excellent chances to score but this tended to be the exception rather than the norm. For the majority of the game Livi defended well and easily kept us at bay. In the first few moments Vigurs played in Baird who shot right at the keeper and in the second half Polworth cut in from the flank and drove a ball across goal evading Bell and Baird. These were perhaps the best chances we created during the course of the game. Even the goal by Bell was somewhat fortunate as, looking at the highlights, it seems to be more of a cross than anything else. The three Livi goals had all the classic hallmarks of ICT defending this season. Got a set piece to take? We don't defend it. Fancy whipping a cross into the box? We won't clear it properly. The opener was actually quite well worked by the Livi players in the box who pulled their markers (Warren and Trafford) all over the place and they ended up running into each other freeing up Todorov to side foot in the first. The second, as mentioned above, comes from us failing to deal with a cross and Warren being asleep and standing much further back than the rest of his defence playing the Livi guy onside. Whilst the third, although another fantastic strike, is the result of even more atrocious defending from a set piece. There were few bright spots for ICT yesterday. The midfield trio of Polworth, Vigurs and Trafford were reasonable enough but Vigurs and Trafford faded badly late into the second half. Bell, despite an energetic start, also dropped off as the game went on with very little going right for him when he tried to beat his man. Cooper was non existent, the defence all over the place again whilst up front Baird certainly works hard but seldom seems to be in the right place at the right time to put the ball in the net or fluffs a great chance. He reminds me of Mckay when he first signed for us. Sadly for ICT, Baird is not in his early twenties and we need him to be much more clinical now rather than after a season as we had with Mckay. With each passing week the faint hope I had for us sneaking into the playoffs in 4th diminishes a little bit more and its clear that supporters are largely starting to drift away already. A shade over 2,000 fans yesterday should set bells ringing at the club. Last season our average attendance was something like 3,800 and whilst we won't enjoy the large away crowds this season as had in previous years its clear that several hundred home fans have deserted ICT since the summer. It really doesn't bode well for the future.
  6. Is this the same John Hughes that got Raith relegated last season?
  7. Our Signing Strategy

    Those players have collectively had about one good game between them and one has only played in a single friendly match.
  8. Robertson worse than Foran?

    We get it you love John Hughes but you really need to move on. What happened with Hughes, Foran and Cameron has been done to death on this site. If you are going to revisit it then at least try and take the blinkers off and acknowledge some of the major shortcomings that Hughes exhibited especially at the end of his tenure at the club.
  9. I thought today we... ...actually, f'ck it. I'm not going to waste my time.
  10. St Mirren have also had a manager in there now for several months with a long term plan. Something we haven't really had for a couple of seasons now. Their signings have been with long term progression in mind compared to our sticky plaster approach to new players.
  11. Number One

    http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/Sport/Football/Mark-Ridgers-praises-incredibly-talented-Owain-Fon-Williams-and-empathises-with-his-Caley-Thistle-situation-11092017.htm Really is a ridiculous situation here. Either OFW or Robertson are lying. I noted that Meekings favourited OFW reply that he wasn't injured which, to me, indicates some kind of support from a (former) team mate of his side of the story. Of course we've seen the recent saga with Draper during his move from the club as well as the shabby treatment handed out to other players and coaches. When did we become a club that treats it's players so poorly and in public as well?
  12. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    If only our fans got as worked up about other things going on at the club as they do about the players having some slices of pizza after a game. Jesus wept.
  13. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    At least it was a Dominos rather than garbage like Pizza Hut.
  14. Ridgers getting a fair bit of flack here and whilst a fair chunk is deserved don't forget about the fact that the defenders in front of him are also culpable for a lot of mistakes leading to goals as well.
  15. Ugh. I'm not even surprised by how we concede goals these days. Our defence and keeper are a collective shambles and are good for at least 1 if not 2 goals each week for the opposition. In an attacking sense we simply don't create enough chances to win most games either. The first three Saints goals were all so easily preventable as well but we just seem to have absolute no confidence across the back five even doing something simple like kicking the ball away seems too taxing for our guys just now. The first Saints goal comes from an ICT throw in deep in your half. As is standard for Inverness we bottle the throw in and before you know it a long ball is humped forward, Warren loses the ball in the air (then bizarrely runs in the opposite direction ) and suddenly Morgan is belting towards our goal and up against a total carthouse in Mckay who defends as well as he has been for months i.e. not very good. I don't know if the shot takes a deflection off someone before it gets to Ridgers but it didn't look like he covered himself in glory trying to deal with it. Unbelievable miss from Polworth after a neat flick from Bell, who had replaced the utterly ineffective and clearly couldn't be arsed Calder by this point, clean through on goal and fires the ball right at Samson. Martin Bavidge would have been proud of that one on one miss. Fortunately Baird got a chance a few minutes later to show him how to finish such a chance when he tucked the ball away with ease. Unfortunately we decided to have another defensive brain fart almost right away. after failing to properly clear a Buddies corner somehow we ended up with Trafford trying to defend against the tricky Morgan on the flank and he was left on his arse a couple of times before Morgan stood a cross up for Ridgers to fall about trying to deal with and left our defence looking like they were trying to clear a live grenade such was their lack of desire to get rid of the loose ball. In the end, with the ball crawling over the line Reilly powered through Raven to force it in. A stroke of luck for our second equaliser. With Polworth standing in an offside position Bell (I think) was tackled by a Saints player and the ball bounced through to Polworth who rounded Samson this time to level up. Cue another ICT defensive horror show as Warren (twice), Mckay, Chalmers then all three of them failed to handle Reilly as he broke towards goal, had a shot which rebounded to Smith and he blasted the ball past Ridgers to put Saints ahead again. No fault on the keeper there for me but again our defenders failed to take charge of the situation and clear the ball instead falling over themselves like newborn gazelles taking their first steps. The game was finally killed off when McShane smashed in another long range strike ending any faint hopes of ICT getting back into the game for a third time. There's no disgrace being beaten by Saint Mirren who are clearly a far better team than us. However, it's still massively concerning just how rotten we are at the back and how poor we are going forward. Vigurs, Polworth and Trafford all were decent yesterday but that's about it. Another pretty desperate day all round.
  16. I think you need to go back and read the post in question again. You've completely misunderstood what DoofersDad is saying.
  17. Given the comments from some posters, ymip for example, about seats already being broken in the stand ICT fans were located in that day I trust the club are vetting the claim from Brechin before just agreeing to pay it? Additionally, I wonder if any of the alleged perpetrators were invited to give their side of the story or were they just assumed to be guilty? Again, not condoning what is alleged to have taken place but there does appear to be significant pre-judgement of the lads involved.
  18. And what point is it that DD and PF have misunderstood? The statement clearly sets out three issues the club have with the "Ultras" and their language is one of those issues. It is perfectly valid to surmise that, based on this, the club will be taking a similar hard line approach with supporters of all ages, both in the home and away end, on this matter. Indeed the next sentence appears to confirm this.
  19. A statement that had to be made but yet again the content and the tone of it is appalling. The continual use of quotation marks around certain words in the statement like "ultras" and "supporters" make it look like nothing more than a cheap shot at a group of supporters in an effort to belittle them. It's totally condescending and will only succeed in driving them way from the club completely. You can disagree with how some of these young lads support the team, and I am not condoning what is alleged to have taken place, but to issue a statement like that does the club no favours at all and makes them look like the are looking down on these lads and that is absolutely pathetic.
  20. Nothing on the club site (yet?) but BBC reporting a number of fans have been banned.
  21. Irn Bru Cup 3rd round draw

  22. Yeah certainly looks that way
  23. Whilst it's great to get two wins on the spin for the first time in a long while keep in mind these were against a part time side and a load of U20s. Not exactly a brilliant measure of how good we actually are. St Mirren this weekend will be a much better gauge.
  24. An interesting article... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/31/policed-football-fans-enemy-manchester-city-bournemouth-police-stewards