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  1. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Heard there are good numbers already signed up for QotS away which is good news :)
  2. Aberdeen don't train there.
  3. There's no chance we could have gone for elite surely? Admittedly no one seems to know what the criteria for Project Brave actually is, and the SFA seem unwilling to tell us, but it seems odd that Aberdeen are in there considering their training facilities consist of a public park.
  4. Jake Mulraney

    He's been on a fantastic run of form ever since the second half of the Falkirk game a few weeks back. It's almost like he has realised he could absolutely cigar this league if he wants and now he's suddenly decided to be the new Jonny Hayes. More of the same please Jake
  5. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    We'll do well to get 1,500 for this almost regardless of pricing.
  6. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Disappointingly I see from the County forum that The Doghouse has apparently approached their supporters club about doing some link up with them and running a bus on match days. It would have been good if we had done something like this.
  7. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    I hope we don't get TNS. Not a fan of clubs formed through mergers.
  8. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    I was speaking with someone involved in the supporters club / travel club on Saturday and she mentioned that this is on the list of things to be sorted (she and others had gone round the ground with Graham Rae and he was making notes of things that needed to be improved/sorted out). The club isn't exactly rolling in it AFAIK but I wondered if maybe a local supplier could get involved and be "paid" with a wee feature in the programme masquerading as free advertising?
  9. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    TNS = The New Saints? I've been thinking it was Total Network Solutions ETA: Having just been reading about them it seems they used to be Total Network Solutions then merged with another team. Bloody mergers...
  10. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Probably a deserved win for us in the end after a pretty shaky first half performance. Considering the good defensive run we had been on recently it was quite surprising to see us looking pretty porous at the back for much of the first half with quite a few desperate tackles and scrambles throughout. Second half was much better, looked a lot more resolute defensively and had a much easier time of it after going a goal up as Falkirk started chasing the game a bit more which left gaps at the back. Well taken goal by Bell. I think the cross from the right was flicked up by either a Falkirk defender or perhaps Baird and it was a lovely shot lashed across goal into the net from the wee man after taking some time to steady himself. Probably should have added to our lead but for some wasteful play which on a fair few occasions saw a poor choice of final ball costing us a good chance to get a second. Raven and Tremarco did well for us and Vigurs was really good up until he took a knock in the second half. Polworth was a bizarre mixture of really good support from midfield but also some very poor passing choices and almost trying to do too much and beat several men. He seemed to get a lot of abuse of those that were there in the North Stand which was, as per usual, over the top. Bell was fantastic and Baird, despite not scoring, linked well with the former. Really poor crowd but that's probably to be expected given it wasn't a season ticket game and the bitterly cold temperatures. Fair play to the 100 or so Bairns fans for making it up the road. I think everyone was pretty happy it didn't go to extra time...
  11. Derby - 8th November

    I'd imagine having two feet for a footballer would be a prerequisite otherwise you'd end up falling over a lot. #Banter
  12. Derby - 8th November

    Also shows what happens when you drink sheep dip.
  13. NICK ROSS Trialist

    As I said in my post I wouldn't be supportive of disrupting the current setup for obvious reasons. That said, he is a quality player at this level so if the chance came up to sign him it would daft not to consider it and see what kind of salary would be required. ETA: As Fraz says if we did have some extra cash lying about another striker would be my preference though I wouldn't be disappointed if we did sign Ross.
  14. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Then don't play him in a position that requires him to win those 50/50 ball. He could be a very capable player at this level playing just behind the striker slipping balls in behind the defence for Bell or Baird to latch on to. That said, doing that would likely necessitate a change in formation and I wouldn't be supportive of that given current form. A deal to the end of the season might not be terrible especially given that his planned move to Spain or the USA doesn't seem to be happening.
  15. I think that's the first time anyone has ever submitted to me!
  16. That does the team an enormous disservice. If anything Livi held us on Saturday not the other way around.
  17. I thought Oakley was pretty poor really. Whilst he won a few headers and generally was good at holding the ball up he was very slow at finding a team mate when he had the ball and this really caused a lot of our attacks to break down as he ended up giving the ball away. Baird and Bell as soon as they have the ball are laying it off and turning and speeding towards goal, Oakley by comparison was quite sluggish.
  18. Probably should have won that today. Mulraney and Bell had guilt edged chances to put us in front and both passed them up / saw their efforts well saved by Alexander. The chance from Bell came from some quite fantastic build up play through the middle but it was one of the few moments of real quality. Whilst most of the players did fine they didn't quite hit the same heights as they had done against Falkirk and Dundee United (thinking Polworth and Vigurs here). At the back we were solid but we didn't create a lot of good chances like we did against the Bairns a few weeks ago and we missed that clinical edge that we had at Tannadice. Ridgers barely had a save to make and that says a lot about how we did today - defence seldom troubled albeit we lacked a bit up front ourselves. The subs seemed to disrupt us a wee bit. Baird off for Oakley made sense but he struggled to hold the ball up and link with his team mates as Baird had been doing previously. Mulraney continued his good form and whilst I don't agree that his end product was there today that's probably being a bit harsh as he did put in a couple of decent crosses though I still think he was a wee bit wasteful at times and again threw himself to ground a bit too often. That said, he really seems to be on a good run just now and I see no reason why, based on his current form, he couldn't go on to perform to a similar level to Hayes when he was with us at this level several years ago. Great support down backing the side today, plenty of noise, just a shame there wasn't a goal to celebrate.
  19. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Should have been called up to the Scotland squad instead of Ryan Jack.
  20. Robertson Out

  21. Under 16s Gopher Free this Weekend

    Biased against discounted entry for moles, badgers and rabbits IMVHO.
  22. Robertson Out

    The way things are going I'd be pretty surprised if we don't win the league.
  23. Joe, Joe, Super Joe

    On the bench. There's absolutely no reason to change this team whilst it's been doing so well. Caley Stan is right to pick out Chalmers. Despite being a total jobber for most of the season yesterday he was really excellent. Seemed to be playing on the left flank ahead of Tremarco but often pulled inside to tighten up the centre of the pitch. He has improved massively from his very timid showing at Dumbarton and long may it continue. Same for Donaldson who I wasn't overly happy about us signing but again he's been proving me wrong. Very simple but effective defending, seems to have stopped trying to playing 40 yard Hollywood passes out for a throw in and instead is concentrating on just winning headers and tackles and then, if in any doubt, putting the ball in to touch. Very similar to Darren Dods. If these guys keep things up a lot of folk, myself included, will be eating humble pie and I hope that is the case. Because I love pie.