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  1. Ah yes - Boden the pre-season wonder...
  2. Always good when the strikers get scoring early on.
  3. You had me confused there Bronson, I thought it was new nickname for him since he was here last.
  4. Please enlighten us Dougal, will you now be buying a season ticket?
  5. Well done the Board for making some positive changes. Let's hope they keep communicating with the fans going forward.
  6. Some good points there, Charles. I think you would make a good ICT Comms person - please take note ICT Board...
  7. There is a lack of evidence of Board activity but I do hear that there is good things going on in the background and hopefully this will start to become clearer in the next few weeks.
  8. Well said Caley 100. By buying our season tickets we show our support whilst Dougal just snipes away on the sidelines with nothing positive, as usual, to say or contribute.
  9. Yes the season ticket is more than I was expecting but I will be renewing it and I urge everybody who can to renew also. The club needs us more than ever at this point. The new Chairman and Board have made a tough but correct decision with Richie Foran and they must now get it right with the new manager but in the meantime we as fans must give them the benefit of the doubt and show out unity and support by buying season tickets and showing our support in anyway we can.
  10. Yes you'll be pleased that your County season ticket is cheaper this year.
  11. Jim Duffy is worth considering. Yes I know he may seem dull and uninspiring bu he has done a really solid job with Morton this season on a very tight budget.
  12. I fully agree with your comments about Kenny and David Sutherland but you're a tad unfair about Doug MacGilivray. Without his immense determination and drive to get us up the leagues I very much doubt we would have got into the spl withing 10 years. Yes the debt almost put us over the edge but remember that a sizeable chunk of the debt was down to the ridiculous and excessive Council planning requirements such as the road etc.
  13. Foran has to go and we must appoint a manager with proven experience who will be able put together a squad capable and ready from the first game to make a concerted challenge for the league. Ritchie was a hero of mine as a player but he should never have been appointed as manager and I don't have any confidence that things would improve next season under his control.
  14. Well done to all the fans who made the effort to attend this match. You gave the team fantastic backing and helped them get over the line with a fine win. Same again for Saturday everyone.
  15. I will be delighted with strip as long as the players are wearing it in the Premiership next season.