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  1. I fully agree with your comments about Kenny and David Sutherland but you're a tad unfair about Doug MacGilivray. Without his immense determination and drive to get us up the leagues I very much doubt we would have got into the spl withing 10 years. Yes the debt almost put us over the edge but remember that a sizeable chunk of the debt was down to the ridiculous and excessive Council planning requirements such as the road etc.
  2. Foran has to go and we must appoint a manager with proven experience who will be able put together a squad capable and ready from the first game to make a concerted challenge for the league. Ritchie was a hero of mine as a player but he should never have been appointed as manager and I don't have any confidence that things would improve next season under his control.
  3. Well done to all the fans who made the effort to attend this match. You gave the team fantastic backing and helped them get over the line with a fine win. Same again for Saturday everyone.
  4. I will be delighted with strip as long as the players are wearing it in the Premiership next season.
  5. I would be astonished if the Board budgeted for a top six finish. They have previously always made prudent budget forecasts and I don't think season will be any different. Happy to be proved wrong if you have anything solid to back up your assumption.
  6. The club does not have an overdraft so there is no pressure coming from the bank. I am sure there will be a sizeable loss this season which will cause the Board some problems but I don't think we are any way near going into adiministration.
  7. It is indeed. Charlie normally steers clear of saying anything controversial in his Courier columns but this comment is very telling.
  8. I welcome this move and you never know it could just get us going again.
  9. Yet we have beaten ourselves many times this season and the manager remains.
  10. It really hurts to come to this conclusion but I think the Board must be radical and gamble by removing Foran now. It is obvious to one an all that our results are not going to improve under the present set-up and maybe just maybe a change could give the spark to inspire some results to get near 11th place. If they don't gamble now then nothing is going change and we go down without giving any of the teams above a fight.
  11. That's great to hear considering our current plight - well done to everyone who is going.
  12. The time to start the blood-letting and taking stock will be when our fate is decided. We still have it in our own hands to avoid relegation and yes I am only too aware that games are running out but things could change for the better quickly if we could get a early win in the remaining games and lets remember that all the teams next to us will be taking points of each other. Lets use our energy to give the team all the positive backing we can and you never you the team may surprise you.
  13. Matchday Thread

    What seems to be forgotten was King loosing the ball in the first place when he should have done a lot better. It was though a stupid careless challenge by Brad. One positive thing from Saturday was the composed and classy performance from McNaughton, we could do with much more of this for the remaining games.
  14. Think we need to get Derek Adams back to bring some needle to these games. If someone can post the link to his reaction we got the last gasp equaliser in the cup a few years ago that would be great.
  15. Matchday Thread

    This could turn out to be a very important point. We now go into the County match with a much more positive mindset and when we win we will only be a point behind them.