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  1. I wouldn't be seen dead with one personally, but given some of the social media spats between supporters on Twitter recently, they have the potential for all sorts of interesting scenes: *prominent ICT tweeter holds up personalised scarf* Fellow supporter: 'Hang on. Didn't you call me an ******** on Twitter recently?' *savage beating ensues*
  2. That sort of macho, intimidatory style of management did seem to work at one time, but even Ferguson acknowledges that it has had its day - and that can only be a good thing. The Calderwood case is different though - it's a matter of public record that he mocked, humiliated and then ostracised Ryan O'Leary when the player opened up to him about suffering from depression. That's an absolute abuse of his duty of care to his player. I would be very, very unhappy with him becoming our manager.
  3. Matchday Thread

    Really concerned by that line-up. Did Foran really stand on the Firhill touchline last week watching that dreadful performance and think to himself, 'more of this against County, please'? We created absolutely nothing, and simply swapping Draper and Tremarco for Polworth and Mckay and keeping the same shape is unlikely to change that.
  4. We picked up 14 points out of the first 36 available, and have picked up 8 out of 45 in the last 15 games. There were a handful of decent performances in those 15 games - the two against Rangers, albeit a poor Rangers, spring to mind - but also some of the worst I can remember seeing, especially those in Perth and Hamilton. Regardless of how or where you apportion blame, there is no evidence of real improvement in the team as a whole: Mckay is certainly a cut above what we've had up front for most of the season, but we still lack firepower and we're still making far too many mistakes at the back. Therefore, I can't see how we're going to pick up the number of points that would have seen us safe in previous seasons. Best hope is for Motherwell to sink deeper into turmoil after McGhee's departure rather than getting a bounce, and for Hamilton to have used up all their luck last night, but my feeling is that we'll be in the bottom two.
  5. Exactly this. Although we only conceded our second just before half time in the cup fixture, I thought we looked hopelessly out of our depth for pretty much the entire game, and didn't succeed in preventing Celtic from playing the way we did in the first half of our last league fixture at Celtic Park. It will be harder to press Celtic as effectively as we did Hearts and Rangers for most of those games, but with the greater dynamism of Polworth in midfield and pace of Mulraney wide right, we hopefully won't be chasing shadows quite as much as we were in the cup game.
  6. ^^^ This, particularly the stuff about Mckay. Excellent post. Just last night's simple action of sticking with the same team from Tynecastle despite more experienced players coming back into the frame also probably had some impact, psychologically. McCart and Mulraney showed real increases in confidence on the field last night, having been shown that Foran has confidence in them. Mulraney in particular is starting to look like he could be the player we hoped he would be after his performances in the League Cup.
  7. Absolutely. By his final season, with Warren and Meekings pretty established, he'd got it right, but keeping Tokely at CB in the closing games of his first season was costly, and the decision to free Munro when he did contributed to a couple of pretty rocky seasons, although some would argue that that was part of a necessary transition.
  8. POY

    Maybe it's sabotage and won't register the votes of anyone who voted for Cole. I tried voting twice, with him in my top 3, and it didn't work either time.
  9. The Foran XI looks stronger than the IHE XI, imho. The three in the middle was a big part of our ability to remain competitive throughout the game yesterday, and Anier hasn't shown enough in any of his games to warrant a start. In fact, if we were going to throw a second striker in there, I'd be inclined to give Ebbe his chance.
  10. Matchday Thread

    I'd be surprised if at least one of Warren or Mckay - probably the former, because he is club captain and a more natural centre half than Mckay despite his dodgy form this season - doesn't come in for McCart, to offer more experience. Otherwise, I think he needs to go with the same against Rangers. That was a really hard-fought point: Hearts weren't at their best, but we pressed them and prevented them from taking hold of the game in a way we simply didn't do against Hamilton or (more understandably) Celtic. Mckay's hold-up play and movement up front were superb, and Cole looks a good outlet, although he has too much of a tendency to turn into trouble - I'd like to see him try to get a bit wider at times. Mulraney was less effective than Cole going forward, but his tracking back to put additional pressure on Hearts when they were in possession was really impressive. At the back, Raven and Tremarco both really stepped up to help protect the inexperienced central defensive partnership, of whom Laing looked the more assured, although both did well. The key, though, was the use of our three most dynamic central midfielders in their best positions, something most of us have been crying out for. Having Polworth, Tansey and Draper in the centre means that any one or two of them can push up when required, while the other one or two of them sit deeper. That's how it worked yesterday, with Tansey managing to get forward more than he has for months, and having his most effective game since at least Rangers on Christmas Eve. For all that Foran rates Vigurs' ability, surely after witnessing yesterday's performance he must recognise that this greater dynamism and controlled aggression in midfield is what we need if we're to stand any chance of finishing above 11th spot.
  11. The use of inverted commas around 'support' is a particularly classy touch here.
  12. I went for Hamilton as it was the worst all-round performance I can remember seeing from us, cut us further adrift from our nearest relegation rivals, and probably increased their confidence while diminishing ours. And for the simple reason that it was the lowest I've felt at an ICT game this season.
  13. Matchday Thread

    There's not a chance in hell we're getting safe. We're far too slow and too error-prone at the back, there isn't enough presence, or composure, or pace in midfield, we have no creativity in the wide areas and few discernible tactics. Celtic are an excellent side, but I reckon any other Premiership club would have given them more of a game today. Earlier in the season, we did at least manage to stop them playing for 45 minutes; today, they were miles quicker to everything, we were incapable of closing them down at all and ended up just resorting to embarrassing fouls. I hate seeing an ICT team trying to kick opponents off the park, but if they must do it, they should at least make sure it works. At the back, Warren looked lost; up front, Anier was completely anonymous. Normally I really look forward to a game at Tynecastle, but I can't see anything other than an easy Hearts win, now they seem to have come on to a bit of form. I'd like to see Polworth come into central midfield as he at least offers a little more pace and fight than Vigurs (who, to be fair, was no worse than Tansey or Draper today); Mulraney should maybe be given another chance from the start, although I still suspect he has very little end product, and as Anier did so little, why not stick in Ebbe, who looks a bit of a handful. Maybe the sort of player who could be useful in the Championship.
  14. Matchday Thread

    Because I can't be arsed typing it out again, lazy cut and paste of my post on P&B in response to a still-pessimistic Accies supporter who suggested that we would probably 'have the guts' to get rid of Foran before it's too late: I'm not sure the board will have the guts. They gave him a four-year contract - presumably the cheap option, although it was sold as building for the future - so it would cost them a fair bit to pay him off. The decision they face now is whether it's worth getting shot and hoping we can get someone in who can keep the club up, or accepting that we're going down and starting to budget for a season in the Championship. There's absolutely no way we're staying up under Foran though - the central midfield partnership that won the Scottish Cup and got us to a clear third two seasons ago looked scared of the ball tonight, and he had two more central midfielders allegedly playing wide. We've looked clueless tactically for months now, and if he's lost the dressing room, as it appears, then it's game over. I genuinely can't remember witnessing a worse ICT performance, and that includes a game when we were 5-0 down to Airdrie at half time, when Steve Paterson had presumably had the players in the casino until 7am the night before. Just to add: I'm not sure whether we do have the right balance of players to stay up even under a more experienced manager, but I do know that most of the players on show tonight are capable of playing with far more guile and far more passion than they showed tonight. Also, while Foran slating the players tonight post-match was understandable, I don't think it's likely to produce the positive reaction that we badly need, especially as his tactics have been so clearly at fault too. Don't ask me who a suitable replacement would be, though, because I don't have a clue.